The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Faded Beauty Edition!

So, this is the official last photo ever taken of this faded beauty of a movie store. Sad to see it go but I wish all the best to the new folks taking it over (a record store plus shop). They are very nice people and I think it will be a good fit for the Drive.

I have one more copy of each of these for sale. Out of the Blue – Blu Ray. Beatles – DVD. Hit me up while you can. And if there’s anything you want to buy, let me know..


We also got a new shipment of the famous In Dog We Trust mugs back in stock. Can be purchased through the website. If you choose “local pickup”, I can meet you on the Drive to exchange goods as the shipping is fairly expensive. Same goes for films and such.

Also more Studio Ghibli socks are on the way as are a couple of T-shirts designs. Stay tuned!

One more thing! The website is currently being redone so I can start adding items we have left over from the sale. Here’s a taste…


So long, you feisty little scamp you…


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The Black Dog Video Newsletter! Out of the Blue and Into Your Home Edition!

Just a shorty this time around…For some reason it seems that folks are still interested in our story. Here’s quite an excellent little video about the waning days of the shop. If I look tired in it, it’s because I was tired.

Arriving this week to add to your collection!

Out of the Blue – A Vancouver favourite! Dennis Hopper directs & stars in this story of a young girl, whose father is an ex-convict and whose mother is a junkie, who finds it difficult to conform and tries to find comfort in a quirky combination of Elvis and the punk scene. Fancy New 4K Restoration! Blu Ray (DVDs and 4K can be ordered)!

Also have a DVD left of The Beatles: Get Back! Blu Rays can also be ordered!

The new re-tooled website should be up and running soon with tons of great films for sale. Stay tuned!

That’s if for this week, my lovelies. Hope you are well. Miss you all!

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The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Ears and Wallets Edition!

Another “last” concerning your (former) favourite video store – we just unleashed the last ever podcast to be recorded in the shop. We will continue to do the show, but it won’t be from the friendly confines of the video store. But please listen in here as the 3 of us louts have a couple of pops and discuss the classic retail comedy, High Fidelity!

I’ve been sorting through what’s left of the stock (still a few thousand titles it seems) to get ready to put them up for sale on the website. I’m just currently retooling the site to make it more user friendly. Please stay tuned. Meanwhile here’s just a dabbling of some new things you can order!

That’s it for this week, folks. I hope that everyone is OK out there. Be safe, be cool, maybe just be….

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The Black Dog Video Newsletter: A Look Back, A Step Forward Edition!

As the sun sets and we lock up the gate for the last time, I thought it might be cool to look back where all this started. And why. And how…

The year was 1995, Batman Forever wormed its way into top spot in the theatres, “I’d Lie for You (And That’s the Truth)” by Meatloaf topped the musical charts and this fresh-faced, 30-year-old kid with a full head of hair just got off the boat from Ontario.
Read more….

We have a few things washing up on our shores for sale if you might be interested in! I can get more if these sell out as well. Go to the website to order!

The Beatles: Get Back – Spend 7 hours with your mom’s favourite band in this great documentary directed by Peter Jackson! DVD and Blu Ray.

Out of the Blue – Classic made-in-Vancouver punk film directed by Dennis Hopper gets a remastered treatment and is available and DVD, Blu Ray and 4K!

We will also have more of the classic Black Dog mugs back in stock soon.

I will be revamping and updating the website on what’s coming up to order and all that jazz. Please check in whenever you can.

It’s been a slice, folks. Hope to see you around the hood or online!

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Aaaannndd, we’re done….


So that’s all folks. Store is closed for good. We will be living online via the website and the socials as we boldly step into the future. Stayed tuned and check in here for updates on what will be happening. I’m going to do up a eulogy of sorts later this week (when I get some energy). Until then, a big heart-felt thank-you to everyone who came through our doors looking for the best films the world had to offer. We love you all!

The Black Dog Newsletter: Last Days on Planet Earth Edition!

Well, this is it folks, it’s the last week (4 days now) that your favourite video store (us) will be open. That’s strange and awful to write. Sigh. This Saturday (25th) will the last day of operations in Black Dog’s long and storied history. I’ll write up a nice eulogy next week once the dust settles and the corpse is resting comfortably in the ground.

Until then, I hope to see some friendly faces in the shop. Pop by, say hi, make me feel sad and maybe pick up a movie or ten. Everything is on sale (some guy asked, “including you”? I replied, “You couldn’t afford me” Hah!) with prices starting at $2. Two dollars! You can get 3 – $10 films for $10! Woah. And for those hoping to nab some higher priced items – 50% off all DVDs and Blu Rays priced $20 or over! You’re saving money buying these!

We’re open noon until eight this week but only noon until 5pm on Saturday. Please plan accordingly.

I will continue to do the newsletter as we transition to an online presence in your lives so there’s that. Hope y’all stay tuned.

Everyone be good to everyone out there.

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The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Price Ch-Changes Part II Edition!


As we draw nearer the end of days for ye Olde Black Dog Video, there are thousands of films we still need to unload. Tons of amazing titles are up for grabs. I’m constantly amazed how many great films are still left when folks bring them up to the desk to buy.

With that in mind, we’re adjusting our pricing structure once again:

All $10 catalogue DVDs and Blu Rays (so many left!) can be scooped up at the insanely insane deal of 3 for $10! That’s right – buy one get, 2 FREE! Call us crazy!

Any $15 – $25 title – take off $5. Anything over $25 – take off $10!

You’re saving money buying these!

Tomorrow is to be the last day to rent New Releases and on the 16th they will be available for sale. Here’s the pickle – I still have some titles on the way (late of course) and these will not be available to buy right away. I’d like to get some rental action on these first.

Arriving this week:

Benedetta – Black Dog favourite Paul Verhoeven is back with his entry into Black Dog favourite section, Nunspoitation! Yes please.

Everything Everywhere All at Once – Michelle Yeoh stars in this spectacular, fun romp around various universes as she tries to save ours.

Morbius – Everyone’s favourite actor to dunk on, Jared Leto, sullies up the screen with this Marvel entry. Makes Venom look like a Criterion release.

Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent – The ultimate Nic Cage movie! Nic Cage plays Nic Cage (can’t think of a better actor to play Nic Cage) in this post-modern (is that still a thing?) action comedy.

We’re hoping to squeeze in a couple of more podcasts recorded in the shop before we close. Stay tuned.

We also have some shelving units we need to unload. Gimme a shout if you’re interested.

There’s probably more things to tell you about but I can’t remember what they might be. Sad, hectic times at the shop lately.

Hope to see all your lovely faces soon!

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The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Price Ch-changes Edition!

With just under 3 weeks to go before we shutter the shop and are relegated to the dust bin of history, we thought we’d change up some pricing structures to help move the thousands of DVDs and Blu Rays we still have left.

Starting Tuesday June 7th at noon o’clock, prices are as follows;

All DVDs and Blu Rays priced between $10 and $30 – take $5 off that price (that’s up to 50% savings!). Over $30 – take $10 off! Come on folks, pop in, and buy a little something something for yourself or someone you may or may not care about.

Also! The collectibles are (mostly) on sale as of Monday the 6th. There’s still a few more to go that’ll be ready in the next day or so. Laser Disks and Soundtracks are also up for grabs.

We’ve got the famed Black Dog mugs back in stock as well as lots of our cool T-Shirts.

And don’t forget to check in on the website to see what’s happening or buy some sweet things!

That’s it for this week folks, everyone be good to everyone out there.

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The Black Dog Newsletter: Dates to Remember Edition!

As we inch towards the end of days here at the shop, here’s some important (to some) dates to jot down on your forearm or wherever one keeps important dates…

June 1st: All TV series are now up for sale! We are missing some of the boxes for some of the seasons of some of the shows. But if we have the actual disks you can take them for half price.

June 10th: Last day to rent catalogue titles. We need to get them back before closing.

June 15th: Last day to rent new releases. We need to get them back before closing.

June 18th: New releases titles are up for sale.

June 25th: The very last day that any Black Dog Video will ever be open.

July 1st: Exhale.

I guess this all makes it kinda final, doesn’t it?


But Black Dog Video will still live on in the form of our online shop! Kind of like a ghost! You can still order movies, shirts, mugs, whatever swag we have.

Remember Video Cat on Cambie (the old Black Dog Video – ignore the awning) is still open and they could use your support. I’ll probably see you in the aisles there getting some choice films.

Everyone be good to everyone out there.

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The Black Dog Video Newsletter: End of Days Edition!

We’re approaching the finality of the BIG SALE. I still can’t believe that this is happening. Part of me is incredibly sad but part of me also cannot wait for it to be over. It’s been an incredibly stressful and emotional few weeks. But I won’t burden you with my problems.

Strap on your buying pants, here’s what you need to know for this Sunday (May 22nd)

Doors open at noon and close at 6pm (that’s about all we can take). We will be open regular hours (12-8pm) for the duration of us in business – sometime near the end of June. The sale will continue until then. As will rentals (New Releases and whatever we have left).

All catalogue films will be on sale. No New Releases. No TV series. No Collectibles. These will be made available for purchase later.

Masks are encouraged to keep everyone safe(ish).

Because it’s a small shop we’re only letting in a certain number of folks at a time (probably around 15-20). Please keep your shopping short and sweet. Bring a list. Also be prepared to not get everything on that list.

Please bring your own bags.

You pay cash (preferred) we’ll pay the tax.

There will not be any deals so please don’t ask

If you’re renting on Sunday,  come later in the day (maybe it’s not the best day to rent)

Please be patient and kind as it’s going to be a trying time for us all. You may not get everything that you want. You can scream into the void after you leave the shop.

New Things creeping onto the shelves this week:


Keep an Eye Out – Latest weirdness from weirdo Quentin Dupieux (Rubber, Wrong) finds a guy at a police station where everyone is crazy. Pretty fun, weird (did I mention weird?) French little number. Blu Ray only.

Studio 666 – The Foo Fighters movie into a haunted mansion in Encino to record an album. All hell breaks loose. Literally and figuratively and literally.


Oh, and lost in all this mayhem – we managed to record a new podcast episode! Listen as us louts and a special guest star sit down, have a few pops, and talk about our feelings. Our feelings, that is, about the classic 80’s thriller The Stepfather!

One last thing – our resident comedian, Dylan Rhymer, just dropped a new comedy album. You should buy it! He’s a funny fella!

That’s it for this week, folks. Stay healthy, be nice and keep watching. For now.

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