Today is the day! (May 22nd) AKA the Crazy-Ass sale at Black Dog Video. Very sad to see our wonderful collection go but happy knowing they are going to good homes.
Here’s what you need to know…

– All catalogue films will be on sale. No New Releases. No TV series (I will not get to price them in time). No Collectibles.

– Doors open at noon and close at 6pm (that’s about all we can take) The sale will run until the end of June. As will rentals – New releases and what we have left.

– You pay CASH (preferred) we’ll pay the tax

– Masks are encouraged to keep everyone safe(ish)

– Because it’s a small shop we’re only letting in a certain number of folks at a time (probably around 15). Please keep your shopping short and sweet. Make a list of things you’d like. There are a number of films that are rented out. They will be available to purchase upon their return.

– Please bring your own bags.

– There will not be any deals so please don’t ask.

– Please be patient and kind as it’s going to be a trying time for us all. You may not get everything that you want. You can scream into the void after you leave the shop.

It’s going to be a sad/crazy day.


After 26 years in this business (16.5 on the Drive) it is with the heaviest of hearts and the saddest of sads, that I must announce that Black Dog Video is closing. It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally time to rip that band-aid off and pull the trigger so to speak. Business has been on a decline for years while costs – rent, etc – have steadily risen. We just can’t feasibly stay open any longer. We lost the war to, what I call, the “convenience of mediocrity” that is streaming et all. Unless some kind of miracle comes along – maybe a wealthy benefactor takes us under their wing or a long-lost relative wills me their fortune (yes, I’m willing to spend a night in a haunted house!) then we will be closing our doors come the end of June (tentative date as I’m on the hook with my lease until February). We are currently pricing the stock (what a sad arduous task that is!) and we’re aiming for May 1st to make it available to the public for purchase. It pains me just to write that.

It breaks my (and the staff’s) hearts to have to do this as I’ve loved this job and feel damn lucky and privileged to have been able to bring the world of cinema to Vancouver for so long. It’s going to be a difficult next few months.

I want to thank all of you who came through our doors over the years and especially the ones who stuck with us till the end – a proper eulogy is still to come. Dark days indeed.

The Black Dog Newsletter: What’s the Craic? Edition!


I suppose I could have gone with everyone’s favourite Irish greeting, “Top of the Mornin’ To Ya”, but I’ll save that one for the podcast. Blimey! I’m here to tell all you Irish and Irish-loving folks that we have a special St. Paddy’s Day episode of the Black Dog Video After Dark podcast! Listen in as Dylan Josie and I dig into The Commitments! Sit back, pour a Guinness, and laugh and drink along with us louts! Oh, and please subscribe to the podcast (it’s free!) as it helps us out. And we can all use a little help from our friends, right?

And don’t forget to pop into the shop website to scoop up films and other swag! Lots of $5 films being added all the time. – Go to the “BLOG” section to see what I’m talking about.

And if anyone is on letterboxd and want to follow me and talk moves, please do so and I’ll return the favour.

Get outside and enjoy that nice weather!

$5 DVDs and Blu Rays for sale!

I have hundreds of $5 films for sale! Too many to list on the previously-viewed page so I thought I’d share photos of them! First come first serve! Send me an email at and tell me which ones you’d like! (More to come!)

$5 each! Buy 4 get a 5th for FREE!


$5 films for sale!

I have hundreds of $5 films for sale! Too many to list on the previously-viewed page so I thought I’d share photos of them! First come first serve! Send me an email at and tell me which ones you’d like! (More to come!) Go to the Blog portion of the website to see what’s available (many have been sold – it’s on a first come first serve basis).

$5 DVDs and Blu Rays for sale!

I have hundreds of $5 films for sale! Too many to list on the previously-viewed page so I thought I’d share photos of them! First come first serve! Send me an email at and tell me which ones you’d like! (More to come!)

$5 each! Buy 4 get a 5th for FREE!


$5 DVDs and Blu Rays for sale!

I have hundreds of $5 films for sale! Too many to list on the previously-viewed page so I thought I’d share photos of them! First come first serve! Send me an email at and tell me which ones you’d like! (More to come!)

$5 each! Buy 4 get a 5th for FREE!


Best o’ the Year!


I managed to watch 220 films in 2022 (woah!) and here’s my top picks for new things I viewed…

Since we closed up shop in the summer, the access to films I want to watch has somewhat dried up. Streaming isn’t much help. On the upside, I went to the theatre more times in 2022 than I did in the previous 3 years combined. Or so.
1. Nope – So many things going on here and I loved all of it – aliens, social commentary, tragic kid stars, mad monkeys. My favourite Jordan Peele film. So far.
2. X – Loved this sleazy, violent, exploitation throwback. Right in my wheelhouse. The prequel, Pearl – also released this year – is quite good as well (but not quite as good as X) and I’m looking forward to Maxxxine quite a bit.
3. EO – What an amazing film. Brilliant cinematography, unreal sound design and music. Good looking donkey. Sad, funny, disturbing. Did I mention the handsome donkey?
4. RRR – Wow! What a blast! This movie had everything! Fighting! Dancing! Singing! Animals! Action! Political Commentary! Violence! Loved it! All 3 hours of it!
5. Triangle of Sadness – After a sluggish first act, boy does this thing kick into gear for the rest of the film. And boy, does this director hate rich people. Loved it! Only complaint – needed more vomit.
6. Bad Luck Banging or Looney Porn – Ai Carumba, Romania! What’s in the water over there?! What a strange, very explicit – and I do mean very – little number. Teacher has her sex tape go to unwanted places. Spends the first 3rd wandering around Bucharest – fascinating. Then we get a strange history lesson. Then a meeting with the parents. And the ending! Not for everyone for sure but I grooved on it.
7. Banshees of Inisherin – Loved this quiet, weird, sad, hilarious take on friendship, loyalty, loneliness and donkeys.
8. Lamb – Well that was unexpected. Least you know about this one going in, the better.
9. Everything Everywhere All at Once – Need to watch this one again as it’s fast and furious and about family (what?). Pretty wonderful stuff. And nice to see hotdog fingers finally represented properly onscreen.
10. Benedetta – Modern nunsploitation film from Paul Verhoeven! Yes please! Naughty and sexy!
11. Red Rocket – Washed-up and broke porn star returns to his hometown hoping to start a new life. Problem is, nobody wants him there. Funny, strange, awkward. Love me some Shawn Baker (Florida Project).
These were on my original list seeing as I didn’t catch them until 2022 but I’ll just slide them in here….
Summer of Soul –Outstanding piece of forgotten history. Many amazing performances, Hello 5th Dimension! My only complaint is that I wanted more.
The Sparks Brothers – Wow. What a great doc. I knew absolutely nothing about this crazy fun band (couple of brothers really). Heard a few songs here and there but never liked them. I think I may be a Sparks fan now!
Honorable mentions:
Only the Animals
Licorice Pizza (didn’t’ see it until 2022)
The Innocents
Speak No Evil
Emily the Criminal
And here’s my picks for the best in the boob-tube (why it called that? Or used to be called that. I’m old)

Best TV of 2022

Succession – Everyone’s favourite wacky family is back for more corporate hijinks. Best comedy on the tube.

The English – Not perfect – pants fall down a bit in episode 5 – but enough great stuff here to make this cool, weird western a top pick.

Severance – Love me some weirdo dystopian sci-fi.

Andor – Best Star Wars thing since the original trilogy. That said, there is not a lot of competition.

Gangs of London – Loved this ultaviloent gang (in London) show from the guy that made The Raid films.

House of the Dragon – Liked this prequel Game of Thrones thing quite a bit. Good dragons, incest and vicious children.

The Dropout – Good true story of scams and Steve Job turtlenecks.

Barry – Finally got into this awesome show. I even watched one episode twice in a row.

Only Murders in the Building – Love this nice little whodunnit with a great cast. Selena Gomez  outshines grizzled veterans Steve Martin Short.

The Bear – Very happy I never worked in a restaurant.


Honourable mentions


Slow Horses



How to With John Wilson



Podcast episode #68 – Lethal Weapon!

The gang are too old for this (Christmas) shit. Darren, Alex & Dylan sit down with festive drinks and discuss the 80’s holiday-timed action classic LETHAL WEAPON (and WKRP in Cincinnati for some reason)…and drink.

Happy Holidays!


Black Weekend $2 Sale Movies!

You read that right! All the movies listed here can be had for a measly $2 each! Or you can get 3 for $5!

No Foolin’! Some have already been purchased but that’s the way the movie crumbles.

Email me at to tell me what you’d like. All titles can be shipped for a few bucks each.

Dig in and have a swell weekend!

Here’s the final batch of $2 movies being unleashed today for the #blackfriday weekend sale! $2 each or 3 for $5! More below. Keep going down!

The Black Dog Video Newsletter: So Many Things Edition!

Hi everybody! It’s been a while since I yakked at you. I miss you all and everything about the Black Dog experience (almost everything) so it’s nice to sit down and tell you what’s happening.

We just launched the new updated website! I’ve been adding lots of films for purchase, new and used (Go to the Home section). Check it out here! I’ll be adding more of the films we had left over from the sale all the time. There’s still lots of great titles left, lots of rare, out-of-print lovelies, and I’ve made the prices as awesome as I could (starting at $6!)! For the previously viewed stuff, I only have one copy of each title so first come first serve. You can order and pre-order new films being released as well. If there’s something you’re looking for but don’t see, send me a note and I’ll see what I can do.

Also, we have a new episode of the podcast! Listen in as your favourite hosts sign up for Starship Troopers! We had a blast with this one and I think you might as well.

Also, we have lots of Studio Ghibli socks in stock, I have but one Black Dog mug left and we should have a brand new T-shirt design soon as well as re-upping on the classic “Dogtropolis” design.

Also, my good buddy Shawn is responsible for the cool Black Dog website and he’s looking for more clients. He does good work. If you like what you see, check out his website here.

One more thing – I’ve had a few former customers express their sadness over not getting recommendations for films (and the shop being closed, of course). If you’re interested, follow me on Letterboxd or feel free to email me and I’ll give you something to seek out.

I think that’s it for this edition, my lovelies. I hope that everyone is doing OK out there. Talk soon. xoxo

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Podcast Episode #62 – Face/Off

What’s better then a hot Sunday in the summertime? A hot Sunday in the summertime spent with your favourite podcast! Listen in on our second to last ever show recorded in the shop – Face/Off!

“I want to take his face…off!”…/episodes/62–FaceOff-1997-e1lts4t