The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Creepy Dolls and Flying Balls Edition!


I love this time of year. Fall. Halloween. It’s not summer anymore. With that said I have a few items on the agenda to discuss.

We have a new Halloween themed podcast episode that was just released! We kick off our Halloween season by drinking and chewing the fat over Don Coscarelli’s bizarro horror classic Phantasm…and drinking. Digressions include Zombo Strongoni, the correct way to ride a bike and how many Baldwins is too many Baldwins? I think it’s one of our best episodes! Listen in here!

Also! I’m in the market (free market that is) for any creepy (or non-creepy) dolls for our Halloween display. If you have any of these things that have been haunting your hallways and dreams and want to expel them from your home, drop me a line.

And one last thing! Since it’s Halloween month, and I know that you all love scary movies, here’s a list we complied a few years ago (been recently updated) of our favourite horror films! Just in case you need a recommend (since we can’t do that in the shop anymore).

Enjoy the day, my lovelies, I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with another episode!

The Black Dog Newsletter: Be a Local Hero Edition!

This week on the Black Dog Video After Dark Podcast…Dylan returns from Scotland alive to join Darren & Alex for a drink and to discuss Bill Forsyth’s odd and magical charmer Local Hero. Digressions include make-out movies, tree witches and Wormwoods Dog and Monkey House which Alex swears is a real place. Pour yourself a scotch and listen in with your ears and enjoy!

And I wanted to toss out a big thank you to all you lovely folks who turned out for my big yard sale movie sale a couple of Sundays ago. Nice to see some familiar and warm faces and sell off some great films. I still have lots more and will be posting them a few times a week on the Instagram and Facebook Black Dog sites.

I’ve got a little gig working for The Vancouver International Film Festival. Drop by International Village, aka Tinseltown, and say hi if I’m around (and catch some cool films)!

I hope that everyone is doing ok out there and enjoy Halloween month!



The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Yard Sale Movie Sale Event Edition!

Alright, fresh off a date with the plague, we’re ready to open the movie floodgates this Sunday! Come on over to the East Side and scoop up some terrific films! I recently acquired a pretty good collection and it all will be available for your eager movie collecting hands! Lots of…

– Box sets

– Criterion Collection

– British fare

– War films and docs

– Claire Danes movies

– PAL (Region 2)

– Other things

Prices start at $1! Some deals include:

$2 DVDs or 3 for $5!

$5 DVDs or buy 4 and get a 5th for FREE

$3 Blu Rays or 2 for $5

Great prices (well below market value) on everything! I will also have the last of the famed Black Dog T-Shirts for sale – $15 each as well as the mugs – $15 each and the Studio Ghibli Socks! – $5 a pair.


This Sunday (17th) from Noon until 4pm.

The Southeast corner of Victoria and Kitchener (you’ll see us set up outside).


Bring your own bags/boxes/wheelbarrow please.


Also! Another quality podcast has hit the airwaves and wants to be in your ears! Darren and Josie are joined by Vanessa on her first Black Dog Podcast to drink and discuss the totally insane 1991 martial arts splatter-fest Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky…and drink. It’s the movie so nice they named it twice! Darren tells a wild story about throwing a dummy off a rooftop that almost got him tossed in the hoosegow!

Listen in here.

One last thing – This Saturday I am part of a brewery hockey tournament that is also a fundraiser for Britannia After School Hockey. It’s a great program that gives kids who normally could not a chance to play hockey, get equipment and be provided with coaching and life mentoring. If you can make it to the event there will be beer from 20+ BC breweries and some on ice action with 4 regional brewery teams. You can get a ticket here Tickets are $25 and include a can of beer.

If you can’t make it but want to help support the program just buy a ticket and don’t show up:)

Enjoy the lovely end of summer weather and talk to you soon.



The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Plague Edition!

So, it appears that I have the plague! Or at least that’s what the little stick tells me. With that in mind, I’m going to have to postpone the big MOVIE YARD SALE EVENT SALE scheduled for this Saturday. I’m looking at Sunday the 17th for the new date.

Sorry to disappoint you all. Or some of you anyways.

I’ll send out another missive next week detailing all the plans.

Take care of yourselves. It ain’t over yet.

The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Big News for Movie Collectors Edtion!

We’ve got some big (hopefully) news for all you movie collectors and lovers (movie lovers that is)! I just acquired a sizable (over 1000) DVD collection and am planning a nutty event sale! Lots of great things – box sets, out of print titles, British fare, war docs and films, a smattering of Criterion titles and lots more – will be up for grabs on Saturday September 9th! As I don’t have a shop anymore, I’m trying something new and weird – YARD SALE! Yes, you read that right! I’m going to set up tables (I’ll need to borrow some) with as many DVDs on them as I can fit out front near my house on the corner of Victoria and Kitchener St in East Van. Looking at a noon start. CASH ONLY! There will be more details to come as I sort through all these boxes. I’m going to keep the prices insanely low – starting at $1 and going up from there. I’ll also have all remaining Black Dog shirts, mugs and Ghibli socks up for grabs! Bring your own bags/boxes/mini vans. It’s a grand experiment that I hope works out for everyone!

Also! We just released a fine new episode of the Black Dog Video After Dark podcast! Listen in as Darren and Dylan are joined by special guest comedian Harris Anderson to drink and discuss the 1987 cyber-violent satire Robocop… and drink. Darren tries desperately to pronounce the name Paul Verhoeven (VARE-HO-VEN) and fails every time (plus lots of other hilarity!). I had a lot of fun doing this one and I hope you enjoy it!

“Serve the public trust, protect the innocent, uphold the law, listen to the podcast” – Robocop.

Thanks all for now. Stay tuned and keep watching the skies!

The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Lists and Listens Edition!

Hey everybody, welcome to another edition of the Black Dog Video Newsletter! Is it weird that, even though the shop no longer exists, that I still call the newsletter by this moniker? I could change it I suppose – Darren’s Message of Hope and Despair – that has a nice ring to it! Hmmm….

Moving on…

We’ve got a fresh new podcast for you to enjoy, Josie and I are joined by old timey employee (and Pee Wee Herman aficionado) Amanda to talk about the late great Paul Reubens (aka Pee Wee Herman) and his classic comedy masterpiece Pee Wee’s Big Adventure! Check it out here! Please enjoy responsibly.

Also, a while back I was asked to contribute my top 25 films of the 1980s decade to a project a friend was compiling. It was difficult narrowing it down to just 25 so I took it upon myself to make a top 100 films of the 80s list. You can check it out here. Tell me what you liked or what’s missing (I already know what some of you might say). Please enjoy responsibly.

I hope that the summer is treating everyone fabulously! I’m enjoying it (for the most part) as I’m still looking for a good job! At least the weather’s nice.

Take care and talk soon.

The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Drink More Milk Edition!

Good afternoon, my lovelies! Just popping into your computers to let you know that we have a fabulous new edition of the Black Dog Video After Dark podcast for you! Clean out your earholes and get this in those earholes to replace what you just cleaned out! Ya!

On this edition Dylan, Josie and myself (Darren) relax with a few glasses of perfectly harmless and untainted milk to discuss 1982’s cult classic Night Warning aka Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker (Just don’t ask us what either title means)! Digressions include crazy band names, how to sleep in on the floor of a video store and Dylan invents a new word.

Oh, and check out the Black Dog Video instagram and facebook pages for deals on films we have for sale and just some general fun hoo-haw!

The Black Dog Video Newsletter: The Heat is On Edition!

Hot enough for ya? Now before you slap those words out of my mouth, let me tell you about this!

In the heat of the summer Darren, Josie and Alex drink and discuss Michael Mann’s 1995 cops and robbers masterpiece Heat… and drink. How old is too old to become a father AGAIN? We’re looking at you DeNiro and Pacino.

Listen in here!

Check out Black Dog Video for swag, knick-knacks, DVDs and offers.:

Drop us a message for future movie suggestions and win some cool stuff!

Dylan’s GoFundMe campaign for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival: DONATE!

Also! I’ll be posting some more films for sale on the instagrams and facebonks this week. Cheap I tells ya! Pop in every now and then!

Hope that everyone is staying cool and hydrated out there!



The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Nice to See You Edition!

Had a very nice time at the big yard sale this past Saturday. It was great to see so many familiar faces from the days of yore (last year etc). Sold off a lot of films and T-shirts and mugs and socks. I still have a few left and these will be the last of them. Forever. Promise. Hit me up at if yer interested.

With summer finally here, we thought it would be appropriate to release out latest podcast! Join Dylan, Alex and Darren drink and discuss Cape Fear (Can you hear the theme music in your head?) in all its incarnations… and drink. Digressions include Darren’s obsession with salted peanuts, Alex’s habit of breaking up fights and what it’s like to get shot in the dick. And, of course, Sideshow Bob vs Max Cady. Listen in here.

That’s about it for this session. I hope everyone is doing well out there (I’m still trying to find a good job!) and are ready to enjoy this summer (please no smoke, heat, snakes)!

The Black Dog Newsletter: Yard Sale Edition!

You read that right! It’s yard sale time! This Saturday (17th) we’re participating in the big-ass Great Grandview Garage Sale. Pop on by – the S/E corner of Victoria and Kitchener – to snarf up DVDs and Blu Rays (I have lots, and by that, I mean lots) for cheap – starting at $1!


foreign language films


regular movies

TV series

and more!

I’ll also have some Black Dog T-shirts – $10 off regular price, Black Dog Mugs – $8 off regular price and Ghibli socks – 50% off! We’ll also have up for grabs the regular yard sale fare – records, clothes, Lego, a BBQ, my old cash drawer, a lawnmower and other assorted knick-knacks and brick-a-brack. 10 am until 2pm. Please no early birds. You will be mocked incessantly if you show up early. Hope to see y’all there.

Anatomy of a Black Dog Shirt


1 small

Plenty of Medium and Large

Dogtropolis Shirt


Lots of M and L

A few XL and 2XL

Hopefully the rain will hold off. We’ll be there regardless. Or is it irregardless? Is that even a word? See you Saturday.