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Why do we celebrate Queen Victoria’s Birthday? What about all of the other British Royals? How do all of the Edwards, the Georges, the Steves, the Annes, the Ruttigers feel without any stinking holiday? Why are they left out? Why do we even care? I guess it’s an excuse for a holiday. Back in Ontario it was known as the May two-four, not only celebrating a long-dead queen’s birth but also the wonderment of a box of 24 beers, eh. I hope that everyone had a fabulous weekend.


Cheer up, lady, you have a beer-swilling holiday named after you. In Canada!

Fresh Hot Buns for Tuesday May 20th


About Last Night – Because the world was clamouring for remake of the Ron Lowe/Demi Moore classic from 1986. But is has Kevin Hart in it, you say! It’s a film about some attractive folks dating and drink and fornicating right before your very eyes! All bundled up in a sweet comedy wrapper.


Call the Midwife Season 3 – More shenanigans and hijinks from those wacky midwife’s as they do their midwifery and such in 1950 East London.


The Monuments Men – Great manly cast – (they do manage to squeeze in Cate Blanchett) Clooney, Damon, Murray Goodman and Balaban – trope around Germany during WWII trying to recover stolen art back from the evil Nazis. I remember we had a small gallery at the front of the Cambie store years ago and someone stole a piece of art from there. I bet it was some lousy Nazis that did it. I should have called George Clooney! DVD and BLu Ray.


Pompeii – John Snow, bastard Son of Eddard Stark, shows off his rippling abs (I guess they had gyms back in Roman times) and swings his sword around while trying to save his beloved slave girl from the clutches of Jack Bauer and an erupting volcano. Drama and much lava ensues. Directed by the less talented of the two Paul Andersons. DVD and Blu Ray.


The Rocket – Film from Laos about a dude who thinks he’s nothing but bad luck so he builds a rocket to enter in a local competition. A rocket competition one would have to assume. Judging by the box art, I’m guessing that this is some sort of feel-good type of affair unless the rocket is exploding his organs out of his body. I think it’s the first Laotian film we’ve had at the store!


3 Days to Kill – Good ole Kevin Costner is back! With a vengeance and a pun-soaked title! He’s a dying CIA agent who’s offered an experimental drug that may prolong his life. The catch? He has to do “one last job”. Looks like it might be an OK time-waster. Then I saw it was directed by a person or thing called McG. Take that for what you will. DVD and Blu Ray,


Sorcerer – Blu Ray – William Friedkin’s great remake of the fine French thriller Wages of Fear gets the long-awaited Blu Ray treatment. Some near-do-wells in South America are contracted to drive a pile of nitro-glycerin through the rugged jungle. Now that’s my kind of vacation! Roy Scheider leads the way. Great stuff. Did I mention that it was on Blu ray?


Vampire Academy – Something about some good half-vampires/half humans defending their school against some not-so-good vampires. If you want to watch this, you know who you are. Wait, what?

For Your Eyes Next Week

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Suggestions from Us to You

That’s it for this week folks. Stay tuned. Stay cool. Stay.

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