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Had a very interesting weekend. The wife and I travelled to Portland (on my birthday, no less. I’m still in my 40s!) to attend a conference that went by the name “The World Domination Summit”. My wife had wanted to attend this for a while now and asked if I was interested. When I found out it was in Portland I was sold because what rhymes with Portland? Beer! Anyways, I didn’t know what to expect as I’ve never been to any kind of conference before and I was a little skeptical (cause I’m a bit of a skeptic) especially after reading their tagline – “How to Live a Remarkable Life in a Conventional World”. I was expecting maybe some speeches and workshops run by Tony Robbin types – you know lots of positive personal affirmations, hugging and socks with sandals. I was pleasantly surprised to find it more

We are now into the second week of our Indiegogo fundraiser to help keep us stayin’ alive. We’ve had a very good response so far but we need to keep the conversation going. If you have the time and/or the will, please check out our link and pass it on. Every little bit helps. Thanks again!

We’re putting together a Black Dog customer appreciation day! It will be sometime in August. Stay tuned for the gory details…

On the Shelf Today!


Big Ass Spider – What are we body-shaming spiders now? So what if the spider has a big ass? Maybe it’s hormonal? Maybe the spider is big-boned? Maybe the spider is just comfortable the way it is. Screw all of you who have a problem with this poor spider’s huge ass. Or maybe it’s just some slang as in, “Dang Jethro, that’s one big-ass spider terrorizing the city of LA after escaping from a military laboratory!” DVD.


Blue Ruin – Expect to see this tale of revenge and family with plenty of twists and turns show up on many a best of the year list. There are more copies in transit so don’t go plotting any revenge against us if you can’t get a copy right away. DVD


Face of Love – “She lost her perfect love… until she found his perfect double.” That’s what it says on the box. I can’t make this shit up. Annette Bening’s husband kicks off so she settles for his doppleganger who, for some reason, looks an awful lot like Ed Harris. You’d think she’d want to try on something new? Also has Robin Williams in it so it must be good.


Gimme Shelter – A pregnant teenager finds herself on the streets after being rejected by her horrible parents. There she meets Muck Jagger who takes her to the Altamont concert in 1969 where she joins the Hell’s Angels and beats on some hippies with a pool cue. Some of that description is true. DVD.


(I couldn’t find an image of the movie – that’s how great it is) – so here’s a picture of Dolph Lundgren!

Legendary – This looks like crap. But you might like it. Dolph Lundgren is a legendary (might be what the title is referring to, might not) bounty hunter named Harker who’s off to China to hunt down some monster called a Cryptid who is eating lots of Chinese people. Or something like that. Watch it at your own risk. DVD.


A Night in Old Mexico – Old coot Red Bovie (played by old coot Robert Duvall) is forced to give up his land for some reason and instead of going to a retirement home, he goes on one last adventure. Presumably in Old Mexico. Good old Mexico! DVD.


Rio 2 – More cute Amazonian animals with big human-like eyes singing and dancing their way through the jungle and into your heart. Lego Movie it ain’t. Good for the kids and those who like the colour blue I suppose. DVD and Blu Ray.


Stephen Hawking: Grand Design – Famous talking brain Stephen Hawking attempts to explain the meaning of life through science and comedy whatever else he has up his sleeve (Not too sure about the comedy or the sleeve part). Show off. DVD.


13 Sins – How come no one has given legendary thespian Ron Perlman an Oscar yet?! He’s a damn fine actor! Here he stars in this thriller about a down-on-his-luck guy (not Sir Perlman) who gets a cryptic phone call that promises riches if he performs 13 tasks, each more sinister than the last. Might be worth a watch, if only to see Ron Perlman’s impressive acting chops on display. DVD.

Coming Next Week

All Cheerleaders Die
Dom Hemingway
The Known Unknown
Made in America
Zero Theorem

Want to watch something but just don’t know what? Check this out…

Here’s a video I took last week of a rally to save Black Dog outside the Commercial location. For some reason it was mostly Argentines participating.

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