Free Hugs: Almost End of Summer Edition August 19th


There’s a doin’s a transpiring over yonder at Cambie this coming Saturday. Drop over to the hood and enjoy some things. Everyone likes things, right?

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Not too sure if you can all read that or not, but there are some things written down there about what’s happening.

If anyone wants a part of Black Dog history, here’s your chance. I need to sell my car, stat! You could be the proud owner of the car driven (amongst other things) by the owner of Black Dog Video! Be the envy of all your friends and enemies. Here’s the link. Open to all serious offers.

Less than 2 weeks to go on our Indiegogo campaign. Thanks everyone for your contributions and for coming in and renting. Mucho appreciato!

In Your Eyes


Amazing Spiderman 2 – More Spiderman flipping and zipping and bipping and bopping his way around town saving the world from a glowing Jamie Foxx, another Green Goblin guy, poison gorillas and the ebola virus. Man, is there anything Spiderman can’t do? Mayhem and lots of silly special effects, I presume, ensue. DVD and Blu Ray.


Boardwalk Empire Season 4 – One of the best casts on one of the better TV shows around. And a great opening theme song as well. Love me some Nucky. DVD.


Fading Gigolo – This one sounds icky and creepy. Old man Woody Allen pimps out some-what old man John Tuturro to various women in New York, including the likes of Sharon Stone and Sofia Vergara because, I guess, well, Hollywood. Sigh. DVD and Blu Ray.


My Boy Jack – Harry Potter plays the son of Rudyard Kipling as he goes of to have fun in the trenches of WWI. Good times. DVD.


Only Lovers Left Alive – Jim Jaramuch + Tilda Swinton + Tom Hiddleson + Sad Vampires = Hot times and one of the year’s best flicks. A couple of depressed vampires hang out in Detroit, play guitar, and pontificate over the lives they’ve lead. Enter a young feisty vampire to spice things up! DVD and Blu Ray.


Rosemary’s Baby – Remake of the Polanski classic about creepy Satan-worshipping neighbours and devil babies will really make you want to watch the Polanski classic all over again.


The Sacrament – From the director of the fine horror films House of the Devil and The Innkeepers comes this sweet looking horror number about a Jim Jones-type cult. Heard quite good things about this one. It’s on my list! My extremely long list! I’m always amazed how folks get suckered into these nasty cult things. DVD and Blu Ray.

Old Stuff Just In!


Judex (Criterion) – Cool, weird sounding French thriller from 1963 has magic, bankers and mystery! Sign me up! DVD and Blu Ray.


Hard Day’s Night (Criterion) – Fun flick about this band, The Beatles I believe they were called, and some of the fun hijinks those scamps got up to. DVD and Blu Ray.


Scanners (Criterion) – David Cronenberg’s head exploding sci-fi extravaganza gets the Criterion treatment. DVD and Blu Ray.


The Devils – Crazy Ken Russell flick from 1971 that has been banned, burned and bummed upon since it’s release. But we have it! (At Commercial now, soon to Cambie)

Coming Next Week

Brick Mansions
Young and Beautiful
Love Punch
Lucky Them
Normal Heart
Sons of Anarchy – Season 6
Walking Dead – Season 4

Watch some of these if it pleases you. And it will!

That’s it for this week, folks. There may or may not be Free Hugs for you next week as I’m heading out of town for some traveling. Hope to talk at you soon.

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