Black Dog Video Newsletter September 19th – 25th “Sweet Swag Edition!”


So we’re working hard to get some new sweet swag back into the stores for you very soon! We have a couple new T-shirts being designed by our uber-talented staff, we’re hoping to have more lovely Studio Ghibli stuff back in stock and we’re going to be bringing in some cool art things to sell from a local artist hero! Stay tuned for details!

New Releases!


Adventure Time: Final Seasons – The end of this fine hilarious creative weird series. We still sing the “makin bacon” song at home.


Bleeding Steel – Latest Jackie Chan kicked in the groin action comedy martial arts extravaganza.


Damsel – Weird and strange neo-western finds Robert Pattinson (shiny vampire) traversing the wild wild west in search of his love, Penelope.


Last Movie Star – Burt Reynold’s (RIP) last film. He’s an aging former hunky movie star who must come to the realization that he’s now a broken down old man. I here ya, Burt…


The Looming Tower – Mini-series depicting the events leading up to that fateful day in September all those years ago. I wonder if it touches on some of the conspiracy theories – inside job, aliens, manatees etc, that made the rounds on the internets?


Yellow Birds – Two young soldiers try to survive the Iraq War. Much drama and war shenanigans, I presume, ensue.


X-Files Season 11 – You still believe, Mulder? I guess so or we wouldn’t still be getting more episodes (for better or for worse) of this series.

Coming Soon!

American Horror Story: Cult
Star Wars: A Solo Story
The Seagull
Billions Season 3
The Occupation
Preacher Season 3

That’s it for this week, folks. Here’s a link to a whole page of recommendations of all kinds! Enjoy responsibly. Stay dry, stay warm and remember, keep watching..

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