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A friend stumbled across this letter that was dropped off at the Cambie shop way back in 2004. It both hilarious and disturbing that someone would think this of us. The crux of the biscuit is she thought that, because of the name Black Dog, that we were white supremacists disguised as a video store. How crazy is that?! If you don’t already know, the origins of the name came from a lovely black dog I once lived with for a number of years (my girlfriend’s dog at the time). All she had to do was ask.


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  1. Ian Weniger
    Ian Weniger says:

    At least your name isn’t Zulu Records!
    I rember three men with dark skin and Caribbean accents came into the record shop and started browsing. The owner, a white fella with a BC accent, turned up the volume slightly on the no-wave song that was playing. The trio stopped browsing and approached the counter. One guy asked the owner in a slightly irritated tone why he wasn’t playing African music. The owner replied cheerfully that “we play all kinds of music.” The two other shoppers commented loudly about the record shop exploiting the third world by using an iconic African nation as a name for a business with next to no African music.

    • Darren
      Darren says:

      Can’t please everybody it seems. Sadly this isn’t the only time we’ve been accused of being white supremacists because of our name. All folks have to do is ask!


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