Best o’ the Year!

  I managed to watch 220 films in 2022 (woah!) and here’s my top picks for new things I viewed… Since we closed up shop in the summer, the access to films I want to watch has somewhat dried up. Streaming isn’t much help. On the upside, I went to the theatre more times in […]

The Black Dog Video Advent Calendar!

Hey everybody! It’s the Christmas time of the year again. And to celebrate, we’re presenting you with our Christmas advent calendar! Twenty-five days of movie recommendations! One a day till the big day (Christmas)! Are you sitting comfortably, then we’ll begin. December 1st The Ref (1994) – Denis Leary is a cat burglar (they still […]

Halloween Month 2022!

  October is finally here! But why am I still wearing shorts? We can talk about the end of the world another time because here’s where we discuss horror films! As we’ve done in years past, Black Dog Video is happy to recommend a lovely horror movie a day for you to enjoy for the […]