Film Festival Top Picks!


Yes, it’s that time of year again ~ The Vancouver International Film Festival is about to kick off it’s 100th year or something. And unlike the past 4 years, I plan on actually going to see some of this year’s offerings. It’s not like past festivals had a poor selection of films, quite the contrary, it’s just that I became a little disillusioned with the entire process – getting the damn tickets, waiting in the rain in giant line-ups, getting crummy seats in an overcrowded theatre and just being around that many people. Christ, why am I even going this year? Well there’s quite a few great sounding films to check out and I’m going to try to be not so damn lazy and get off my butt and get it into the theatre. Here’s a little list from Taste of Cinema on what they deem to be some of their top picks. I have to agree with many on this list, especially the top two.

Here’s a few that I’m interested in seeing:

High Rise

Green Room


Cop Car


The Lobster


The Demolisher

Nina Forever

The Similars

What are you most anticipated?

But if you can’t make it to the fest don’t worry, Black Dog will be bringing in as many of these fine titles as we can. You can bet your bottom dollar on that! Whatever that means…

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