Chocolate rape sandwich

Gus: “Dad, can I have a chocolate sandwich?”
Me: “A chocolate sandwich? What’s that?”
Gus: “Well, you get two pieces of square bread, well they’re more of a rectangle than square, you get the soft chocolate – it’s not warm chocolate – and you get a knife and put it in the chocolate. Then you take it and rape it on the bread and viola! A chocolate sandwich!”

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  1. Sandy Watters
    Sandy Watters says:

    Dude, no1 gives a shit about your kid and the moronic crap that spews from his mouth. Remember Bill Cosby? Ya, his show about dumb kid sayings was a hit in the ’80’s. It doesn’t surprise me tho Darren, this is coming from the guy who thinks a video rental store would be a good way to make a living. Dummy. I’d rather read ‘The Stupid Shit Darren Does Every Day’. Now that would be funny. You could start with the one about yours truly fully ripping you off and you whining about it on your never-really-read-by-anybody-cuz-nobody-fucking-cares blog. Bye Gus!


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