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The Black Dog Newsletter: Yard Sale Edition!

You read that right! It’s yard sale time! This Saturday (17th) we’re participating in the big-ass Great Grandview Garage Sale. Pop on by – the S/E corner of Victoria and Kitchener – to snarf up DVDs and Blu Rays (I have lots, and by that, I mean lots) for cheap – starting at $1!


foreign language films


regular movies

TV series

and more!

I’ll also have some Black Dog T-shirts – $10 off regular price, Black Dog Mugs – $8 off regular price and Ghibli socks – 50% off! We’ll also have up for grabs the regular yard sale fare – records, clothes, Lego, a BBQ, my old cash drawer, a lawnmower and other assorted knick-knacks and brick-a-brack. 10 am until 2pm. Please no early birds. You will be mocked incessantly if you show up early. Hope to see y’all there.

Anatomy of a Black Dog Shirt


1 small

Plenty of Medium and Large

Dogtropolis Shirt


Lots of M and L

A few XL and 2XL

Hopefully the rain will hold off. We’ll be there regardless. Or is it irregardless? Is that even a word? See you Saturday.


The Black Dog Newsletter: Looking for a Quick Change Edition?!

Hello, my lovelies! Just dropping a quick note to tell you about our latest podcast episode!

The Black Dog gang drink and plot the perfect heist while discussing the underrated 1990 Bill Murray crime comedy Quick Change…and drink. Alex recounts the time he met Randy Quaid and Charlie Sheen at the heights of their public insanity among other interesting and hilarious moments. Tune in here!

Also, as mentioned in last week’s post, I will be participating in the neighbourhood yard sale next Saturday, June the 17th. 10am-2pm. I have lots of films (among other things – records, clothing, books, a BBQ, lawnmower) that I will be putting up for sale. Cheap! Like real cheap! If it’s raining, I will more than likely bail, so I’ll send out another reminder next week to see where we’re at.

And one last thing – our good buddy Dylan is off to Scotland this summer to participate in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He’s trying to raise a bit of dough to help him live while he’s there. He set up an IndieGoGo dealie. Please chip in if that is what you’d like to do!

That’s all. Nice talking to you. See you on your computer next week!

The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Army of Kindness Edition!

Hey! So it seems I forgot to send out a newsletter last week telling you about our Army of Darkness podcast! Well, let me tell you…
Hail to the King, baby! The Black Dog Video Podcast is joined by Vancouver musician and hair-cutting master Jeff (Steele) of Those Things/Jefferson’s Barbershop fame to drink and discuss Sam Raimi’s medieval mayhem that is Army Of Darkness…and drink. Digressions include remembering Casey Siemasko, the Wizard of Oz and hair. Lots of hair. Tune in, drop out, get involved!

Huge news! Black Dog’s own Dylan Rhymer has been accepted to the world famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival with his new comedy show!

Time. Money. Insanity. Brains in jars. Flying saucers. Breakfast cereal. There’s a little bit of everything. THE DARK SIDE OF THE ROOM is my full length stand up comedy show to be premiered in Edinburgh Scotland this summer. It is the culmination of over 20 years’ experience as a working comedian right here in my home of East Vancouver.

However, self-producing a comedy show for 21 nights is a daunting task and I could use a little help from my friends. The Edinburgh Fringe is a major undertaking that requires resources. By donating to this campaign you’ll be helping a working artist (me) stay afloat and focus on the most important thing: the show. Your contribution will help cover the basic costs, accommodation, food and travel. I am now halfway through my campaign with only a few weeks left to fund raise. Help me get across the finish line!

Please have a look at my Indiegogo campaign for more information!

Also wanted to let any of you movie collectors out there that I will be participating in the upcoming Great Grandview Garage Sale (June 17th I believe)! I’ll have piles of DVDs and Blu Rays up for grabs for cheap (think starting at $1 cheap!). More details in the next newsletter!

I hope y’all are being good to each other out there! Take care and talk at ya soon.

5 Things I’ve watched recently!

If it’s too hot out there for you, I suggest you check out my latest “5 things I’ve watched recently”! It’ll cool your boots, man.
Halloween Ends – Despite the ludicrous story and dumb ending, I mostly enjoyed this last installment of the beloved franchise. Could have used some more gory kills, but it was better than expected.
The Babysitter – Another “Home Alone” horror comedy where the kid takes out a bunch of devil-worshiping murderers. Hummed along a fine pace, had a couple of good jokes and deaths but there’s really nothing here.
Pretty Baby – Ai Carumaba! I can’t imagine this being made today. Lolitaesque to the max. Quite uncomfortable and disturbing. I can see how controversial this was and is and was. Happy I finally saw it. Don’t ever need to see it again. Men are so creepy.
The Slumber Party Massacre (1982) – Never saw this back in the day – slashers weren’t really my thing – but this one was a nice pleasant surprise! A bit shoddy, the least scary bad guy but some fun kills, ample gratuitous nudity and some great lines:
“What don’t you like Valerie?”
“I dunno. She drinks too much milk”
“It’s not the size of the mouth, it’s what’s in it”
And I really want a Space Baby t-shirt! Bonus points for only being 76 minutes.
Slumber Party Massacre (2021) – Not bad, sometimes fun, remake of the 1982 “classic”. I watched this immediately after viewing the original and enjoyed it enough. It was a cheeky take on the 1982 film with the gratuitous nudity – but dudes instead of the ladies this time around. The shower scene was pretty funny and the movie made me want a Space Baby t-shirt even more!
John Wick 4 – What can you say about one of the best action films since The Raid? So many great set pieces, so many times to suspend your disbelief. Canoe blows his way through 3 hours of carnage and nonsense. Good times.
The Wolf of Wall Street – I can’t think of another film, another film as excellent as this one, that has one of the most unlikable protagonists (made even more unlikable as this story is based on a real slimy dirtbag guy) ever. It’s Goodfellas-esque in it’s approach and it’s a bit long but it is great cinema. The ludes-car-phone scene is one of Scorsese’s best. Top 5 of his films for me for sure.

The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Momma Mia Edition!

With the impending Mother’s Day celebration looming over all of our heads this Sunday, we thought it would be appropriate to enlist John Waters’ Serial Mom to help extol the virtues of mothers everywhere! Listen in to our latest podcast (Black Dog Video After Dark) as Dylan, Josie and I dig deep into this classic suburban satire! Join as we have a drink or two and chat, not only, about the film but also the cult of Don Knotts, nostalgia for video stores and the pros and cons of bludgeoning someone with a leg of lamb. Happy Mother’s Day!

Check out Black Dog Video for swag, knick-knacks, DVDs and offers.

Drop us a ">message for future movie suggestions and win some cool stuff!

Like and subscribe please!

Also! I found a bag of those Ghibli socks we used to hock. They’re pretty cool and as a springtime bonus, I’m knocking 20% off the original price! You can nab a pair for only $7.99! Order through the website or email me at .

Also check out the website (under blog) for lots of great $5 and up films for sale!

I hope that everyone is doing just fine out there. Gonna be a hot one this weekend so lather up with that sunscreen! And wear a big fancy hat.

The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Sexy Robot Edition!

I’m sure that you’re wondering about the title of this edition of the newsletter. We just released a new episode of the Black Dog Video After Dark Podcast where we punch our way through Rocky IV. Still perplexed? I bet. Seems that, for some reason, there’s a robot in this film and one of the characters seems to be a little sweet on it. Maybe too sweet. Listen in for more details (and lots of other nice things).

I’ve been getting down to the last of the leftover films I still have for sale. Check out what’s happening here! I’ve got some great titles still to come – I just have to make covers for them. Stay tuned!


I still have some swag – T-Shirts and Mugs – kicking around my house. Grab some before they’re all gone (and help me get them out of my place)!

I hope that everyone is doing OK out there. At least the weather is making a turn for the better. Funny, back in the day, I hated this time of year as it was quite hard on the shops what with everyone wanting to be outside and what-not. Don’t have to worry about that any longer. Enjoy!

Talk at you in a couple of weeks!

5 Things I’ve Watched Recently!

Buckle in! It’s time for 5 things I’ve recently watched!


She Said – Excellent dramatization of the events leading up to the fall of that monster Harvey Weinstein (and the start of the #Metoo movement). Such a gross POS. Well-paced, real names used throughout, great acting across the board. I love these types of films – All the President’s Men being the gold standard, of course.

The Frighteners – Always wanted this to be better. And it never is! Lots of great stuff to be found here but it’s a little too silly for my tastes and the effects don’t hold up all that well. Wanted more Combs!

Rocky IV – Pretty dumb sequel (one of many) has The Stallion fighting a big scary meaty Russian. Includes 3-4 montages and a horny robot. Podcast coming soon!

Psycho III – Oh, Norman! Fun, if not dated, continuation of the story. Kudos to Anthony Perkins for keeping this character alive. And he even directed it!

Dinner at Eight – Pretty great, fun, sad at times, intense and even a bit shocking for the time, film about various folks gearing up for a dinner party. Much recommended!

A Bigger Splash – One wacky vacation! I think that maybe White Lotus watched this. Weird, beautiful, thrilling, funny!
Now wrestle naked Ralph Fiennes in the pool again! Take 6!

Operation Fortune – Pretty fun, if not generic, Guy Ritchie number – so generic in fact that I had to look up the name of the film for this review! Has all the trademarks – good action, quippy one-liners, Statham, Grant. Aubrey Plaza steals the show from everyone! A good enough time-waster for a Monday night.

$5 DVDs and Blu Rays for sale!

I have hundreds of $5 films for sale! Too many to list on the previously-viewed page so I thought I’d share photos of them! First come first serve! Send me an email at and tell me which ones you’d like! (More to come!)

$5 each! Buy 4 get a 5th for FREE!


Here’s a bunch of various priced higher ticket items. All are priced well below market prices.


Bottle Shock is new and Star wars is widescreen.

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The All-Time Scariest Scenes in the Movies!

So I was chatting with friends the other day about the most frightening scenes in the moves. Fun conversation. So I thought I’d share a list of what I think are the all-time scariest scenes. Agree? Disagree? There’s lots of great horror films out there but I only included 10. Your favourites?

1) Jaws

The opening segment with the camera going through the water with the great John Williams music ending with that poor swimmer being dragged under and eaten. Still raises the hair, not only on the back of my neck, but my entire body!

2) The Haunting (1963)

First night in the magnificently creepy house. Nothing seen. Some ghostly force pounding on the walls and the doors with the two women terrified on the bed. Such great use of sound and camera angles. Classic.

3) The Exorcist 

The camera gliding up the stairs to the closed door knowing that there’s something horrifying on the other side. Then the door opens, and the doctors see Regan flying around on the bed. Then she assaults them. Also, the opening in Iraq could have made it into this spot as well as Karras’ dream with the flash of the ghoul. Terrifying.

4) Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The metal door in the grim house is flung open, Leatherface pummels a hapless teenager with the hammer, drags them into the room and slams the door. So intense.

5) The Descent 

Sure you can look at the monsters and the carnage that ensues, but for me the first half of the film is the most terrifying when the women descend into the caves and especially the part where they must go underwater not knowing what’s on the other side. No thanks.

6) It Follows

Could have picked any number of scenes but the one that boiled my potatoes takes place in the house with the big freaky guy on the other side of the door. If you’ve seen it, you know what I’m talking about.

7) Rec (original)

The ending when the reporter finally makes it to the top floor only to find what lives up there. Done in night-vision and close-ups. Jiminy!

8) The Ring (original)

Of course, it’s when she climbs out of the TV. Took my breath away. Still haven’t got it back.

9) Mulholland Drive

Dude re-telling his nightmare in the diner and then they go out back…

10) Exorcist III 

The nurse in the hallway. One long uninterrupted shot, building tension and then…brilliant.

There’s plenty of others – the lawnmower scene in Sinister or the ball bouncing down the steps in The Changeling – pops into my mind – but these ones have always haunted me.

$5 DVDs and Blu Rays for sale!

I have hundreds of $5 films for sale! Too many to list on the previously-viewed page so I thought I’d share photos of them! First come first serve! Send me an email at and tell me which ones you’d like! (More to come!)

$5 each! Buy 4 get a 5th for FREE!




These ones are prices as marked (good deal!)