The All-Time Scariest Scenes in the Movies!

So I was chatting with friends the other day about the most frightening scenes in the moves. Fun conversation. So I thought I’d share a list of what I think are the all-time scariest scenes. Agree? Disagree? There’s lots of great horror films out there but I only included 10. Your favourites? 1) Jaws The […]

5 Things I’ve Recently Watched!

To celebrate the 3rd day of spring, here’s 5 things I’ve recently watched! Fire of Love – Lovely doc about a couple of volcanologists, their life and death. Some great, sexy, hot volcano footage as well! Fall – Pretty ludicrous outing finds two attractive women stuck atop an impossibly tall, poorly-maintained tower of sorts. Nice […]

5 things I’ve seen recently!

What a lovely Monday day! What a lovely day to share 5 things I’ve recently watched! I’ll Be Gone in the Dark – Outstanding, if not grim and sad, miniseries about one woman’s obsession with finding the Golden State Killer. Halloween II – What a dreadful sequel. Such a waste of Jamie Lee and Don […]