Free Hugs – Now it’s the End of Summer Edition! September 2nd


Well it’s all over. It’s been great, it’s been hot. There was sweat, tears and maybe even a little blood. And the summer was fine as well. Thanks so much to everyone who participated in our “In Dog We Trust” Indiegogo campaign. We raised a nice chunk of change, folks were very generous and responsive, and we had lots people come back into the stores to rent and had many more new sign ups. Gives us hope and rays of sunshine for the future. Only time will tell. We’re putting a few things together to help compliment what we already do. Stay tuned for details.

You made us this happy!


In Your Eyes


Borgen Season 2 and 3 – The continuing Danish political thriller-drama from Denmark. Excellent stuff. Season 2 and 3 are at Cambie, Season 2 at Commercial. Season 3 coming soon! DVD


Brony Tale – Doc about those borderline creepy guys who spaz out over My Little Pony. The film also follows local actor Ashleigh Ball who is the voice of one or more of the animated equines. DVD


Cabin Fever: Patient Zero – More gross out flesh-eating virus shenanigans. We all know how much you like your flesh-eating movies, be it virus, or zombies or Oprah. The first one was OK but it is responsible for unleashing Eli Roth on the world. For better or for worse. I don’t think he has much, if anything, to do with this installment. Stars Sam Gamgee for those of you who were disappointed he didn’t get his flesh eaten in Lord of the Rings. DVD


Draft Day – Drama not only about the incredible, mind-blowing excitement surrounding drafting huge steroid freaks into the NFL, but drafting huge steroid freaks to play for the Cleveland Browns! Directed by Ivan Reitman for some reason. DVD and Blu Ray.


For No Good Reason – Cool looking doc about Ralph Steadman, that dude who did all the neat art for Fear and Loathing and other Hunter S. Thompson works. DVD.


Heavenly Sword – Thomas Jane, Anna Torv, and Alfred Molina’s mouths star in this animated epic fantasy adventure that revolves around revenge, a special sword and even more revenging. DVD.


They Came Together – Hilarious comedy starring Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler and Bill Hader about love/hate at first sight, candy and other stuff guaranteed to make you laugh. (Guarantee void in the greater Vancouver area).

Coming Next Week

Captain America: Winter Soldier
Attila Marcel
A Long Way Down
Dance of Reality
The Double
Fed Up
Homeland Season 3
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 9
Palo Alto
Willow Creek

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Talk at you next week!

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