Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending March 6th

Oh Oscar, how you work so hard to deceive me. You tantalize me with your shiny goldenness, your plethora of well groomed movie stars, the promise of something different, something funny maybe edgy (by Academy standards), the hopes that maybe a film I liked might be recognized for its swellness and the chance for the program to clock in under three hours. And what did we get? Fourteen hours of pre-Oscar vomit, Anne Hathaway and her many teeth, the reanimated corpse of Bob Hope, Celine fucking Dion, The King’s Speech winning everything (bo-ring, although I haven’t seen it) the reanimated corpse of Kirk Douglas and untold hours of tedium. I think that there were only 2 moments I liked – Melissa Leo dropping the f-bomb and James Franco saying “Congratulations, nerds”! when an award was given to some tech guys. And that was about it. You’d think that since they been putting on these broadcasts for over 300 years that they might think about, say, making it humorous and interesting, maybe having some good writing and delivery of said writing or just even changing up the dreadful format they’ve stuck with all of these years. It’s not like the broadcast was sprung by surprise on anyone, they’ve had a year to work on it. Where is Ricky Gervais when you need him?

Just a reminder that the new line of Black Dog T-Shirts are available at both stores for a mere $20 plus the lousy tax. They’re going fast so hobble on down to a store nearest you to snag one of these babies.

Hey I just realized the the Cambie Black Dog turns 15 years old this Saturday the 5th of March! Wow, 15 years. Crazy. That’s like 3 times longer than I’ve ever held onto any job. Drop in on Saturday, say hi, shake hands, do a little dance! Here’s hoping that we can stick around for a few more years and enjoy being the purveyors of fine films for our fantastic customers.

New Releases for Tuesday March 1st

127 Hours – Oscar stud James Franco gets himself stuck in a hole in the middle of the Utah desert and has no choice but to gnaw off all of his limbs to escape. I wasn’t really expecting this to be any good, I mean really, how can you make a film about a guy trapped under a rock interesting for 2 hours? But the funny thing is Danny Boyle (Trainspotting, Millions) manages to make it thrilling and surprisingly moving. Kudos, Mr. Boyle (and you too handsome Jimmy). Also on the Blu Ray.

Alamar – A dad and his son fish and hang out on a beautiful little coral island in the Gulf of Mexico. Supposed to be quite lovely, nice and lovely. And nice.

Berlin 36 – Drama revolving around the 1936 Olympic games in Germany when that old coot Hitler refused to have Jews compete under the German flag. The US didn’t care much for this decision and threatened to boycott the games. Enter the best female high jumper Germany has. Problem is, she’s Jewish. What happens next? Well you’ll have to rent the film to find out. Based on a true story as the kids like to say.

Burlesque – The re-animated corpse of Cher (what, she’s not dead? Oops, my bad) dances and sings alongside anthem wrecker Christina Aguilera in this tale of rags to somewhat riches set in the world of Burlesque (hence the title). I haven’t, nor will I, watch this as I was hoping for a Showgirls type exercise in sleaze and ridiculousness. An opportunity lost.

Faster – The Rock plays a driver aptly named Driver and crazy, Gian Gomsehi-hating Billy Bob Thorton plays a cop strangely named Cop in this cops and drivers action flick. Might be alright for those of you (me included) who enjoy this sort of thing. And really, who doesn’t like The Rock? He’s yet to make a bad film! Also on the Blu ray.

Love and Other Drugs – Hunky Jake Gyllenhaal sells Viagra for a living. He meets toothy, and frequently naked, Anne Hathaway who has some sort of disease. Comedy and romantic hi jinks ensue. Word has it that it’s a cut above your average rom-com. But really, is that saying much these days? Also on the Blu Ray.

Transcendent Man – Doc about some dude named Ray Kurzwell, inventor and futurist who presents his bold vision of the Singularity, a point in the near future when technology will be changing so rapidly, that we will have to enhance ourselves with artificial intelligence to keep up. I had this conversation the other night with some friends about how there is too much technology in the world as it is and how fast it is taking away our time and ability to communicate with each other. To me, it seems that we are on a fast moving technology train that is speeding up and getting out of control and something has to give, be it good or bad. Telus is lying, the future is not friendly.

Coming Out Next Week

  • Morning Glory
  • The Next Three Days
  • Tales from Earthsea
  • Jackass 3
  • The Walking Dead Season 1
  • Inside Job
  • A Film Unfinished
  • Lemmy
  • Four Lions
  • Every Day
  • The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia

Recently Viewed and Recommended

  • 127 Hours
  • Unstoppable
  • Let Me In
  • I Spit on Your Grave
  • Monsters
  • Paranormal Activity 2
  • IP Man
  • Get Low
  • Red Hill
  • Hatchet 2
  • Nurse Jackie Season 1 and 2

What’s on the Intertubes?

I only counted one Charlie Sheen joke last night on the Oscars (I will admit, I didn’t watch all of the telecast) so to make up for that here’s some great Charlie Sheen quotes. Delivered by cats. Of course.

And on the flip side – and more fun side – of the Academy Awards is the Razzies, offering the worst in what Hollywood has to offer. The big winners/losers this year? The Last Airbender and Sex and the City 2. Sweet.

And then there’s the Independent Spirit awards, which seems an awful lot like the Oscars themselves.

And finally here’s a trailer for the sequel to ET: The Extraterrestrial. It’s about time they got around to making this..[youtube][/youtube]

Have a great week, ya’ll.

Black Dog Video

So I was listening to the CBC yesterday and they were talking to Leonard Schein, who owns the Park Theatre and Fifth Avenue Cinemas, about actors smoking in films and how he would like to change the rating system to throw a restricted rating on films that contained scenes of rampant smoking. I couldn’t help but think how absurd this idea is. I think that there is a big difference between smoking and violence and sex and whatever else might constitute a need for a film being restricted. Yes, its true that cigarette companies sometimes pay the studios to have the actors smoke in some films but a lot of people smoke walking around town. A lot of people don’t have sex and fight in public (not in my neighborhood anyways). I find it hard to believe that kids are that dumb these days that if they see someone light up in a movie that they’ll run out and start smoking. Smacks a bit of censorship if you ask me. I was also surprised that this was coming from someone who owns several theatres as it would hurt his business if this idea is put into movie law. Just layin’ out my two cents.

On a fun note – the new Black Dog T-shirts have arrived! And they look pretty awesome (more two cents). They come in various sizes, three different colours and will be available at both stores in the next day or so for a measly $20. You’ll look fabulous, dawling!

New Releases for Tuesday February 22nd

Black Heaven – Trippy looking French thriller about an online (on the computer via the internets) sexy cyber blond avatar that seduces dudes into committing suicide for some reason. The box says it’s “Dangerously Seductive” so beware.

For Coloured Girls – I was hoping to watch this latest Tyler Perry thing but I am pretty sure that I am not a woman of colour so I can’t (so says the title).

Due Date – Another road -trip type comedy starring Robert Downey Jr. and the ubiquitous Zach Galifianakas. Might be funny. If you want funny watch Galifianakas’ Between Two Ferns. Now that’s funny. Also on the Blu Ray.

Get Low – Funny little drama about an old coot, Robert Duvall, who wants to throw a wake for himself before he kicks the bucket. The always great Bill Murray plays the undertaker (no not the wrestler of the same name). Also on the Blu Ray.

Megamind – Another animated thingy about superheroes and stuff. Has the voice talents of Will Ferrell, Jonah Hill and some newcomer named Brad Pitt. Also on Blu Ray.

My Year without Sex – Ahhh! That’s about all I can say. Actually I’ll say a little more. From what I’ve heard (from the back of the box) it’s a drama/comedy about a family dealing with a bunch of stuff, some of which, I’m led to believe, is the lack of sex between old mum and dad. Kids ruin everything!

Nurse Jackie Season 2 – Eddie Falco returns for season 2 of nursing and drugs. Haven’t seen this show but word on the street is that all the kids are lovin’ it. It is available at the Cambie location but it is late arriving at Commercial. Hopefully in the next few days. Sorry about that folks.

Weeds Season 6 – More shenanigans with those lovable pot dealers. Pretty good show at times I must say. Again it is late at both locations but will be on the shelves no later than Friday. My apologies.

Coming Next Week

  • Burlesque
  • Alanna
  • Transcendent Man
  • Faster
  • 127 Hours
  • Love and other Drugs


Ever wonder what Moby’s favorite films are? Me neither. But here they are anyways…

Here’s a fun little article about some underrated sci-fi films. I love me a good sci-fi film I tells ya.

There’s a pile of sequels/prequels and whatever rehash they can come up with coming out this year. Here’s a sneak peak. And yes, Hollywood is officially creatively bankrupt.,51941/

Lots of stuff happening in Canadian film so says the First Weekend Club –

Yo, have a good week, yo!

Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending February 21st

More big changes happening over here on the Drive. A death and a birth so to speak. Another long standing business has closed its doors – Alpha Video is now defunct. We are about to see the opening of a new pizzeria as well. I know what you’re thinking, another friggin’ pizza joint on a street that is plastered with crappy slice places. Well fear not as I have it on good authority that Pizzeria Barberella, that will be taking over the spot on Victoria and Kitchener formerly occupied by Gelato This Gelato That, is quite excellent. They own a popular joint out in Abbottsford called Ah-beetz Pizzeria. And it’s so close to my house that you may see me in there wearing my robe and slippers on occasion.

And we have another contest for you to enjoy! The prize this time around is a copy of Tony Jaa’s Ong Bak 3! If you are in on what Jaa does, you’ll probably be all over this, if not, get yourself down to the stores and check out the first one. A martial arts extravaganza!

And I just got word of another accolade for the store, even if its a bit of a strange one. Apparently we are one of Vancouver’s best kept secrets according the the fine kids over at Discorder. My plan to have no one know about my business has succeeded!

New Releases for Tuesday February 15th

Bitter Feast – This one sounds kind of fun! A food blogger (guy who writes about food on the internet’s super highway) is taken hostage by a chef who doesn’t take too kindly to the blogger’s blog (love saying blog) The chef then makes him prepare food to perfection and if he comes up short, well let’s just say the punishment ain’t too pretty. Stars great indy stalwart James LeGros and Iron Chef Mario Batelli.

Cactus – Another death and terror flick set in the Outback finds a dude, desperate for cash, who agrees to kidnap a wanted gambler. Things, of course don’t go as planned as crazy people, who seem to litter the Outback, get in his way. As if I needed another reason not to go to Australia.

Hatchet 2 – Can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the first one. Well I could, really. I loved it! Great gore, ridiculous bad guy. From what I hear this one is even better. Can’t get enough of crazy swamp psycho’s hacking and butchering young people.

Ong Bak 3 – Tony Jaa returns for the final installment in, what the back of the box claims, the “most beloved action series of all time” Guess they’ve never heard of James Bond or Lord of the Rings. In this one his faces the ultimate warrior – a supernatural dude named “Demon Crow”! Sounds exciting, right? Also on the Blu Ray.

Red Hill – A young cop – True Blood‘s buff brother Ryan Kwanten – takes a job in the Outback (again with the freaking Outback!) only to have a nasty jailbreak happen on his first day on the job. Word has it that this one has a great bad guy and is a ton of bloody fun to watch. On my list! As if I needed another reason not to go to Australia. But seriously, what’ with all the psycho’s in Australia? See Cactus, Eden Lake, Wolf Creek, Rogue, Animal Kingdom, Mad Max, Stunt Rock, Patrick etc…

Unstoppable Runaway Train! Well it’s not as good as that film but this is a pretty solid exciting effort as Denzel and the new Captain Kirk track down a train going off the rails, as the kids like to say. A good weekend renter for sure. Also on Blu Ray.

Waiting for Superman – Great doc from the director of Inconvenient Truth that takes a hard look at the crumbling US school system. Would definitely have been nominated for an Oscar had they not had a couple of “reenactment” scenes. Word has it that it’s great stuff. You may never send your child to school again.

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger – Annual Woody Allen film about love, laughs, infidelity and old dudes chasing younger women stars Anthony Hopkins, Naomi Watts, Josh Brolin and Gemma Jones. Also on the Blu Ray.

Zonad – Crazy fun looking ditty about a couple who finds a really drunk guy dressed up in a red suit and silver helmut passed out in their living room who claims that he’s an alien. Is he really an alien or is he an escaped drunk from a rehab costume party? Do hi jinks ensue? You betcha! From the director of Once.

Coming Next Week

  • Get Low
  • Due Date
  • For Coloured Girls
  • I Am You
  • Birdemic
  • MegamInd
  • Nurse Jackie Season 2
  • Weeds Season 6
  • Black Heaven
  • My Year Without Sex

Recently Viewed and Recommended

  • Unstoppable
  • Hatchet II
  • Paranormal Activity 2
  • Monsters
  • Let Me In
  • Enter the Void
  • Piranha
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Machete
  • Social Network

Internets! What hath thy wrought!

So who wants a copy of Ong Bak 3? Just answer this skill testing question… In which film did Tony Jaa travel to Australia (Australia! I’ve about had it with you!) to rescue his elephant. “I want my elephant!” he may have been heard exclaiming. I have 4 or 5 copies to give away so the first 4 or 5 correct or near correct answers will nab this fine DVD.

The First Weekend Club wants you to know about these upcoming Canadian releases...

One doesn’t really think of Underworld (among others) when talking about Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Well some of the kids at the Onion do…,51740/

Here’s a fine video, again from the Onion, about some truly ridiculous horror movie adversaries.,51591/

Have a great week folks, enjoy the weather if you can, eat well, be well and watch some swell flicks.

Black Dog Video

Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending January 31st

Tough times over here on the Drive as of late. We’ve seen the closing of long time resident Wazubee, the Van East Theatre hasn’t been open in forever, there’s a for sale sign on the window of The Controversial Kitchen and I don’t think I’ve ever even seen The Pond open. Tough times. On the flip side of that we’ve seen the opening of that new fish place, The Daily Catch and a new Cupcake place. Who doesn’t like fish and cupcakes?

Another good week for releases this Tuesday. Come in and check us out. And remember our fabulous deals; 2 films for $7.00 Sunday to Thursday, 5 old films for $8.00 on Wednesdays and our great ten films for $35.00 punch card available at both locations. See you soon.

New Releases for Tuesday January 25th

Adventures of Power – Comedy about a dude who gets laid off from his mine job and finds himself in the sub-culture of, ahem, air drumming. Looks pretty dang funny for those of you who enjoy laughing. You know who you are. Sure it’s no Piranha, but what are ya going to do?

Dead Space: Aftermath – CGI horror space dealy based on a video game that’s supposed to be quite excellent for those of you who are into this sort of thing. Also on Blu Ray.

Dogtooth – This Greek film sounds crazy and awesome and crazy. Three teenagers are confined to an isolated country estate that may very well be on another planet. They are not allowed to leave, have their own vocabulary and the only contact they have with the outside world is father’s colleague Christina who appears on the grounds to relieve the boy of his male urges. Urges! Hee-hee.Things get kind of weird after that. Can’t wait to see this one, even with its serious lack of Piranhas.

Downtown Abbey – Another excellent Masterpiece Theatre (say it with a stuffy British accent) production about a family living in Pre-WW I England. Drama and witty entendres abound.

Enter The Void – Like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Gaspar Noe’s (Irreversible) trippy mind-bender told from the point of view of a minor league drug dealer in Tokyo who gets himself killed and then floats around the city looking to be reincarnated. You may hate or love it but you won’t forget it. Blu Ray is coming soon.

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest – The final chapter in the Girl who did shit series from Sweden. I imagine that she doesn’t really kick a hornet’s nest because that would be a pretty dumb thing to do, like not watching Piranha is a dumb thing to do. Also on Blu Ray.

The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzie – Crazy mind bender (theme this week?) about some Seattle janitor’s who are unwittingly being experimented on by some dastardly corporation for some reason. Word has it that this is one to check out and may just end up on some best of the year lists. Just what I’m hearing on the street.

Lebanon – During the 1982 Lebanon war, some dudes travel around in a tank doing war type stuff. Again, word on the street pegs this as a winner.

Nowhere Boy – Biopic type drama about some punk named John Lennon and how he grew up and form some band, The Beatles I think. Never heard of them. Any good? Stars Kick-Ass as J.L. Also on Blu Ray.

Pillars of the Earth – Big sprawling costume drama set in 12th Century. Based on a book I’m told. Stars Al Swearengen and a bunch of other British actors (say with British Accent).

R.E.D. – Action comedy starring a bunch of old folks – Bruce Willis (he’s always seemed old to me), John Malkovich, Morgan Freeman and Helen Mirren. Not too bad bordering on good actually and, really, how can you say no to Helen Mirren toting a machine gun? Also on the Blu Ray.

Saw: Final Chapter – Do I even need to say anything about this tired franchise. I really hope they are not just pulling our goalie with the “Final Chapter” moniker.

Score: A Hockey Musical – Proudly filling our Can-Con requirements.

Secretariat – Film about a horse. Again has the Malkovich in it. I hope that its a horror film and the horse is possessed by some sort of demon or comes from a prehistoric cave and it eats a lot of people (like in Piranha!). Dare to dream. Blu Ray also.

Streedance – Takin’ the dance to the street, Piranha style, ya’ll! Fo shizzle, my homies!

Waking Sleeping Beauty – Doc about the Mouse House as the industry folk like to say. Those of you who have no idea what I’m on about – it’s a doc about the rise and fall and rise again of Disney. The kids on the street like this one as well.

Yellow Handkerchief – Three lonely strangers go on a road trip through backwoods Louisiana (Isn’t all of Louisiana backwoods with the exception of New Orleans?). Stars William hurt and a mustache, the lovely Maria Bellow and the girl from the twinkly Twilight series. Looks like a nice movie.

Coming Next Tuesday

  1. Conviction
  2. Let Me In
  3. Never Let Me Go
  4. Immortel
  5. A Woman a Gun and a Noodle Shop
  6. Freakanomics
  7. Elena
  8. The Last Train Home
  9. Welcome to the Rileys
  10. Client 9: Rise and Fall of Elliot Spitzer

Recently Viewed and Recommended

  • Piranha
  • Enter the Void
  • The Square
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Fubar 2
  • Mesrine Part 1 and 2
  • Machete
  • Catfish
  • The Social Network
  • Best Worst Movie
  • Restrepo

Web Related Affairs

I don’t know if you all heard about the big mob bust in New York last week but here’s a little ditty recalling some of the best mob nicknames involved. My favorites; Baby Fat Larry, Marbles and Tony Bagels. Sweet.

In case you missed it, here’s the list of Oscar Nominees just out today…(what no Machete! No Piranha! For shame)

And on the the flip side of that; The Razzie Nominations are out. A-ha, Sex and the City, Last Airbender, Twilight,50515/

The First Weekend Club want you to know about a new film, Incendies, (also up for an Oscar) that is opening in Vancouver…

Why 3-D will never work…

Have a great week folks, check out some flicks.

Black Dog Video

Black Dog Video

Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending January 24th

I spent this past weekend up on top of a mountain playing in an outdoor hockey tournament. Good times although mother nature put the kibosh on our championship game by raining down upon us a hellfire of the wet stuff like I haven’t seen in a long time. Hard to play hockey in 4 inches of water. Still it was a good time, maybe too much if you get my drift. I’m hoping that this edition doesn’t reflect the sorry state of my brain today.

Just a reminder about our crushing movie deals we have going on at the stores. The new 10 for $35 card. That’s right, you come in, pay us a measly $35 (includes tax) and we give you a punch card that is good for ten rentals! If my math is correct that works out to $3.50 per rental. And of course how could one forget our regular deals? Two films for $7 (one old and one new or two old films) or 2 New Releases for $10 Sunday to Thursday, and 5 old films for $8.00 on Wednesdays. Man it’s hard to keep track. Just show up on any day it will be a good day. Also a reminder that we have lowered (yes you read that right – lowered) the cost of our TV series DVDs. New Releases rent for $3.50 and the old ones are just $3.00! See you there!

New Releases for Tuesday January 18th

Buried – Ryan Reynolds gets buried alive in a coffin somewhere in Iraq for some reason. He has only a lighter and cellphone to get him out of this fine predicament. Doesn’t sound like much on paper but word has it that it’s excellent! Ooh, being buried with hunky Ryan Reynolds sounds too dreamy to be true! Also on Blu-ray.

Horde – Cops and robbers and zombies! French Style! I wonder if the zombies say “cerveaux!” when chasing their intended lunch?

The Infidel – Comedy about a Muslim dude who finds out that he’s adopted, and Jewish. Let the hilarity ensue! Big hit at this past film fest.

Jack Goes Boating – Philip Seymour Hoffman makes his directorial debut and stars in this comedy/drama about a limo driver who gets set up on a blind date. Doesn’t really sound too exciting but its really about people and characters and boating.

Justified Season 1 – Never heard of this series but word has it that it’s quite excellent! Timothy Elephant (I think that’s his name – the marshall from Deadwood) stars as a tough, 19th Century style sheriff who is reassigned from Miami to some backwoods burb in Kentucky where he grew up. Hmmm sounds intriguing.

Louis C.K. – Hilarious – What more can you say about the funniest comedian out there? He’s hilarious!

Paper Man – Jeff Daniels stars in this comedy/drama about a guy who never really grew up and has an imaginary friend – Captain Excellent (again with the dreamy Ryan Reynolds – this time with an unpleasant blond dye job).

S &Man – Doc that follows horror film-maker J.T. Petty as he draws connections between horror films and voyeurism. He looks at seedy underground fetish films, the most notorious of these being a series called S &Man. Word has it that’s it’s quite disturbing and nasty. Sounds like a date night to me!

Stone – Edward Norton goes all method acting by corn-rowing his hair in this prison drama that finds him using his hot wife, the hot Milla Jovovich, to help seduce his parole officer played by some newcomer named Robert DeNiro. Also on Blu Ray.

The Switch – Thespian Jennifer Aniston wants to get pregnant so she opts for the old tried and true turkey baster method. Unbeknownst to her, best friend Jason Batmen swapped the donor sperm for his, because, that’s, like, what guys do. Look for this one come Oscar time.

Takers – Another tale of a bunch of bank robbers whose plans go awry. Stars a bunch of guys – Chris Brown, Hayden Christensen, Paul Walker, Matt Dillion and, of course, T.I.

The Virginity Hit – They’re still making comedies about nerds trying to lose their virginity?

Coming Next Week

  • Nowhere Boy
  • Dead Space: Aftermath
  • MI-5: Season 8
  • R.E.D.
  • Secretariat
  • Streetdance
  • The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest
  • Enter the Void

Recently Viewed and Recommended

  • Fubar 2
  • Best Worst Movie
  • The Social Network
  • Mesrine Part 1 and 2
  • Machete
  • Catfish
  • Piranha
  • Animal Kingdom

On the series of tubes known as the Internet

The First Weekend Club would like you to know about this screening of a new doc titled 4 Days Inside Guantanamo…

Rotten Tomatoes has put out their list of the best reviewed films of 2010, enjoy.

Check out this awesome poster!

Don’t forget to check out the Black Dog website for everything you might need in life.

Black Dog Video

Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending January 17th

Great news! Starting tomorrow we are offering a swell new deal. Black Dog is proud to announce the 10 for $35 card. That’s right, you come in, pay us a measly $35 (includes tax) and we give you a punch card that is good for ten rentals! If my math is correct that works out to $3.50 per rental. Holy hotdogs, hard to beat that price I tells ya. And it’s good for any film in the store. Thing is, if you lose it or forget to bring it in then that’s too bad – it’s hard cheese my friend.

That is in addition to all of our other great deals – 2 for $7 (one old and one new or two old films) or 2 New Releases for $10 Sunday to Thursday, 5 old films for $8.00 on head is swimming with all the possibilities….

Wow, what a week for New Releases. I can’t remember such a fantastic selection of films to hit the shelves on one day in a long long time. If you can’t find something to cure your cravings for quality entertainment this Tuesday, well than you are hopeless and I can’t help you.

New Releases for Tuesday January 11th

Alpha and Omega – Mediocre kids flick about some wolves trying to get somewhere and do something. Points for being set in Canada, but that’s it.

Animal Kingdom – Totally excellent Australian crime thriller that follows a 17 year-old trying to navigate his way through his nasty crime family. Sounds like Christmas at my house. Also on Blu Ray.

The Devil’s Mistress – AKA The Devil’s Whore (titles are always better with the word whore in them) tells the tale of the English Civil War as seen through the eyes of a seventeen year-old girl. Yes when I think of wars set in 17th century Europe, I think of teenage girls.

Funny Or Die Presents Season 1 – If you’ve seen the videos on the webernets that started a few years ago by Will Ferrell than you know what to expect from this DVD. If you like to laugh, rent it, if you prefer crying, maybe move on to something else.

Howl – Docudrama revolving around Alan Ginsberg’s famous poem and the “obscenity” trial it provoked. Stars James Franco (he seems to be in almost as many films now as Michael Cera and Jesse Eisenberg) as Ginsberg. Isn’t this film still in the theatres?!

Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work – Excellent doc that follows Joan (plastic surgery nightmare) Rivers as she turns 75 and still kicks the shit out of most comedians.

Mr. Nobody – Strange, beautiful (I hear the cinematography is outstanding – who doesn’t like pretty pictures?) film that follows a 120 year old dude (yes I said 120) as he reflects on his odd and wonderful life. Word has it that its quite a good little film that flew under the radar (probably never even played here in town). Stars Jared Leto (who I don’t like) and Sarah Polley (who I do). Also on Blu Ray.

Piranha – Man I wish I had seen this in the theatres in 3-D. I heard that was a hoot. Still I am very much looking forward to checking this on out. It’s a remake of the film Piranha (really?!) – which I loved. This one apparently has a lot more T and A and gore to make me happy. Also on Blu Ray.

The Social Network – What can one say about this film that already hasn’t been said? It is quite excellent. I guess I could say a bit more than that. I usually am disappointed by films I’ve heard so much hype about – I’m looking at you Inception – but this one easily lives up to the hype. It’s quite amazing how Fincher could make a film about something as mundane as the creation of a website and turn it into a thriller! Everything about this film works – brilliant script, great acting, cinematography, outstanding music. If I had a complaint it would be that there isn’t really any good female roles in this but its a minor quibble as we’re talking about computer nerds here. Rent it if you haven’t seen it and if you have you probably want to see it again. Also on Blu Ray.

Coming Next Week

  • Stone
  • Paper Man
  • Jack Goes Boating
  • Takers
  • Switch
  • Score
  • S &Man
  • Justified Season 1
  • Buried
  • The Virginity Hit

Recently Viewed and Recommended

  • Best Worst Movie
  • The Social Network
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Machete
  • Piranha
  • Mesrine Part 1 and 2
  • Catfish
  • The Last Exorcism
  • Restrepo

On the Internuts

Push this button –

I don’t know about how you cats feel about sex scenes in films, but for me most of the time I find that they bring a film to a screeching halt as they are usually lame and ridiculous. Here’s a fairly good article about sex scenes that are actually sexy (yea for Name of the Rose – one of my favorites),1568/

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I have affection for The Onion. They are funny. They make me laugh. Anyways here’s a video form The Onion on what they think might be some swell entertainments coming our way this year (2011)…,49738/?utm_medium=promobar&utm_campaign=recirculation

And remember ya’ll to check out the new Black Dog Video sites for upcoming releases, Gusisms, reviews, blog shit and whatever else I can think of to throw up there.

Peace out.

Black Dog Video

Newsletter for Week Ending January 10th

Well here we are, 2011. Sounds so futuristic for some reason. I’m hoping that this year brings a bounty of quality films that we can provide for your viewing pleasure. The first two months of the year offer quite a bonanza as we are starting to get some the better crop of films that were released into the theatres last year.

To kick off the new year we’ve made a few changes to our special awesome deals. Here’s the lowdown;
Sunday to Thursday – 2 rentals for $7.00 (includes one new release and one old title or two old titles) – Notice that we’ve added Sunday to the mix! Plus if you want to get two new releases will charge you just $10! (you save a buck).
Wednesday – 5 old films for $8.00! Best deal in town for sure.
Coming soon – prepaid rental cards (still working out the details – check the website or Facebook page for updates)

Also in this episode we conclude the staff picks for the year 2010. Enjoy!

New Releases for Tuesday January 4th

Baaria – From the director of Cinema Paradiso comes a swell looking autobiographical account of growing up in Sicily. I’m sure it’s a very pleasant film.

Best Worst Movie – Doc about what is considered one (if not thee one) of the worst films of all time – Troll 2. Haven’t seen either (didn’t see Troll 1 and I’m sure that I’d be lost without seeing it first). Word has it that the doc is amazing – hilarious and all that. On the top of my list of films to see.

Big Love Season 4 – More Mormon love. It’s funny, of all the photos and what not that I’ve seen of Mormons, I’ve never seen any that look as good as Jeanne Tripplehorn, Chloe Sevigny, Bill Paxton, Ginnifer Goodwin or Amanda Seyfried. Just saying.

Catfish – Controversial documentary about some dudes who make a film about a friend who meets someone online (Facebook I think) and how it goes bat-shit crazy. Really want to check out this one. On the top of my list of films to see.

Dinner for Schmucks – American remake of the French film The Dinner Game where guests invited to a fancy dinner have to bring an idiot/schmuck with them to be ridiculed. Great cast – Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, Zach Galifianakis and Jemaine Clement among others. I’ve heard mixed things so ya takes your chances. Also on Blu Ray.

The Last Exorcism – Pretty good little horror number set up as a documentary that follows a handsome priest who has lost his faith and finds himself in backwoods Mississippi dealing with a seemingly possessed girl. Has some good stuff in it but I thought it kind of lost it at the end. Also on Blu Ray.

Machete – I was so sad that I missed this in the theatres. The great Danny Trejo stars as Machete, a guy seeking a whole bunch of revenge on some bad dudes who done him wrong. Expect lots of cheesy violence and action and nudity and general awesomeness. On the very top of my list of films to see! Also on Blu Ray.

Mao’s Last Dancer – Drama about a kid who goes to Beijing to become a ballet dancer or something like that. Gimme Machete, that’s what I say!

Mother and Child – Heavy looking drama about adoption and mothers and children and such. Word has it that its excellent. Great cast – Naomi Watts, Annette Benning, Samuel L. Jackson bring the drama.

Ricky Gervais Show Season 1 – This one kind of snuck up on me – apparently its an animated show with Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington doing stuff. Supposed to be pretty funny (no kidding).

Screaming Men – Doc about the Finnish men’s screaming choir. You’re all familiar with the Finnish men’s screaming choir, right? Thought so. Be great to watch this in surround sound.

Coming Next Week

The Social Network
Funny or Die Present Season 1
Mr. Nobody
Joan Rivers: Piece of Work
Animal Kingdom
The Devil’s Mistress

Here’s the rest of the best of 2010 (sorry mine is a tad long winded)

The Year End (Darren’s picks)

It’s funny; I was lamenting the fact that I looked at 2010 as quite a poor year for films. That there wasn’t anything that blew me away or I thought was all that great. Then I started making this year of films list and I thought I’d have a hard time coming up with ten. Then my cup runneth over. I think that my opinion was clouded by the lack of quality DVD releases that seem to cloud the first 2/3rd of the year. I didn’t get to the theatre as often as I wish I had and missed some of the great films that everyone else is yapping about. Films I haven’t seen yet that would most likely end up on this list includes;
The Social Network. Black Swan, The Fighter, True Grit, 127 Hours, Machete, and Piranha 3-D.
That said, here’s my favorite films that I saw this year. These may not be the best films or appear on other lists but these are the films that I enjoyed the most for whatever reason. They are in no particular order, as I didn’t have a clear-cut favorite for 2010.

Winter’s Bone – Ozark hillbilly noir at its finest. What a scary bunch of rednecks, each one more frightening than the next (especially the women and the head hillbilly meth kingpin).What a great atmosphere, detail and acting, especially by one of my favorite actors going today, John Hawkes. Probably my favorite heavy duty redneck meth dealing mystery drama of the year.

Enter the Void – Gasper Noe rips off your head, throws it in a blender with a bunch of other nasty stuff and then stuffs it back into your neck. A full on assault of the senses like nothing I’ve ever seen before (see it on the big screen if possible). It’s too long and too self-indulgent and it could have ended up on my worst of the year list as well but after taking it out and walking it around the block for a while it crept right up onto this list. Might be the best assault of the senses and WTF did I just watch film I saw this year.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World – Edgar Wright continues his winning ways (Shawn of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) with this amazing, fun, rock and roll adaptation of a graphic novel I never heard of before. Probably the most fun film set in Toronto I saw this year.

The Eclipse – In a year devoid of good horror flicks this little number crept into the room and made itself comfortable.While not really a horror film – it’s more a drama about loss and writing and living in Wales or England or wherever its set – there are some really good little scares as the main character, the fine Ciarán Hinds, is being haunted by someone or something. Probably the best “horror” film about writers I saw this year.

Triangle – This one came out of nowhere to melt my brain, spread it on toast and feed it back to me. A bunch of people, stranded on a yacht come across a seemingly deserted cruise ship in the middle of the ocean. What happens next is like the best twilight Zone episode ever! These kinds of films tend to fall apart as the story progresses but not this one. Probably the best twisted mind meld creepy stuff happening on a boat film I saw this year.

Kick-Ass – Not the best film of the year, its uneven and most of the characters are unlikable, but this one lives up to its name if only for the best character in any film this year – Hit Girl. My jaw hit the floor a number of times by her actions and her potty mouth. Great bloodletting and a good, fun sense of comic mayhem made this probably the best 13 year old girl kicking the shit out of grown men film this year.

Fish Tank – All she wants to do is dance. Dance her way out of the run down slum and away from her horrible party mum and her mum’s seemingly nice-guy boyfriend. Excellent, menacing tough little drama just might be the best drama about a girl who just wants to dance filmI saw this year.

Toy Story 3 – While I didn’t care all that much for the other two Toy Story’s, this one kinda blew me away with its great animation, story telling and characters. It’s part funny, thrilling and sad and that’s no mean feat, especially for an animated film. My only complaint about the Pixar stuff is that they always have to end in some big chase thingy. No exception here. The best cartoon film with more real characters than most live action features film I saw this year.

Please Give – The great Catherine Keener and Oliver Platt star in this excellent drama/comedy about some folks who run a used furniture business where they get their wares from dead people’s estates. That isn’t much of a plot but that is all you need in this little character study. The best film about people selling off dead people’s stuff I saw this year.

Black Dynamite – This film killed it. So much fun. Better than most of the films it was making fun of. Best film to have a bunch of pops and smokeables and have some friends over to howl with delight of the year bar none film I saw this year. (Jackass 3-D is a close second)

A Prophet – Best crime, gangster prison film I’ve seen in a dog’s age. It’s a little long but worth it. Who says the French are all about whimsy and smoking? Best French prison nasty I saw this year.

Exit Through the Gift Shop – What is art? Who cares. Follow Banksy as he makes fun of the art world and also shows us how freaking cool it is. Easily the best is it art or are they fucking with everyone documentary of the year.

And a bunch of honorable mentions; Red Riding Trilogy, The Road, The Ghost Writer, The Town, How to Train Your Dragon, Micmacs, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, A Serious Man, The Killer Inside Me, Valhalla Rising.

Worst films of 2010

Iron Man 2, The Wolfman, The Tooth Fairy (I saw it in Spanish on a bus in Mexico, can’t imagine it would have been much better in English), The Expendables, Salt, Sex in the City 2 (I never saw it but it’s existence repulses me) and pretty much anything with Gerald Butler.

Most disappointing – Inception. I really wanted to like this a lot, and I did – for about 2/3rd and then it got boring and redundant with far too much unimaginative gun play. It was too bad, as I wanted to believe the hype.

Jessica’s picks (Cambie St)

A Serious Man – The Cohen brothers have managed to meld 2 of the most special things in the world in to one spectacular film: Jewishness and the year 1967.
Anti-Christ – Simultaneously the most beautiful and the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen.
Les Amours Imaginaires (AKA Heartbeats) – The best Canadian movie ever to be made by a 21 year old? But seriously, a wonderful, stylish great film. Watch it!
Gentlemen Broncos – Sam Rockwell and Jemaine Clement give two of the finest and most beautiful performances ever committed to DVD. Perfect for any sci-fi nerd.
Hausu – Even though it came out in 1977 it was just released on Criterion this year. You’ll never need to take drugs again once you’ve seen this insanely amazing psychedelic Japanese horror film.
Honorable mention: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, The Road, Big Fan, Cyrus, The Kids Are All Right, Youth in Revolt

Boardwalk Empire (Season 1) – Better than the Sopranos… (don’t kill me).
Delocated (Season 2) – The greatest, funniest show that nobody is watching.
Eastbound & Down (Season 2) – Kenny Powers in Mex-i-co. Need I say more?
30 Rock (Season 4) – Liz Lemon continues to be an inspiration to us all. (Warning: cameos by James Franco, Jon Hamm and Jason Sudeikis may be so funny your eyes will melt out of your face.)
Curb Your Enthusiasm (Season 7) – Pretty much the most perfect season so far.
Bored To Death (Season 2) – Jason Schwartzman and Zach Galifianakis could just stare at the camera for 20 minutes and I would give it 2 thumbs up.
and of course… last but certainly not least:
Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job (Season 5) – Over the past few years, these 2 comedic geniuses have continually managed to produce material that is so funny it doesn’t even deserve to be called “comedy”, which would thus lump them in to the same category as lame laugh-tracky sitcoms. It’s so amazing that it needs it’s own new term: “Flarhgunnstow” perhaps? Their segments on the HBO show Funny Or Die Presents… with the delightful Zach Galifianakis are also astoundingly hilarious.
Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule (Season 1) – A Tim & Eric spin off that features the versatile John C. Reilly redefining what it means to be an Academy Award nominated actor.

Bill’s Picks (Cambie St)

In no particular order:

A Prophet
A Single Man
The Town
Valhalla Rising
Kick Ass
Red Riding Trilogy
Fantastic Mr. Fox
I Am love

Total Insanity on Film: Taxidermia and House (I highly recommend both)

Guilty pleasures I’m not guilty about: Machete and A-Team (Totally entertained throughout both)

And a few morsels from the interwebs

R.I.P. Pete Postlewaite. Always like that guy. Just saw him in The Town (he was excellent as usual) and he looked gaunt and a bit older than 64.,49523/

Here’s a little rundown of some funny stuff that went “viral”, as the kids like to say these days, in 2010. Enjoy…

Hope everyone has a good week and let’s make this the best 2011 ever!

Also if anyone would rather follow the newsletter on the website – it’s easier to read and sometimes has pictures and videos in colour – I can remove you from the mailing list as I post the newsletter on the site at the same time – Mondays or Tuesdays every week.

Black Dog Video

Black Dog Video

Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending January 3rd

Here it is folks, the last ever newsletter…for this year. And with that brings our list of our favorite and not so favorite films of the past 12 months. It hasn’t really been a banner year for films, especially the stuff oozing out of Hollywood. In fact I’m hard pressed to think of a worse year than 2010 for movies. That said we still managed to find some gems hidden among all of the detritus. So over the next couple of weeks I’ll be throwing down the Black Dog staff picks for the calendar year 2010. I’m still working on my list (have a few titles I still want to see) but some of the other staff members have submitted their submissions for your viewing pleasure.

As mentioned in the last newsletter, this week the hours at the stores will remain the same as usual with the exception of New Year’s Eve (this Friday I believe) when both stores will be open noon until 8pm. Get there early and stock up for those of you smart enough not to go out that night. We will be open noon until 11pm on Saturday for those bleary eyed folk who need a little entertainment to get them through the day.

New Releases for Tuesday December 28th

The American – Ridiculously handsome George Clooney plays “The American” (also known if France as “The American – thanks IMDB), a assassin or spy or something hiding out in Italy to do the “one last job”. Again with the one last job! I wonder if he sewed a Canadian flag on his back pack to help disguise the fact that he’s “The American”? Directed by Anton Corbin (Control). Also on Blu Ray.

Fubar 2 – Old Terry and Dean (the ultimate hosers) head north to strike it rich working the oil fields or tar sands or whatever they’re calling them now. What can one say but “giv’er”?

Handsome Harry – Well received drama about a Vietnam vet with a “big secret” who carries out the dying wish of a comrade by getting in contact with some fellow soldiers to talk about the “big secret”. I bet Harry is not nearly as handsome as George Clooney!

The Oxford Murders – Swell pedigree for this number (John Hurt, Elijah Wood, Álex de la Iglesia directs – Day of the Beast, 800 Bullets, Acción Mutante) about a college professor and grad student who team up to solve some murders or try to prevent more murders or something. I haven’t seen this but I’m hedging my bets that one of them is the murderer. I hope that I’m proved wrong.!

Mesrine: Public Enemy No. 1 – Part 2 of the great true French crime thriller starring Vincent Cassel (almost as handsome as George Clooney) as the titular character. Also on Blu Ray.

Resident Evil: Afterlife – This series still going on? Don’t know what it’s about, don’t really care. All I know is that Mila Jovavich shoots a bunch of zombies or mutants or whatever. Also on Blu Ray (may be a bit late on the shelves – sorry).

Teenage Paparazzo – The week of handsome men continues with dreamy Adrian Grenier (Entourage) turning the cameras on some punk paparazzo in this very entertaining (or so I’m told) doc about the nature of celebrity and the weirdos that obsess about them.

United States of Tara Season 2 – The mighty Toni Collette returns for another kick at the can in this acclaimed series about a woman functioning with dissociative identity disorder and raising a dysfunctional family.

Coming Next Week

  • The Last Exorcism
  • Baaria
  • Catfish
  • The Ricky Gervais Show Season 1
  • Machete
  • Mother and Child
  • Big Love Season 4
  • Dinner for Schmucks
  • Mao’s Last Dancer

Staff Picks (part 1) for the year 2010

Joe (Commercial)

As always my top ten includes a few movies that maybe were in theatres last year, but on DVD this year. I work in a video store so that’s how I catalogue things, by the dvd release.

The Headless Woman Directed by Lucretia Martel whose previous two films “Holy Girl” & “La Cienaga” (aka The Swamp) are also genius. She has the most unflinching camera in use today, in many ways. She captures that decadent banality of the class system better than anyone since Bunuel, in my opinion. Headless Woman continues along similar themes, but is less concerned with narrative than the earlier two. She’s stretching with this one, and I’m salivating to see what she does next.

The Maid is one of those pictures that actually pulled the wool over my seasoned viewer eyes, I thought it was treading nicely down the path of one kind of “Maid movie” ( if indeed there is such a genre, and I can’t see why there wouldn’t be) but in the end it became a wholly different kind of story. Genius performance from the lead actress. Great flick.

Tony Manero is another great Chilean movie. Tony Manero of course refers to the John Travolta Iconic white suited Saturday Night Fever character. Which by the way is a kick ass film remembered for all the wrong things. Disco is just the setting. But I digress. The main character in this film is also kind of obsessed with SNF, he wants to make it on to a local dancing TV game show where they are looking to crown Chile’s “Tony Manero”. The tension comes from the fact that the guy is despite being well liked by some, a complete sociopath. It must be seen to be believed, the casualness of his brutality. Yet somehow we’re pulling for this psycho? Yes, yes we are.

Fishtank is a great little indy drama from sophomore director Andrea Arnold, whose first film “Red Road” I had no choice but to re-watch directly after watching Fishtank, so much did I still want to be part of Arnold’s universe. The main character is a young high school girl who just wants to dance and get out of her party time very young herself still mom’s house and the life there… Mom starts dating a nice guy for a change, and things seem to take a familiar turn, or do they? Very grown up look at that stuff we don’t talk about.

The Eclipse has absolutely nothing to do with Twilight or stupid angsty teen vampires. It has to do with big time real Irish actors doing their thing in an old fashioned ghost story/romance triangle. It’s a fractured surreal triangle at best, which is what gives this film it’s edge, that, and the good old fashioned eeek it’s a ghost kind of scares it contains once in a while. Cieran Hinds is genius in this, Aidan Quinn is himself, and then some. Nice little movie with no pretensions to be more or less than it is.

The Cry Of The Owl is not for everyone with it’s murky cinematography and old fashioned melodrama acting, but for those who enjoy that kind of thing, like me, this is a joy, this film. Like a Val Lewton Produced Douglas Sirk movie maybe? The darkness I guess comes from the fact it’s a Patricia Highsmith story. She was a master of mood, and spare about it at the same time… much like this movie. Julia Stiles deserves some kind of award for her creepy girl turn here. Owls crying, indeed.

Mother The latest from Joon Ho Bong the Korean director behind Memories of Murder, as well as The Host. This film covers much of the same territory of memories of murder, and even has some actors recurring roles (or at least very similar types, it wasn’t addressed at all.) as it’s set in a small town with small town cops covering everyone’s dirty secrets. The Mother in question is the mother of the most recent patsy to be arrested for killing a young girl. Riveting performance, and despite it’s familiar setting is really nothing like Memories Of Murder, and maybe even as good, I need to see both films again before making that judgement.

The Killer Inside Me is again not for everyone. It only has a small number of violent scenes, but those are graphic in a nigh harrowing fashion. I know many who couldn’t watch those scenes at all, hiding their eyes, or just fast forwarding ahead. So be warned. That said It’s yet another masterpiece from Michael Winterbottom. Bravura film making, coaxes a nomination worthy performance out of Casey Affleck. Very decent adaptation of the classic Jim Thompson novella.

Sleep Dealer is a classy little bit of Sci-Fi which is hard to come by these days. Set in the pretty near future, water is scarce, and people often work using virtual reality to control robots doing jobs often in other parts of the world. All the military is by proxy as well of course, and all private. The army works for whoever hires them. A young Mexican hacker ends up in Tijuana learning about this much more realistic Matrix than The Matrix ever was, setup, while sending money home to his folks. There are acts of rebellion, the world changes ever so slightly. I felt like all the future tech they used could easily come to pass in 10-20 years.

Valhalla Rising is a film that many loathe, and misunderstand. It’s bound to be compared to Cobra Verde, or other Herzogian visions. but that’s not a bad thing to my mind.. Mads Mikkelsen excels as the one eyed enslaved ruthless killer who lives to entertain others with bloodsport. Eventually he follows some crusaders towards the Holy Land for a crusade, but they take a wrong turn at Vinland….I found this little slice of mood and mise en scene to be hypnotic and it stayed in my dreams & thoughts for days afterwards.

This Is England 86’ (special mention: on TV in Merry Olde during 2010, hopefully on DVD here soon as fricking possible!) Is the even better than sequel to The Great Shane Meadows’ “This Is England” from a few years back. All the same actors return a few years older, and well, not really that much wiser, and of course a great many bad things happen. There is especially one scene that would be hard to take for many, but otherwise there is lots of humour and dignity in this 80’s saga. I’d love to see more actually.

Torsten (Commercial)

1) The Headless Woman (Argentina)
2) A Serious Man (USA)
3) Tony Manero (Chile)
4) My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done? (USA)
5) Valhalla Rising (GB/Dan)
6) The Maid (Chile)
7) North Face (Germany)
8) Terribly Happy (Denmark)
9) Winter’s Bone (USA)
10) This Is Britain 86 (GB)

worst movie of 2010 by a mile “The American”!

John (Cambie)

The best films of the year, in order, were:

ANOTHER YEAR (easily the best)

The worst film of the year was SEX AND THE CITY 2 and shame on me for
watching it.

Shioby (Cambie)

fish tank – andrea arnold
the killer inside me – michael winterbottom
valhalla rising – nicholas winding refn (BEST BLOOD AND GORE I’VE SEEN ALL YEAR <3 )
Red Riding trilogy – julian jarrold, james marsh, and anand tucke
who is harry nilsson (and why is everyone talking about him?) – john scheinfeld
crumb – criterion collection release – terry zwigoff

i won’t list off the films i didn’t think were amazing, but can we have more gore in 2011?


And a seasonal greeting from Ricky Gervais…

Here’s a list of someone’s guilty pleasures from 2010. I can’t say that I agree as if it’s pleasurable, why should you feel guilty about liking it. I have no qualms saying that Jackass 3-D was the most fun I had in the theatre this year. Anyways, for your consideration..

Anyways, that’s it for this my lovelies, hope that you all have a great week (especially if you have it off) and have a safe New Year’s Eve and what not. Talk at you next year!

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Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending December 27th

Tis that time of year again – time to feast until your eyeballs explode, drink until your liver swarms around your midsection forming a bloated liver belt. All with impunity! And don’t forget to stock up on films for the holidays as well, as you will need some sort of respite to escape the relatives and family and debauchery. Below you can find a few Christmas favorites here at Black Dog that you might find enjoyable.

New Releases for Tuesday December 21st

Devil – The devil traps a bunch of people in an elevator and starts killing them off one by one for some reason. Based on a true story (may not be based on a true story). Starts out not too bad (despite the title “Story by M. Night Shamalyan) but suffers from not enough gore or tension. And OK time waster for you horror aficionados out there.
Don Giovanni – Italian costume drama about a libertine who is exiled to Vienna for some reason who falls into favour with some composers named Salieri and Mozart (who?) and goes on to inspire Old Wolfey (that’s what his friends called him) into writing the famed titular composition.
Easy A – Well received comedy about a girl (Emma Stone) who uses the high school’s rumour mill that she has slept with some dudes to advance her social standing. Ah, high school, how I don’t miss thee. Also on Blu Ray.
Family Guy: It’s a Trap! – More family guy spoofing the Star Wars. If you want really good Star Wars spoof may I suggest Robot Chicken?
Salt – Angelina Jolie and her lips run and shoot and jump their way through this silly non-sensical thriller. After being outed as a possible Russian spy, Salt goes rogue and a bunch of stuff happens and blows up for some reason that basically left me scratching my head. Also on Blu Ray.
Step Up 3: Electric Boogaloo – Sorry no 3-D on this third excursion into the dance flick that “pumps you up like nothing before it!”
Wall Street 2: Electric Boogaloo – Sorry, again, no 3-D which a good thing unless you want to see scaly Michael Douglas in all his Gordon Gekkoness parade around in this sequel to, you guessed it, Wall Street. Also on Blu Ray.

Coming the Following Week

  • The American
  • Fubar II
  • Handsome Harry
  • The Oxford Murders
  • Teenage Paparazzo

Christmas Suggestions for your Viewing Pleasure

  • Christmas Carol (of course the Alastair Sim version)
  • Bad Santa
  • Blast of Silence
  • Scrooged
  • Joyeux Noel
  • Extras Extra Special Series Finale
  • Black Christmas
  • Mon Oncle Antoine
  • The Junky’s Christmas
  • Bell, Book and Candle
  • Muppet Christmas Carol
  • Die Hard
  • Christmas Evil
  • Gremlins

Ye Olde Merry Internets

Strangest story of the week, or month, or year – 17 minutes that were edited out of 2001: Space Odyssey have been discovered…in a salt mine in Kansas!
In “honour” of Yogi Bear hitting the big screen here’s a nice little parody starring Yogi and the murderous cowardly Boo-Boo.
Tragic masturbation scenes. Have your attention? Thought so.,2007/
Have great holiday everyone!
Black Dog Video

Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending December 20th

Good news for all of you TV on DVD watchers out there, we’re dropping the price on the all TV shows, new and old! Personally, this is the only way I watch the TV shows – no commercials, you don’t have to wait a week for the next episode and you can watch as many as you want. So starting tomorrow (Wednesday) the prices of the TV DVDs will be as follows; New titles are a paltry $3.50 and the old one’s a meager $3.00. Holy hot dogs that is a swell deal! So now you can stock up over the holidays and have some extra dough to spend on booze or whatever gets you through the season.

And a big shout out to all the people who dropped off some edibles for the food bank (even those of you who brought in a can of creamed corn for a $39 late charge – you know who you are). We have a large pile to take down there this week.

I’ll be posting our holiday hours in next week’s newsletter so you can plan accordingly.

New Releases for Tuesday December the 14th

A-Team – Yes its the “movie” version (not too sure why the quotation marks are there but I think it works) of the crappy but fondly remembered TV show that your dad loved back in the eighties. Also on Blu Ray

Cyrus – Round Jonah Hill is just a tad too close to his hot mom (Marisa Tomei) as John C. Reilly (aka Dr. Steve Brule) finds out when he starts a-courtin’ her. I hear that this one is a winner in an uncomfortably funny kind of way.

Despicable Me – Animated fare about a mad evil genius and his horde of minions who have grand designs on stealing the moon. For kids and adults who like kids films (weirdoes :)). Also on Blu Ray.

The Other Guys – The hilarious Marky Mark joins brooding and handsome Will Farrell in this action funny thing about cops and, ah who cares what it’s about. It is about the funny dudes doin’ funny shit. Also on Blu Ray.

Mesrine- Killer Instinct – True story biopic of one of France’s most notorious criminals played by the always watch-able Vincent Cassel. This is the first of a two part movies series. The next installment hits the shelves in a couple of weeks. Word on the street has it to be nothing short of excellent. Also on Blu Ray.

Metropia – Ultra-cool looking animated film from Europe set in the not-to-distant future about some guy on the run in a large underground train system. (At least that’s what I could make out of the description).

Nanny McPhee Returns – Nanny Mcphee returns from somewhere.

24 Season 8 – The last season (or day of you’re counting) of Jack Bauer torturing the citizens of the US on his quest for the holy grail or something.

And Hitting the Shelves on the 17th

The Town – Ben Affleck is 2 for 2 as a director in this most excellent crime thriller about cops and robbers and stuff set in Boston. Now if only he’d stay behind the camera. Also on Blu Ray.

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga Hoole – Say that three times fast. Animated family thing about owls and owl legends and owl rivalries and all things owl I suppose. There was a large grey owl in the park near my house the other day. Just sayin’. Directed by Zack Snyder (Watchmen, 300). Also on Blu Ray.

Olde Stuff Just In

Tropic of Cancer – Rip Torn as Henry Miller, need I say more?

Recently Viewed and Recommended

  • Please Give
  • Mesrine
  • The Town
  • Cyrus
  • Winter’s Bone
  • Valhalla Rising
  • Winnebago Man
  • Exit Through the Gift Shop


Love this! It’s Christmasy and it is a great way to leave a job at the same time…

Here is a interesting article about movie trailers and how some of them might be misleading…

If you can read this please do, it is quite darn funny!

The First Weekend Club want you to know about the now Bruce McDonald film, Trigger.

That is it for this week dear readers. Be safe. Watch movies.

Black Dog Video

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