Black Dog Video’s Favourite Comedies of All Time

We here at Black Dog Video love comedy. In movie form mostly. We love to recommend our favourite comedies to our favourite customers. Read more…    

Black Dog’s Top 100+ Documentaries You Should Watch Before The World Ends.

We here at Black Dog Laboratories love documentaries. We also love lists. So we’ve gone ahead and made a list of, what we think are, the best documentaries ever made. If you think of most Hollywood fare as a sort of fatty junk food then a good documentary is a nourishing bowl of amazing soup with […]

Black Dog’s 100 Essential Films!

Welcome to Black Dog’s list of, what we like to think is, essential viewing. You won’t find Citizen Kane or The Godfather on this list. They are great films, no doubt. But this is a list of what we here at Black Dog like. Really like. Love even. This list won’t please everyone or maybe […]