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I’ve noticed that there seems to be lots of things on the internets. A lot of things that I’m not really familiar with. And no I’m not talking weird, unsettling stuff like or What am I talking about then? Well this past weekend, one of our esteemed, clever staff at Cambie St. wrote something witty on our sandwich board (you can check it out here). Someone photographed it and threw it up on a site called Reddit. Reddit claims to be the front page of the internet. Whatever that means. Less that a day and half later, there had been over 1.3 million views (over 1.5 million as of this writing!) of our sandwich board! And over 500 comments (although many were not about sandwich boards, video stores or ballon-animal sex). That is pretty awesome (the downside is that Black Dog isn’t mentioned on the board or anywhere 🙁 ) Its a strange world that we live in. Getting stranger all the time. Either that or I’m just getting older and less willing to adapt. But that’s a story for another time.

Fresh for Your Eyes


Cheap Thrills – Pretty fun descent into depravity finds a couple of down-and-out former buddies being the subject of torment by a creepy couple who offer them money in exchange for dares. Of course as the amount of dough increases, so do the nastiness of the things they are asked to do. How far would you go, how much would you eat, chop, inject, bludgeon, lick or strangle? I quite liked it but I wanted it to be more vicious and gross. And it was pretty out there. I should seek help. DVD.


Endless Love – Another film in the long line of remakes that nobody ever asked for finds a upscale privileged girl falling for a boy from the wrong side of the tracks, so to speak, and the fathers who try to keep them apart. Just go rent Valley Girl instead. DVD.


Grand Piano – Frodo is forced to play a piano without making a mistake or John Cusack will shoot him or the piano will explode or something like that. Sounds like Speed, but on a piano. Or Phone Booth but on a piano. Man, John Cusack is just pumping out the films this year. He was even in one called The Bag Man. Seems that John Cusack is becoming the new Nic Cage who was busy becoming the new Eric Roberts. That all said, I’ve heard that this is actually a pretty good little thriller. DVD and Blu Ray.


In Secret – Romantic costume drama finds a bummed out Olsen sister being forced into a marriage with her sickly cousin in 1860’s Paris (hence the bumming out) by her mean old aunt Jessica Lange – she plays mean old whatever really well. Then she meets Lleywn Davis and starts a hot affair. You can tell it’s a hot affair by the box art where she seems to be trying to devour the dude’s head. Maybe it’s a zombie film?


Journey to the West – Stephen Chow (Kung-Fu Hustle) returns with this amazingly crazy film about a Buddhist guy trying to protect a village from three demons while trying to protect his feelings from Miss Duan, a demon hunter giving him a helping hand. Expect tons of zany wackiness. DVD and Blu Ray.


Mobius – Crime and espionage are on the menu in this thriller starring The Artist and Tim Roth. Something about banking and spies and Russian Oligarchs or words to that affect. DVD and Blu Ray.


Rhymes for Young Ghouls – Excellent First Nations-Canadian effort finds an Aboriginal teenager, guided by the spirits of her departed mother and brother, plotting revenge against a sadistic Indian Agent. Heard great things about this flick.


Spinning Plates – Doc about 3 restaurant owners owning restaurants. For those of you addicted to the Food Network. Or those of you who like good docs. Or food.


Super Duper Alice Cooper – Fun-looking bio-pic documentary thing about, well, freaking Alice Cooper! Expect a combination of documentary archive footage, animation and rock opera to seduce you to the dark side of rock and roll. As Alex at Commercial notes: Gives the scoop on the Coop with gallows humour and guillotine precision, but where’s Michael Bruce?

In Your Eyes Next Week

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This is What You Might Want to Watch

Our good friends at Bomber Brewing are throwing a hootenanny, a shindig, a wingding, a shebang if you will. Good times are to be had.


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