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Sold out of T-Shirts

So we’re completely sold out of T-Shirts and also sold out of our “classic” Black Dog Video mugs.

We’ll be doing up more of both in the coming weeks to sell online. So don’t freak out!

Thanks for buying all of our stuff!

New Releases now on Sale!

All New Releases are now available for purchase except for the four pictured here as they are late arriving on our shores (they will be available early next week!).

We’ve also extended the rental period for NR until tomorrow so you can scoop up what’s left for the weekend!


The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Price Ch-Changes Part II Edition!


As we draw nearer the end of days for ye Olde Black Dog Video, there are thousands of films we still need to unload. Tons of amazing titles are up for grabs. I’m constantly amazed how many great films are still left when folks bring them up to the desk to buy.

With that in mind, we’re adjusting our pricing structure once again:

All $10 catalogue DVDs and Blu Rays (so many left!) can be scooped up at the insanely insane deal of 3 for $10! That’s right – buy one get, 2 FREE! Call us crazy!

Any $15 – $25 title – take off $5. Anything over $25 – take off $10!

You’re saving money buying these!

Tomorrow is to be the last day to rent New Releases and on the 16th they will be available for sale. Here’s the pickle – I still have some titles on the way (late of course) and these will not be available to buy right away. I’d like to get some rental action on these first.

Arriving this week:

Benedetta – Black Dog favourite Paul Verhoeven is back with his entry into Black Dog favourite section, Nunspoitation! Yes please.

Everything Everywhere All at Once – Michelle Yeoh stars in this spectacular, fun romp around various universes as she tries to save ours.

Morbius – Everyone’s favourite actor to dunk on, Jared Leto, sullies up the screen with this Marvel entry. Makes Venom look like a Criterion release.

Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent – The ultimate Nic Cage movie! Nic Cage plays Nic Cage (can’t think of a better actor to play Nic Cage) in this post-modern (is that still a thing?) action comedy.

We’re hoping to squeeze in a couple of more podcasts recorded in the shop before we close. Stay tuned.

We also have some shelving units we need to unload. Gimme a shout if you’re interested.

There’s probably more things to tell you about but I can’t remember what they might be. Sad, hectic times at the shop lately.

Hope to see all your lovely faces soon!

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Almost the Last Day to Rent!

Tomorrow (June 10th) is the last day for catalogue rentals at your favourite neighborhood Black Dog Video!

Come on in today and buy Buy BUY! Take $5 all $10-$30 SALE DVDS and BLU RAYS! Take $10 off any titles over $30. Thousands still available! Stock up, winter is coming.

May Madness This Sunday the 22nd.

Less than a week until the end of days (May 22nd) AKA the Crazy-Ass sale at Black Dog Video. Very sad to see our wonderful collection go but happy knowing they are going to good homes.

Here’s what you need to know…

– All catalogue films will be on sale. No New Releases. No TV series (I will not get to price them in time). No Collectibles. The other items will be made available in the coming weeks. The sale will run until we close at the end of June.

– Doors open at noon and close at 6pm (that’s about all we can take)

– You pay CASH (preferred) we’ll pay the tax

– Masks are encouraged to keep everyone safe(ish)

– Because it’s a small shop we’re only letting in a certain number of folks at a time (probably around 15). Please keep your shopping short and sweet. Make a list of things you’d like.

– Please bring your own bags.

– There will not be any deals so please don’t ask

– Please be patient and kind as it’s going to be a trying time for us all. You may not get everything that you want. You can scream into the void after you leave the shop.

It’s going to be a sad/crazy day.

UPDATE for MAY 1st!


The sale originally scheduled for May 1st has been moved to MAY 22nd! Don’t show up at Black Dog Video expecting to buy our stock today. Not going to happen. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Closed Saturday February 12th!


Just a friendly reminder – @BlackDogVideo will be closed (not open) tomorrow (Saturday the 12th) for a film shoot. We’re open today from noon until 8pm so come on by to stock up for the weekend! Rent today, return on Monday!

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