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Why Video Store Day?

Stage 3: What the What!

So with the guidelines for the next phase of getting back to “normal” kicking in July 1st, Black Dog Video suggests the following when in the shop…

Please wear a mask if you haven’t been fully vaccinated or even if you have (but it’s your choice if you have been fully vaccinated). This will obviously be on the honour system.
If you feel more comfortable with the staff wearing mask, please let us know and we will happily slap it on. We’ve all been fully vaccinated.
Please still be respectful of others in the shop and do not be belligerent towards anyone either wearing or not wearing a mask.

We’ll just have to see how all of this plays out.

Closing Early June 28th


So seeing as it’s going to be around 1000 degrees come 4pm and that’s when the sun hits the shop, we’ve decided to close at 4 today.

We’ll be ready to rock come tomorrow though!

Pre-Orders! Cool Things!

Hey if anyone out there is interested in picking up some swell new releases heading our way, let me know!

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The Black Dog Newsletter: May Days Edition!

So we’re in the process of transitioning to a new website – blackdogvideo.ca – so that’s where you can find this week’s newsletter! Plus videos, podcasts and other things! OTHER THINGS!


We’re open for pre-orders for a pile of things that are upcoming! Hit us up if you want/need anything. We’ll give you a nice price and you don’t have to bother with the ugly monster aka Scamazon. Keep the money in your hood!


The Black Dog Video Newsletter: The Horror, The Horror Edition!


The Black Dog Video Newsletter: The Horror, The Horror Edition!

Now that Trump has finally been imprisoned in space and the 4 year-long nightmare is over, along comes something even scarier! Here’s a list of the 20 best horror films (I love horror if you didn’t already know) that I saw in 2020! Read here if you dare.

New Releases!


12 Hour Shift – Comedy-horror-thriller-chiller about a drugged out nurse and her cousin trying to find a replacement kidney for an organ trafficker. Bloody hi-jinks, I presume, ensue.


Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets – Well received (many best of year lists) doc about the last dying days of a run-down bar in Vegas. Blu Ray only.


Come Away – Kind of a modern day Alice in Wonderland type of affair.


Come Play – Larry the monster comes out of your smart devices. Kind of a sequel to Come Away I assume.


Crash – David Cronenberg’s fun film about sex and car crashes gets the Criterion treatment!


Dogs Don’t Wear Pants – A fellas wife dies, so naturally he gets REALLY into the S and M scene – with various degrees of success. I liked this one!


Kid Detective – Comedy-drama-mystery about a former kid detective (whatever that is) who is now an adult and faced with his first adult case. Heard good things about this!


Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story – Amazing concert tour story from the seventies when Bob was at the height of his powers. Top notch Scorsese fun! Criterion DVD and Blu Ray.


True History of the Kelly Gang – New telling of the famous (only?) Australian gang in the old west.


Wander – Thriller with Aaron Eckhart and the always-grizzled Tommy Lee Jones about a mentally unstable private dick.


Words on Bathroom Walls – Teen tragic-romance thing about a guy, recently diagnosed with some mental illness, who falls for an inspiring smart girl. Seems that this is a genre now.

Coming Soon!

Diamonds in the Night
Doom Patrol S2
John Henry
Let Him Go
Love, Weddings and Other Disasters
Village in the Woods
Wild Mountain Thyme

We just got a bunch of DVDS in for sale! Some very good ones as well as box sets. We also have a mint VHS player for sale! Drop in and treat yourself (and shop local!)

That’s it for this week, folks. Stay calm. Stay healthy. Keep watching.

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Want to Order some Sweet Things?

Hi everybody! I’m going to try to keep this page updated with DVDs and Blu Rays that are being released for you to purchase for your collection! Our prices will be very good and we can even ship them (for a price of course). If you see something you like and want a price, shoot me an email here .

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This is the End: So Long, Farewell and Goodbye….


Well here we are. The last train has pulled out of the station. The lights have been dimmed, the ham chilled. For the past 24 ½ years I’ve steered this video store from it’s humble beginnings (those wild-west days were so much fun: Parties. Friends. Good times.!) across the street on Cambie with its AstroTurf floors, bulky VHS tapes and dog biscuit rental tags (which did not last even a day as they were eaten by the first dog came into the shop!) to the current location in all it’s faded glory.

It seems like a life-time ago (and it has been to any 24 year-old!) since we started. I still remember getting resumes and notes of encouragement slipped under the door as we prepared to open. I knew then that I was onto something good. I’ve met many a great folk along the way, customers and staff alike (there were a couple of duds, but they were few and far between). Many are still good friends to this day. And that was always the best part (well, and all those amazing films) – the people. It really was something special. I couldn’t have done it without all the amazing kids who were with me in the trenches slinging videos over the years;  JR, Patrice, Amanda, Keir-la, Melinda, Danielle, John (R.I.P.), Dane, Aliza, Alex, The Don, Robin, Graham, Bill, Shoby, Gwynne, Jacqui, Bjorn, Patrick, other Amanda, James, William, Angie, Eric, Travis, Becky, Naomi, Kathryn, Vanessa, Ava, Dylan and, of course RJ. Phew! I hope that I haven’t forgotten anyone. Apologies if I have.

It was a wicked ride. So many great times, a few bummers (the great fire, Y2K, dirt bus line, streaming services, plague and, of course, John’s passing) but I have so many great memories (what I can remember anyways), that they far outweigh the bad. I’ve had the pleasure of serving thousands of folks who came in looking for a respite from the tyranny of Blockbuster and then from the lame streaming services. It is still rewarding to me to turn folks onto something great that they weren’t familiar with. And to find things that I didn’t know was out there. I’ve seen babies grow up to be fine young adults and folks get old and shuffle off into the night. But that’s how time works, right? I still find it weird, but cool, to see so many people as they get older but I imagine that they think the same of me. Gone is that bright-eyed 30 year-old with a full head of hair only to be replaced by a 55 year-old grey-bearded fellow with a 15 year-old son!

It’s been quite amazing really. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. Sure I may have done a few things differently but, like this broke-ass year, hindsight is 2020. Overall I think we did a pretty good job. We’re the last video shop in town and I like to think that what we do still counts for something.

RJ is taking over the reigns September 1st t to keep the video store dream alive. He’ll do a bang-up job and he’s pretty excited. Give him your love and support.

I just want to say thank-you to everyone who has come through the Black Dog’s doors over the past 24 years and grabbed something wonderful to take home (and then bring it back late). Your support and loyalty has meant a great deal to me. It’s sad, yet it’s a relief, to leave the old shop behind. I’ll still be behind the counter over at the Commercial Black Dog but drop into the Cambie shop and say hi this week as I’ll be working my last two official shifts Wednesday and Thursday 2-8pm.

Melinda summed it up nicely in a message to me – “I have seen a lot of (things): A marriage. A funeral. A knife. A giant cheese-ball. Fake blood. Real blood. Tears. Beers. Community. Friends. Freaks. Fires. Films. Lots of films. And dogs…”

Again, thank-you from the bottom of my cold dusty heart. You’ve made this old man feel pretty damn lucky.