Free Hugs! Black Dog Newsletter for the Week of December 15th to 22nd


A few housekeeping notices to pass along before we get to the meat of the day. Starting this Wednesday (December 17th) and running until the 24th, we will be doing or famous Food Bank Donations for late charges campaign. Drop off a non-perishable food item (please no lizard beaks in monkey gravy) and we’ll destroy any outstanding late charges you may have incurred up until the 17th. We reserve the right to judge you on your donation (if you have $100 in late, a package of crackers isn’t going to cut it). Hope to see you with lots of cans in your hands, man.

This Saturday (December 20th) the kids at the Commercial store would like to invite you over for a little Christmas cheer. There may be nibbles, possible libations and some sweet sounds courtesy of local musical hero Jason Zumpano! Also the deal of the day will be rent 2 get a third rental for free (of equal of lesser value of course). Cool beans.

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And don’t forget we have fabulous Black Dog T-Shirts still for sale at both locations. They make great gifts for the person in your family who wears clothes! We also have gift certificates available as well. Oh happy days!


New Releases!


Horns – Harry Potter is accused of murdering his girlfriend. So what is he to do? Sprout some horns out of his noggin that gives him the power to hear people’s thoughts and hopefully solve the mystery, that’s what! Read the book – which was pretty cool – heard mixed things about the film. Directed by Alexandre Aja (Piranha, High Tension). May be late on the shelves.


Swearnet – Ugh. The Trailer Park Boys start an intranet station so they can swear a lot on it. Hilarity, I presume, ensues.


Dr. Cabbie – Comedy finds an Indian immigrant unable to practice medicine in Canada so he does so out of the back of the cab he’s forced to drive. Remember that dentist who did dentistry out of his dingy apartment in Vancouver? It’s like that but funny.


The Maze Runner – Another entry into the futuristic teen dystopia genre finds a bunch of boys trying to figure their way of a giant maze. A giant maze in the future! Think Hungry Games but with more maze. Heard pretty good things about this one actually. Might I go so far as to say it’s amazing?


The Trip to Italy – Steve and Rob eat and talk their way through the gorgeous countryside of Italy. If you like The Trip, you’ll enjoy this one, because well, Italy!


Magic in the Moonlight – Jeez Louise, it’s a new Woody Allen film! Didn’t even know this one existed. A romantic type comedy with Colin Firth, Emma Stone and The Rock (not to sure about that last guy, but one can dream) about a swindle and an Englishman’s involvement in said swindle.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Ugh. And it “stars” Megan Fox.


The Immigrant – Solid cast (Jeremy Renner, Marion Cotillard, Joaquin Phoenix) star in this heavy drama about a recently arrived immigrant (probably the same immigrant in the title) to NY in 1921 who’s forced into a life of prostitution. Sounds like some great Christmas fun! Actually I’ve heard very good things about this flick.


This is Where I Leave You – Comedy/Dramady, again with a great cast – Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Tim Elephant, Jane Fonda, The Rock (sigh) – about a bunch of siblings reuniting for their father’s funeral. Enter drama and comedy.


Pride – UK gay activists work to help some miners during a strike in 1984 for some reason. Fine cast – Bill Nighy, Imelda Staunton, McNulty from The Wire – add to the proceedings.

Recently Viewed and Recommended

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Stay warm. Stay dry. Stay hydrated. Stay entertained. Be Good.




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