Best of the 1980s!

  I was recently asked to make a list of my top 25 films from the 1980s. It was tough because there’s just so many fine films. So I thought I’d do a top 100 films of the 80s list to include all those ones that didn’t make the top 25. I don’t want anyone […]

5 Things I’ve watched recently!

If it’s too hot out there for you, I suggest you check out my latest “5 things I’ve watched recently”! It’ll cool your boots, man. Halloween Ends – Despite the ludicrous story and dumb ending, I mostly enjoyed this last installment of the beloved franchise. Could have used some more gory kills, but it was […]

5 Things I’ve Watched Recently!

Buckle in! It’s time for 5 things I’ve recently watched!   She Said – Excellent dramatization of the events leading up to the fall of that monster Harvey Weinstein (and the start of the #Metoo movement). Such a gross POS. Well-paced, real names used throughout, great acting across the board. I love these types of […]