Free Hugs! Black Dog Video’s Guide to What’s New and True on the Shelves: Tuesday June 7th


Crazy Sunday on the Drive as millions of people flocked to Italian Days to wander the streets, shoulder to shoulder in the hot sun, yell and honk at each other as they fought for parking spots and waited in excruciatingly long lines to taste some mediocre food. I lasted about 45 minutes trapped in the sweaty, undulating mass of humanity before I had to break free and run (almost screaming) home. These things used to be fun for me but it seems that it has gotten way busier over the last few years and I really dislike big crowds. Big sweaty crowds with lots of exposed, glistening flesh. It’s not as sexy as it sounds. And it won’t be any different this Sunday as it’s Car Free Day. You’d think that the powers that be might want to space these two very similar events out a little bit?


If you look close you can see me, right over there. No a little to the left. The guy who’s sobbing into his hands.

Over at the Cambie store it is with a heavy heart that we are saying goodbye to the lovely and talented Siobhan (aka Shoby, aka Fiobhan, aka Shobi-wan). She’ll be skipping town soon as she’s moving to Nunavut or Reykjavik or some godforsaken place. Drop in on Friday or Sunday to bid farewell and give her a hug and a beer. She loves hugs. And beer.

Get These into Your Eyes Today!


Alan Partridge – Funny-man Steve Coogan brings the funny, man, in Alan Partridge! He’s a famous DJ whose radio station gets taken over by an evil (of course it’s evil) media conglomerate. Hijinks, I presume, ensue. DVD and Blu ray.


Attack on Titan – Insanely awesome looking anime finds humanity, 2000 years in the future, on the brink of extinction because these things called titans keep eating everyone. I’m assuming that titans are really big fellas. Really big hungry fellas. DVD and Blu Ray. (At Commercial only, soon at Cambie)


Capital – New film from Costa-Gravas (Missing, Z) looks at the world of high finance as a CEO of a giant European investment bank works to hold on to his power when an American hedge fund company tries to buy out his company. Man, that’s a boring description. I almost fell asleep just writing it. I assume that the film itself will be much more scintillating. Stars Gabriel Byrne. DVD.


Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey – Science cool-guy, rock star, man-God Neil deGrasse Tyson brings us an amazing series based on the great work of Carl Sagan. Want to know everything there is to know about everything? This is your chance. DVD and Blu Ray.


Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit – Not too sure what a Shadow Recruit is, maybe an actual shadow that’s been recruited for some nefarious, shadowy purpose? Or is it a metaphor for the struggles of the working class in an increasingly dystopian society? Maybe it’s just an action movie starring that new Star Trek guy. Directed, for some reason, by Kenneth Branagh. DVD and Blu Ray.


Miraculum – Drama from Quebec finds a bunch of folks unwittingly interacting and affecting each other’s lives. Supposed to be quite a fine film. Think Crash, but in French and with an airplane in it and hopefully better than Crash..


Non-Stop – Dumb action film finds brooding, alcoholic air marshall Liam Neeson being taunted on an airplane by a terrorist/psycho who says he will start to kill the passengers if his demands aren’t met. One of his demands is that Liam Neeson act in better movies. What started out as a decent thriller soon turned in a silly improbable dunce-fest. My eyes almost rolled out of my head a few times. Liam Neeson is becoming the Nic Cage of the day. I did enjoy it on a certain level (think being tired and having one too many beers) but please don’t go in looking for anything good here. DVD and Blu Ray.


Ray Donovan Season 1 – Liev Schreiber is a Hollywood “fixer”. He can make your problems go away (man I could use a guy like that). That is if you’re rich and famous (scratch that). Then his seedy old man (Jon Voight, doing his best Jon Voightiest sleazy old dad guy) gets out of the slammer and causes trouble. Bad trouble. Heard terrific things about this show. DVD


Short Game – Fun little doc about the best golfers in the world competing in a golf tourney somewhere where there’s a golf course. Oh, did I mention that they’re all 7 years-old? Because they are.


A Short History of Decay – Comedy finds a failed Brooklyn writer (bet he’s some sort of mustachioed hipster) visiting is aging parents in Florida (mom is played by Linda Lavin!). I guess some other stuff happens as well. DVD.


Space Battleship Yamato – Crazy looking (as in crazy-awesome looking) Japanese flick about a space battleship (yes, you read that right) that sets out on a mission to try to save humanity. DVD and Blu Ray.


Tim’s Vermeer – Most excellent doc finds inventor Tim Jenison seeking to understand the painting techniques used by Dutch Master Johannes Vermeer. Directed, for some reason, by Teller – the silent half of Penn and Teller. DVD and Blu Ray.


True Detective Season 1 – One of TVs best shows in recent memory finds a most excellent Matthew McConaughey and fabulous Woody Harrelson as detectives trying to solve a bunch of murders in the hot southern state of Louisiana. You can almost feel the humidity when you watch this. Or maybe it was just my dank house. Excellent from start to finish. DVD and Blu Ray.

On the Shelf to Dazzle You Next Week

Death in Paradise Season 1
Devil’s Knot
Drive Hard
Ernest & Celestine
Grand Budapest Hotel
House of Cards Season 2
The Lego Movie
Measure of the Sin
No Clue

Need something to watch? Thought so. Check out our recommendations!

That’s it for this week, my lovelies. Hope that everyone has a fabulous seven days. And hope to see all of you with your dazzling smiles in the stores real soon.

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