Free Hugs! Black Dog’s Guide to What’s New and True on the Shelves: June 17th

Free Hugs!


What a difference a week makes…while Italian Days was a hot, sweaty, meaty slog to get through, Car-Free Day this past Sunday was a pleasure to experience. Maybe it was just the different laid-back, chilled-out vibe, maybe because it was mostly locals instead of half the city descending on our fair neighbourhood, maybe it was because of the rain, the hail and the locusts that kept lots of folk away? Whatever the reason, Sunday’s romp around the streets was entirely pleasurable! It would be nice to do one of these a month – a few years ago it was every Sunday but the kibosh was put on that pretty darn quick by some of the non-appreciating businesses. Oh well. Enjoy it when you can.

Spot the differences…

Just after we said goodbye to Shoby at Cambie Street, we have to tell you that Josie over at Commercial Drive will be leaving us at the end of the month. She has been with us since we opened up there 8 1/2 years ago and we wish her all the best in her future endeavours (I believe she’s going to opening a bungee-jumping school). Drop by to say so-long, wish her well and buy her a beer. Her last day will be June 27th.

For Your Eyes Only


Death in Paradise Season 1 – A fine shoe from the BBC finds an uptight British investigator being sent to the island of St. Marie to investigate another cop’s murder. Only problem is he hates the sun, the sand and the sea and the seafood. Maybe if he didn’t wear a damn suit to the beach! DVD.


Devil’s Knot – Atom Egoyan returns to the thriller genre with mixed results. Here he tackles the famous West Memphis Three case that found a trio of heavy metal (re: Satanic) loving kids who were found guilty of murdering three little boys. Has the Colin Firth and the Reese Witherspoon in it. Rent the many documentaries on this subject instead. DVD and Blu Ray.


Drive Hard – Porno (sounding) film starring John Cusack as a driver (heh-heh) who’s kidnapped by Thomas Jane and forced to be a get-away driver during some sort of heist. Cusack continues his slow decent into straight-to-video hell. This must be his 39th film this year! Drive Hard indeed, my friend, Drive Hard. DVD and Blu Ray.


Ernest and Celestine – Oscar nominated animated fare finds a mouse and a bear becoming friends and going on adventures. Maybe they solve some crimes? Maybe they should have starred in Drive Hard? DVD.


The Grand Budapest Hotel – Might be my favourite Wes Anderson film since Royal Tenenbaums. This one has everything: excellent ensemble cast, quirky characters, impeccable framing, killer soundtrack, Willem Dafoe, title cards, fake snow, just the right amount of whimsy, love, tragedy and an excellent lobby boy. Do yourself a favour and get this into your eyes ASAP. DVD and Blu Ray.


House of Cards Season 2 – Love this show. Nasty Kevin Spacey, he is. Cold and calculating Robin Wright, she is. A couple of WTF moments that will make you look at whoever you’re watching this with (yes your cat counts) and go “Whoa!” Despite the fact that it’s from Netflix, it is a fun, excellent show. DVD.


Joe – David Gordon Green (All the Real Girls) goes home again after some Hollywood bombs (I’m looking at you The Sitter!) and takes Nic Cage with him (I’m looking at everything you’ve done in the past 10 years) for this quiet character study about an ex-com who takes a troubled boy under his wing. What’s under his wing? You’ll have to watch to find out! DVD and Blu Ray.


The Lego Movie – I’ve only, ahem, seen this 3 times so far. Maybe I should watch it with my kid? This movie has no business (no Lord Business!) being this good. Fun for anyone who’s ever played with Lego, heard about Lego, or has eyes in the front of their head. DVD and Blu Ray and 3-D Blu Ray (3-D only at Cambie). *Warning* You or your child will be singing “Everything is Awesome” for weeks to come.


The Machine – A couple of scientists invent a fancy new computer-machine-lady for the purposes of “doing good”. Problem is, the funding for the fancy new computer-machine-lady comes from the ministry of defence. As you might surmise, things go wrong and some fancy new computer-machine-lady killing ensues. DVD and Blu Ray.


Measure of the Sin – Strange but intriguing sounding film finds a lonely, abandoned girl taking up residence in a house filled with other women and their children that is run by a mean, sinister man who controls every aspect of their existence. Oh, and there’s a scary bear that only she can see. DVD.


No Clue – From local funny-man Brent Butt and local filmmaker Carl Bessai comes this comedy about mistaken identity, private dicks, missing brothers, computer games and attractive dames. DVD.

In Your Eyes Next Week

300: Rise of an Empire
Before the Winter Chill
Blood Ties
The Bridge Season 1
Jack Taylor Season 2
Masters of Sex Season 1
Walk of Shame
A Winters Tale
Wolf Creek 2

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That’s it for this week kids. Have a safe and happy 7 days until we meet again. See you soon.

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