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Gus, to his friend who is moving to Japan tomorrow: “Bye Sean! I’m never going to see you again!”

Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending October 31st

One week left until Halloween which means that there is plenty of time to get in and grab some choice horror flicks to get you in the right frame of mind for the best celebration of the year. I’ll have a list of some of my favorite horror films in this edition of the newsletter in case you can’t make up your mind.

Also this Thursday is the last Thursday of the month so that means that it’s free film Thursday! How does that work, you ask? Well, let me tell you; bring in a charitable donation to either the Cambie or the Commercial location and receive a free movie! Easy peasy. We’re going to go with a donation to the Vancouver Food Bank again this month as we didn’t get a lot of donations last time around. Although we did get a delicious can of expired clams. Mmmm good eatin’ there.

And a reminder that there’s some big Halloweeny type doings a transpiring on Cambie St. this coming Saturday. Bring the wee folk and come on by for some Halloween good times.

New Releases for Tuesday October 25th

Attack the Block – Great little indie effort from ole’ England about some street punks who have to deal with some hungry aliens (the outer space kind) that crash their hood. Nice crisp funny Englandy slang dialogue helps along the proceedings. In any other film you would hate these little bastards but you end up rooting for them anyways. Truth. Good job! Also on the Blu Ray.

Captain America – In a year full of lame to mediocre to outright garbage super hero comic book type films, comes along a pretty half decent one. In fact, after the X-Men movie, this is the best of the lot (I’m looking at you, Green Lantern, Thor, Green Hornet). Creepy looking little nice guy Steve Rogers (great name!) is too small to go off and fight the Nazis so he undergoes an experimental treatment that embiggens him – making him a creepy looking, buff, shiny nice guy Steve Rogers. The awesome Hugo Weaving is the main redheaded bad guy Steve Rogers has to bring down. This film is basically a set up to the Avengers film that comes out next year. Also on the Blu Ray.

City of Life and Death – Historical epic about the Japanese attack and siege of Nanking in 1937. Brutality ensues. Filmed in black AND white.

Eco Pirate: The Paul Watson Story – Locally made doc on the famous Greenpeace guy and activist Paul Watson. Word has it that’s it’s quite an excellent doc for all you tree hugging hippies out there..

Father of Invention – Kevin Spacey plays an infomercial guy and inventor who’s invention maims a lot of people. He goes to jail, gets out and tries to connect with his estranged family and get back to the top of the infomercial world. Seems to me that there is a lot of Kevin Spacey movies that end up being straight to DVD as of late. What ever happened to that guy? Is he the next Eric Roberts?

Leap Year – Graphic Mexican film about a lonely woman who drifts from one fling to another until she meets a dude who has some darker sexual appetites. Supposed to be very good and chock full of naughty bits.

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale – Twisted Xmas tale from Finland about some guys who unearth Santa Claus during an archeological dig. Then children start disappearing. Then Santa’s elves (I’m hoping that they’re the blood thirsty type of elves) arrive to help out their master. This sounds like it is destined to become a holiday classic! I was really looking forward to checking this out but it’s late (again!) and will hopefully be on the shelves sometime this week.

The Tree – Very sad sounding tale about a woman with four kids (her husband just died suddenly) trying to cope in Australia. One of the little girls insists that dad is alive and speaking to her through the enormous fig tree growing in the yard. Dad’s an Ent! Complications ensue when it looks as if the tree will have to felled.

Winnie the Pooh – Winning new animated tale of Pooh, Eyeore, Tiger, Piglet and others as the gang plan one last bank heist. Things, of course, go wrong and Owl is shot dead and then there’s a zombie outbreak and…

Old Stuff Just In…

Mimic – Director’s Cut on Blu ray
The Others – Blu Ray

Coming Next Week

Magic Trip
Californication Season 4
A Little Help
Cars 2
Crazy Stupid Love
A Better Life
Water for Elephants

Some delectable delights in the realm of horror for your Halloween viewing pleasure…

Trick or Treat – nifty little horror anthology. Good kid with a burlap sack on his head film.
Eden Lake – you’ll never go camping again, at least not in Australia
High Tension – good bloody French fun. May make you rethink your trip to France
Piranha – either the original or the remake (remake is great gory fun)
Ills – You’ll never go to your country home again, at least not in France
Dead Alive – the most gory fun ever! Great party movie
Inside – don’t watch this if you’re pregnant, know someone who’s pregnant or know what pregnant means (I love this film!)
The Haunting – the original is all sounds and atmosphere and very scary
Cemetery Man – great comedy horror about a dude working in a graveyard who has to keep killing the cliental
Pieces – college coeds and a chainsaw, need I say more?
Frontiers – another reason not to go to France, see High Tension
The Howling – the best werewolf film ever!
Invasion of the Body Snatchers – either the original or seventies remake are great
The Orphanage – great atmospheric thriller, one of the best small guy with a burlap sack on his head horror films
The Others – great haunted house chiller with a killer twist at the end
Wolf Creek – you’ll never go on a road trip in Australia again. In fact, never go to Australia
House on Haunted Hill – Vincent Price and a haunted house! Sweet.
The Devil’s Rejects – Rob Zombie’s masterpiece. For whatever that’s worth.
Let the Right One In – best vampire flick ever, remake’s not bad either

There’s a few numbers to mull over. We have plenty more scary flicks of course and staff that are more than happy to help you out with all your chills!

And some recommendations of recent fare that are not in the horror genre

The Robber – DVDs are in the mail for both stores!
Attack the Block
Captain America
The Last Circus
Batman: Year One
Bill Cunningham: New York
Red State
Tree of Life
Beautiful Boy
The Trip
Troll Hunter

That’s it for this week, kids. Have a swell week, be safe and remember, keep watching.

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Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending October 24th

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came out to the stores on Saturday to support us and the first (of hopefully many) International Independent Video Store Days. Lots of folks dropped by for a free film or cheap t-shirt and a few giveaways. Didn’t get any hugs though. It was a lovely weekend; great weather, big crowd down at the Occupy Vancouver rally and tons of people out and about. Love the fall.

There’s a Halloween thingy happening on October 29th in the Cambie hood. More details to follow in next week’s edition.

Oh ya and I forgot to mention what a great week it is for New Releases! In fact October and November are quite good for some quality films. Enjoy!

New Releases for Tuesday October 18th

Attack on Leningrad – WWII action number about the famed siege of Leningrad. Stars Mira Sorvino and Gabriel Byrne. I’m always a sucker for anything WWII so I hope that this is a good one.

Bad Teacher – Cameron Diaz (she seems to be getting weirder looking by the hour) stars as a really bad teacher who wants to make some extra scratch so she can get a boob job. Or something like that. Justin Timberlake is along for the hilarity. Also on the Blu Ray.

Batman: Year One – Calling all nerds! Word has it that this animated Batman is one great show!

Beats and Rhymes: Travels with a Tribe Called Quest – Doc on the famous and influential musical act. The kids like their hppin’ and a bippin’ and a hoppin’…

Brand New Day – Musical from the land down under (Australia) about teen rebellion, religious schooling, fishing and hanging out with your mates and best gal. Has Geoffrey Rush in it. So there.

Hesher – Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as Hesher (see title), a greasy, long haired dude who’s content to hang out, light fires and blow things up. He then moves into Dwight Schrute’s (Rainn Wilson) garage. Really looking forward to seeing this one I must say. Also has the lovely and talented Natalie Portman along for the proceedings.

Kevin Smith: Too Fat for 40 – The famed director and motor-mouth (I saw him a few months ago, man can that guy talk!) talks about everything he can think of in this kinda stand-up thing.

The Last Circus – This is the number one film on my list to see this week (didn’t get a chance yet, dang!). It’s from the great Spanish director Álex de la Iglesia (Accion Mutante, Perdita Durango) and it’s set at a circus during the brutal Spanish Civil War. Two clowns, the “Happy Clown” and, of course, the “Sad Clown” vie for the attention of a gorgeous acrobat. Doesn’t sound all that exciting but from what I’ve read and can tell, it’s an exercise in crazed brutally and utter insanity. Check out the bug nuts trailer – (was that a killer pig I saw?)

Monte Carlo – Kid’s or teen, I’m not too sure who this is aimed at, film about some girls who are off to Monte Carlo (I presume not for the gambling and debauchery although that may make a more interesting film) when one of them is mistaken for a British Heiress. Insert joke here.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – There has yet been a device invented that can measure my indifference to this and all of the other Pirates films. Also on Blu Ray.

Red State – Kevin Smith’s best film (not too sure if that’s saying much) is a thriller action piece about religious nutters who take some dudes, who were lured to their compound with the promise of sex and booze and what not, hostage. Chaos and bloody mayhem ensue. This is late from my distributer (once again as I have a really lame distributor) but should hopefully be on the shelves by tomorrow. Also on the Blu Ray.

The Robber – Excellent little true story dealy from Germany about a marathon runner who develops a taste for robbing banks. Sparse dialogue and great chase sequences, especially the last 40 minutes or so make this one to check out for sure. Also on the Blu ray. (Again, the DVD is late from my distributor – see above – at the Cambie store. I’m hoping to nab a copy or two asap)

Old Stuff Just In…

Pulp Fiction – Blu Ray
Jackie Brown – Blu Ray
Ill Met by Moonlight

Coming Next Week

Attack the Block
Rare Exports
Father of Invention
Faces in the Crowd
Winnie the Pooh Movie
Eco Pirate the Story of Paul Watson
Captain America: First Avenger

Recently Viewed and Recommended

The Robber
Tree of Life
Red State
Beautiful Boy
The Pig Farm
Troll Hunter
Red Chapel
Bill Cunningham: New York
The Trip

One from the interwebs!

Here’s an amusing little ditty…Titanic’s Final Facebook Posts…

Have a great week, folks, stay warm, eat well and remember, keep watching…

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Black Dog Video Newsletter for Week Ending October 17th

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all had a nice weekend with friends, family, or whoever or even by yourself (I do miss those days on occasion). I hope that you all had your fill of turkey or toefurkey or ham or toeham with all the fixin’s or whatever strikes your fancy. I think that I may have indulged a little to much last night. It’s been a long day.


Pretty good, if not diverse, week for releases. We have what many are considering to be the best film of the year and not one, but two the worst films of the year, one of which I contend might be one the worst films of all time.


There will not be any Unthank Cinema events for the next couple of weeks. The fine films return on Wednesday October 26th with a showing of Night of the Bloody Apes! Sounds wonderful!


New Releases for Tuesday October 11th


Beautiful Boy – Sad looking (as in probably a heavy tear-jerker type of thing) drama starring Michael Sheen and Maria Bello as parents of a teen who shot a bunch of people and then took his own life. Doesn’t get much more heavier than that I suppose.


Green Lantern – This atrocity may be one of the the worst films ever made. I’m saying that because it exemplifies everything that is wrong with Hollywood and the way they go about making films. Word has it that this debacle cost $300 million to make! Like how do you respond to that? Yes the money could have been better spent elsewhere in these troubling times but that’s not the point. Movies cost a lot to make, no question. But what I don’t understand is how something this expensive gets all the way through the Hollywood system without someone along the way saying, wait a minute, this is a piece of crap, what are we doing here?!  It’s all special effects – and not very impressive ones at that – and no time spent on anything like characters, dialogue, plot or pacing. It’s the kind of film where all of the aliens speak English although they’ve never even encountered humans before. The kind of film where they whisk away our “hero”, who is an idiotic man-boy douche bag, to another planet to train him – for all of about 2 minutes – and examine him while he floats naked except for a little loin cloth that covers his junk. If they’ve never encountered humans before, why do they think it’s necessary to cover up his man parts? The only way I can see to enjoy this is to get some friends together, have a few drinks and/or joints and go Mystery Science Theatre 3000 all over it’s ass. I could go on but if you are interested in more please check out this review – it’s pretty funny –

Releases this Friday on the DVD and the Blu Ray..


Horrible Bosses – Whew! I thought this was that documentary they filmed about me! Glad to hear that it’s a pretty funny comedy about some employees led by Jason Bateman (who seems to be in almost every film these days) who want to do in their, well, horrible bosses – Colin Farrell, Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Aniston. Good times I hear about this one. Also on the Blu Ray.


Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer – G – rated ditty based on the book. Kids will love it I imagine. And it has Heather Graham (Rollergirl) so dads may enjoy it as well.


Life in a Day – Amazing compilation of Youtube videos that were uploaded all across the planet (Earth) on July 24/2010. Word has it that it’s quite an amazing thing to watch. And no, I don’t believe that there’s any porn. Sorry.


The Pig Farm – Yes you guessed it, a documentary about Robert Pickton. Surprised it took this long to get this out.


Romantics Anonymous – Oh-so-French (there’s even a scene where four characters all look into a room together through a doorway) romantic comedy about love and desire in the world of chocolate. Sounds like this film has everything!


Snuff Box – Famed cult BBC sketch comedy thing ala Monty Python, Mighty Boosh and the IT Crowd. (at Cambie, late to Commercial)


Sweatshop – Horror film about a maniac with a giant hammer who bludgeons a bunch of horny teens at a rave. Sounds almost perfect. (at Cambie, late to Commercial)


Terri – Most excellent (from what I hear) comedy drama about a large misfit boy who wears pajamas to school. Wouldn’t it be nice to just wear your PJs everywhere (assuming, of course, that one wears PJs)? If Hugh Hefner can wear them, why can’t everyone? John C. Reilly plays the school Vice Principal who befriends Terri and Creed from The Office plays his dad. Looks like a winner folks! (at Cambie, late to Commercial)


Tree of Life – Terence Malik’s Cannes winner about growing up with crew-cut Brad Pitt as your hard-ass father in Texas is also a meditation on life, and the history of the universe. Sounds ambitious. I think that this will divide people into two camps – those who think it’s an incredible visual masterpiece worthy of best film of the year/decade and those who think it’s a pretentious boring slog. As my friend put it “It’s kinda like being forced to listen to an entire Pink Floyd album”. So I guess depending on whether you like Pink Floyd and dinosaurs or not, you’ll have to watch and decide which camp you fall into. Also on the Blu Ray.


Wishful Drinking – Carrie Fisher’s stage thingy where she talks about her strange life with her famous parents, her affinity for booze and drugs (my kind of princess!) and, of course, her Star Wars experiences as Princess Leia. Supposed to be quite funny and interesting.


Zookeeper – Great. Just what the world needs, another “comedy” about talking animals. Besides Kevin James it also features many other talking animals who conspire to help the poor schmuck get laid. Hi-larious! Remember I mentioned that there were 2 of the year’s worst films on display this day? Well here ya go, knock yourself out.



Coming Next Week


Bad Teacher


Page One: Inside the NY Times

The Last Circus

Kevin Smith: Too Fat for 40

Red State


Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Batman: Year One

Attack on Leningrad

Monte Carlo


Recently Viewed and Recommended


Horrible Bosses


Troll Hunter

The Trip

Uncle Boonmee

Bill Cunningham: New York

Red Chapel

Fast Five


That’s a wrap for this week folks, sorry no internet goodies (didn’t have the time at all). Hope everyone stays safe and dry and remember, keep watching.


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Black Dog Video




Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending October 10th

Just wanted to throw out a thanks to those who participated in our first Free Film Thursdays this past week. We brought in a modest amount of food for the food bank but considering that it was the first week of this event, we did pretty good. That is, of course, except for the folks who brought in a measly can of tuna and a can of expired clams. I think that we can do better than that next time out. The next Free Film Thursday will be on the last Thursday of October. Charity is still to be determined. Stay Tuned.


This week’s showing at the Unthank Cinema is the great Michael Cimino flick Thunderbolt and Lightfoot starring Clint Eastwood and the Big Lebowski himself, Jeff Bridges. Great film. Haven’t seen it since I was a kid. The viewing gets underway at 10:30 on Wednesday evening at the Black Dog Cambie location.


New Releases for Tuesday October 4th


African Cats – Pretty much everything you need to know is in the title. Nicely filmed doc set in Africa that follows some big cats as they raise their kittens. Is that what we call baby big cats? Kittens sounds too nice for an animal that would like to tear your face off and eat it in front of you. Also on the Blu Ray.


The Arbor – Documentary about the late Bradford, England playwright Andrea Dunbar. Supposed to be quite an amazing doc. Don’t think that this is a particularly happy story.


Bored to Death Season 2 – I’ve been told that I should watch this show. Some say it’s a fine program. Hard to go wrong with the cast that’s for sure – Danson, Schwartzman and Galifianakis!


Desert Flower – Heavy drama about an African woman who was circumcised (ahhh! brutal) at age 3, sold into a marriage at 13, fled Africa to America, became a supermodel and then a UN spokeswoman against circumcision. Holy hotdogs she’s been busy!


Entitled – Canadian drama about a dude who decides to kidnap the offspring of some wealthy socialites. I have a sneaking suspicion that things don’t really go as planned. Fine cast in, what I hear, is a pretty good drama/thriller – Ray Liotta, Stephen McHattie, Kevin Zegers.


Fast Five – Two things surprised me about this flick; that there was actually 4 previous films in this series, and that its actually pretty entertaining. A puffy Vin Diesel, a completely wooden and bland Paul Walker and a shiny Rock (looks like he was slathered in butter for most of his scenes) star in this heist kind of film set in Rio. Think Ocean’s 11 but without all those pesky actors and interesting script. Take it for what it is – a preposterous romp with cars and ladies and dudes. You know what you’re in for when The Rock is the best actor in this film. Make a drinking game out of it – have a shot every time there’s a scene with that big Jesus up on the hill. Also on the Blu Ray.


The Housemaid – Dark and twisted tale from South Korea about a housemaid (hence the title) who has an affair with the man of the house with not so good results. Really? And you’d think that nothing but flowers and sunshine could come of this.


In Treatment Season 3 – A pile of new episodes of this fantastic show about crazy people and Gabriel Byrne trying to sort out their (and his own, of course) shit. Like therapy for only $4 a disk!


Outrage – The great “Beat” Takeshi is back in full on nasty gangster mode (my favorite mode of his) in this tale of the Yakuza and all their doings.


Red Chapel – I’ll just defer to the IMDB description as I really can’t add anything to it – Two Danish comics, one of them a spastic and both born in Korea, join the director on a trip to North Korea, where they have been allowed access under the pretext of wanting to perform a vaudeville act. Sounds quite amazing really although I’m not too sure what a spastic is.


Scream 4 – Not too sure why this was made. I was hoping for something good and fresh and we just got more of the same. At least you’d think they could have come up with a different costume for the killer. Not scary, not funny, not enough nudity, not nearly bloody enough. And I must say that the high def Blu Ray really doesn’t do any favours for all the Botox and facelifts up on the screen – I’m looking at you, Courtney Cox! As mentioned, also on the Blu Ray.


Submarine – One of those quirky, indie coming of age flicks. This one is set and England and has the bonus of Paddy Considine in it as a new age mystic guy (he should have a had a bigger role). Not a bad flick. The main characters aren’t all that likable but they kind of grow on you like so much fungus. Nothing we having seen before though.


Olde Stuff Just In


Parks and Recreation Seasons 1 and 2

Big Lebowski – Blu Ray

Miller’s Crossing – Blu Ray


Coming Next Week


Leap Year

Life in a Day


Beautiful Boy

Brand New Day

Pig Farm


Snuff Box

Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer

Master Harold and the Boys

Horrible Bosses

Tree of Life

The Green Lantern


Recently Viewed and Recommended


Fast Five 

In Treatment Season 3

Submarine ( marginal recommendation)

Troll Hunter

The Trip

Fringe Season 3

Bored to Death Season 2

Deliver Us From Evil (Danish)

Viva Riva!


X-Men: First Class


Internet Stuff for the Week


You all know of my hate for Netflix and my love for The Oatmeal. Here’s a little match made in heaven;


It’s always good to know that Charlie Kaufman has something new coming along…,62651/


I love this guy’s films. Hope that this is good…Great title so it’s got that going for it…


Have a great week folks, stay dry, drink wine, watch movies.



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Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending Oct 3rd

Couple of things worth noting this week (because the slate of new releases isn’t really worth talking about); starting this Thursday the 29th of September we will commence with what we are calling Free Film Thursdays! Yes that’s right, free films! How can that be you may ask? What’s the catch? Well here’s the deal – we will be collecting for a local charity the last Thursday of every month. This month it’s the Vancouver Food Bank. So just bring in a non-perishable food item (again, no Jellied Grass of Liquid Pork) and take home a nice little film of your choosing for free! Sound cool? Well it is.


Also we’ve decided to open the Cambie store at noon on Sundays instead of the 1pm opening we had going during the summer. So the store hours are as follows; Cambie – Mon – Thursday 1pm till 10pm, Friday 1 pm till 11pm, Saturday noon till 11pm and Sunday noon till 10pm. Commerical stays the same noon till 11pm every day. Got all that? Good. See you soon.


New Releases for Tuesday September 27th


Frisson Des Collines – Nice sounding Canadian fare (it is from Quebec) about a 12 year-old who decides it’s a good idea to travel from his home in our French speaking province to see his hero, Jimi Hendrix (not from Quebec)  who’s playing at some festival called Woodstock.


The Ledge – That good looking biker from Sons of Anarchy (yes the pretty boy with the questionable acting chops) stars in this intense drama as a guy lured out onto a ledge of a high-rise by his lover’s husband. Idiot. Drama, I assume ensues.


Loose Cannons – Sweet, charming Italian comedy drama about making pasta and being gay. Not necessarily in that order.


True Legend – From master martial arts choreographer Woo-ping Yuen comes this martial arts extravaganza that has some revenge and a martial arts school in it. Doesn’t every kung-fu film have both a martial arts school and some revenging that needs a doin’?


Transformers: Dark of the Moon (Releases Friday, September 30th) – You know it’s a bad week for new releases when a Michael Bay film is the big film of the week. More giant, confusing looking robots fight each other for some reason and wrecking a lot of shit. I thought that it was some sort of Pink Floyd tribute thing but it’s called Dark of the Moon (whatever that means) not Dark Side of the Moon. I wonder if you played that Floyd LP while you watched the movie…


Coming Next Week




Scream 4

Fast Five

Red Chapel

Disney – African Cats

In Treatment Season 3

Desert Flower


Bored to Death Season 2


Recently Viewed and Recommended


Troll Hunter

The Trip

Fringe Season 3

Bill Cunningham: New York

Deliver Us From Evil

Modern Family S 2

Viva Riva!

X-Men- First Class



Internet Interest of the Week


Instead of a bunch of links to things that I find amusing/interesting/disgusting/offensive that I would like to share, here’s a little round-up on one site of the above mentioned things


That’s it for this week folks. I promise to have some better films on the shelf next Tuesday and hopefully every Tuesday after that. Cheers!


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Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending September 26th

Nice crisp fall day today (maybe even a tad warm). Yep summer’s officially over in a couple of days and the change in the seasons also brings us the Vancouver Film Festival. I didn’t make it out to any flicks last year (first time in 16 years!) but this year will be hopefully different. The guides are available for purchase at both Black Dog locations – $10.


Also Black Dog is proud to announce a new little charitable event that we’re calling Free Film Thursdays. On the last Thursday of every month we will be collecting donations of a sort for a local charity. How does this work you ask? Well, pipe down and let me tell you. You bring your fine self down to either Black Dog location, drop of the determined charitable item and you get a free film for your troubles. Easy peasy. The first day for this will be Thursday September 29th. I will post what charity and what the donation will be in next week’s newsletter as well as on the Facebook site and I’ll even tweet it on the Twitter thingy.


And this week’s film from Unthank Cinema at Black Dog Cambie will be Paris Blues – 1961: Stars Paul Newman and Sidney Poitier as American jazz musician ex-pats living in Paris, includes a jazz battle with Louis Armstrong. How does that sound? Terrific! Free Admission – 10:30 in the PM.


New Releases for Tuesday September 20th


Bill Cunningham: New York – Great doc about famed NY photographer who liked to take photos of people who wore clothes. Currently at the Commercial location with copies coming to Cambie hopefully by the end of the week.


BKO: Bangkok Knockout – Thai martial arts kick to the face/groin/back/knees/throat/spine/kidneys/cranium and whatever else there is to kick and punch. Enjoy.


Bridesmaids – OK time-waster with a really good cast. Kirsten Wig plays a bit of a loser who’s best friend is getting married. Hijinks ensue. Should have been funnier than it was and also about a half an hour shorter. There really is no excuse for a comedy to be over two hours. Also on the Blu Ray.


Conan O’Brian Can’t Stop – Doc about Coco’s comedy tour after he was booted from the Tonight Show gig. Supposed to be quite excellent.


Familiar Grounds – Well received French Canadian number about a brother and sister who live together whose lives are thrown for a loop with the arrival of a man who claims to be from the future. Hijinks, I presume, ensue.


Good Neighbors – 1995 Montreal. There’s a serial killer on the loose. This makes the tenants of an apartment building in the neighborhood where the murders have taken place uneasy. No kidding. (I know the feeling – there was a guy murdered outside my house on Saturday!) This includes the new tenant and his cat. This one looks like it could be something worth watching.


Hung Season 2 – Season 2 of the show about the high school teacher with the big schlong who puts his, ahem, biggest asset to work for him to make some extra scratch. No point in wasting your talents I always say.


The Kennedys: Miniseries – Don’t really need to go into detail about this do I? Good cast, won some awards last night on that dreadful Emmy show.


Meek’s Cutoff – This is the film that I’m most interested in checking out this week. It’s the story of some settlers traveling through the Oregon desert in 1845 who find themselves stranded in harsh conditions. Bummer. I wonder if they started eating each other? That’s what I’d do for sure. From the director of Wendy and Lucy and Old Joy. Also on the Blu Ray.


Modern Family Season 2 – Season two of the Emmy award winner for best comedy series. Good stuff. But only if you like to laugh.


The People vs. George Lucas – Doc about the famous chinless wonder who destroyed so many hopes and dreams when he made those awful Star Wars prequel films. This film takes a look at what happened to poor old George and how he managed to succumb to the dark side. Supposed to be quite funny and entertaining.


The River Murders – Ray Liotta, Ving Rhames and Christian Slater star in this thriller about a cop who falls under suspicion for the murders he’s investigating. Never heard of it. I imagine it was one of those straight to DVD flicks. There ya go.


The Set-Up – Speaking of never heard of it, straight to DVD comes this crime thriller starring Bruce Willis and Ryan Phillipe. Oh, and Fitty Cent. Something about a heist gone wrong or whatever. Also on the Blu Ray for some reason.


Wrecked – Mope face Adrian Brody stars as a dude who wrecks his car (hence the clever title) and gets trapped at the bottom of a ravine and then must survive against the odds! I wonder if he eats anyone? Because that;s the first thing that I would do. Oh and he gets amnesia. In all of my travels I’ve never met anyone who has suffered from amnesia. But in the movies and TV it seems like a common occurrence. Like, what’s up with that.


Coming Next Week


True Legend

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

The Ledge

Frisson Des Collines

Loose Cannons


Recently Viewed and Recommended


Deliver Us From Evil (Danish)

Bullitt (yes that Bullitt!)

Bridesmaids – slightly passing recommendation

Modern Family S 2

Fringe S 3


The Trip

Viva Riva!

X-Men: First Class

Winter in Wartime


Troll Hunter


Internets! Yeah for Internets!


Here’s a funny article about some famous films with some glaring plot holes that clever editing helped to hide. I was watching Bullitt the other night and there’s a scene where McQueen gets a call from a panicked cop who is protecting a witness. McQueen tells him that he’ll be there in 5 minutes. Cut to McQueen arriving but at the scene are ambulances, more cops and about 100 onlookers. I said to myself, that has to be the longest 5 minutes ever! –


Speaking of Bullitt, it still has, in my opinion, the best car chase ever filmed. So exciting. No CGI obviously. Here’s Rotten Tomatoes list for the best chases ever committed to celluloid.


If you know me, then you know about my love for signs. Here’s a funny little website where some folks have sarcastically altered signs around the town. (Not this town but any or every town)


And last but least, here’s a little ditty from the wonderful Oatmeal about things we should have learned in high school –


Alright folks, that’s a wrap. Enjoy fall and keep watching!



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Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending September 19th

I’m tired. Oh so tired. Hosted a summer’s end BBQ last night (hence the tardiness of this installment of the newsletter), probably ate a little too many ribs, steak, salad, pie, asparagus, tomatoes, beer and wine. Woke up at 2:30 in the am and could not get back to sleep (until the alarm went off at 7 of course). Lousy insides. Lousy brain. That said (for whatever reason) it’s not a bad week for releases. In fact, the next several weeks looks pretty solid. Good to hear.

Also wanted to remind ya’ll of the Unthank Cinema showings happening at Black Dog Cambie every Wednesday night at 10:30pm. This weeks feature is Road to Salina. For more info please go here –

New Releases for Tuesday September 13th

Cold Fish – Strange, mostly unpleasant, nasty affair from the director of Suicide Club about a guy who’s rebellious teenage daughter goes to work for a seemingly (notice how I said seemingly?) nice couple at their fish store. Then the truth, the bloody truth, comes out.

Forks over Knives – Very engaging doc that argues for our better health by reducing our over-consumption of animals and processed foods. I wish I had watched this before last night’s BBQ.

Glee Season 2, Volume 2 – The second half of the second season of this singing and dancing thing.

Incendies – Canada’s entry for the best foreign film Oscar thing last year. Haven’t seen it yet but word has it that this film, about a pair of twins (of course it’s a pair!) who travel to the middle east to discover their family history, is most excellent.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 6 – The latest season of this show.

The Reef – Big shark terrorizes and eats some Australians.

Sentiment of the Flesh – Odd sexy French thriller about a couple who meet and explore each other’s bodies in, say, an unconventional manner. Think something along the lines of Dead Ringers or Crash (Cronenberg’s Crash that is) Cool.

Take Me Home Tonight – Comedy about a guy who quits his high paying job on Wall St to go to work as a video clerk (what can I say – it’s the best job in the world!). He then reconnects with old friends and the crush he had on in high school. Hijinks, I presume, ensue.

Thor – Big budget hoo-haw about some blond muscle guy who’s superhero power is that he has a big hammer. Sure he’d be great at helping build that tree house in the backyard but as for a compelling action film guy, not so much. I saw it for free and still felt ripped off. Also on the Blu Ray.

The Trip – Looking forward to this one – One of my favorites, Steve Coogan, and another guy go on a food tour trip and talk about funny stuff. Doesn’t sound all that exciting but I hear that there’s some fine laughs abounding in this one. Check out this scene if you don’t believe me. – [youtube][/youtube]

Viva Riva! – From the Congo, yes you heard right The Congo, comes this entertaining and slick crime thriller about a guy who steals some gas from some bad guys. Of course said bad guys coming looking for him and the gas. Fairly violent, pretty sexy as well. Worth a look. May change your mind about that family vacation to Kinsala you had planned for Christmas.

YSL: Amour Fou – Doc about fashion guy Yves Saint-Laurent, or YSL to his friends.

Coming Next Week

People vs George Lucas
Meek’s Cutoff
The Setup
River Murders
Good Neighbors
Modern Family Season 2
Hung Season 2
The Kennedys

Recently Viewed and Recommended

Viva Riva!
The Trip
X-Men: First Class
Win Win
In a Better World
Troll Hunter
Winter in Wartime
The Lincoln Lawyer

Internets! Entertain us!

So the awesomely great Rio Theatre on Broadway and Commercial are trying very hard to obtain a liquor license. Want to help? Of course you do. Sign this petition then, please.

Here’s a fun article detailing stuff that Hollywood would rather the general public not know about how it conducts it’s business. Read on.

And for a good larf, check out this site which has documented the best of the worst tattoos that new parents got of their grotesque babies. Very bad idea. Freaky and creepy. What’s with the one with the rat in it’s mouth?!

That’s it for this week kids. Have a good week. Reminisce about the good weather which seems to be in the rear view mirror these days, and remember, keep watching.

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Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending September 12th

And that’s that. Another summer in the bag. I’ve heard so many people grumble and gripe that it was a shitty summer it was. Anyone remember the last day it rained? It’s really hard to argue with what we have at the moment and how great the month of August was (July, you are dead to me). To be honest I appreciate the crappy weather in the summer time for the exclusive reason that people rent more films. I know that’s selfish of me, but that’s the nature of being in business for yourself. You take what you can get. That said, I spent a great deal of time at the beaches in and around the town, had quite a few fine BBQ’s and had the misfortune to go camping. A pretty good summer all and all. The fall looks pretty strong for films hitting the DVD’s so that’s something to look forward to, right?

This is pretty cool – starting this Wednesday, Black Dog on Cambie will be holding free viewings of some pretty interesting/trashy/fun/ films. Showings are at 10:30 pm. There’s a limited number of seats so first come, first serve. I do believe that there will be refreshments on hand as well. For a rundown of what’s playing check out the Facebook site Unthank Cinema. If it works out and nobody gets hurt, we’ll make this a regular occurrence.

New Releases for Tuesday September 6th

Certified Copy – Renowned Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami takes us on a journey through the Tuscany region of Italy with Juliette Binoche and some other French guy. Supposed to be nice nice, very nice.

Community Season 2 – Season 2 of the TV shoe Community.

The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec – Actiony type fantasy thriller type dealy from Luc Besson about the adventures of a young woman in the early 20th Century and her dealings with would-be suitors, cops, monsters, and other distractions. Looks pretty darn cool if you ask me.

Fringe Season 3 – Locally shot, pretty good sci-fi show complete with parallel universes, weird goings on, Pacey from Dawson’s Creek and that mad king guy from Lord of the Rings. This is the third season.

The Gruffalo – Award winning animated short film about a mouse who takes a walk in the woods and outwits a bunch of predators (the animal kind who like to eat him, not the outer space reptilian hunter kind).

Hanna – Mostly excellent actiony type thriller about a girl raised near the arctic circle by her dad who is trained to kill with the ultimate goal being revenge on Cate Blanchett for a past wrong-doing. Great score, excellent action, undone somewhat by an plot-hole filled ending but still very much worth your while. Someone please tell me what’s with Blanchett’s accent and her obsession with her teeth. Also on the Blu Ray.

A Horrible Way to Die – Nasty piece of business (if you can’t tell by the title) about an escaped killer who attempts to track down his ex-squeeze who is trying to start a new life in a small town. Word has it that’s it’s supposed to be quite good.

The Office Season 7 – This documentary isn’t done yet? They have 7 years worth of material! When is it going to be finished?! This is season 7 of The Office (still a pretty good shoe)

Parks and Recreation Season 3 – We don’t have the first 2 seasons (yet) but trust me, this is a pretty funny show and worth your time and hard earned clams. This is the 3rd season.

Road to Nowhere – Famed director Monty Hellman (Two Lane Blacktop) is back with his first film in like 20 years or something. A filmmaker gets embroiled in a crime while making a film. That is what I can make out of the plot. I’ve heard it’s pretty cool as the lines between reality and what is fiction tend to blur. Kinda how I felt when I woke up yesterday.

Tracker – Ray Winstone (love me some Ray Winstone!) is a soldier from the Boer War who ends up in New Zealand tracking a fugitive accused of killing another soldier. Action and some complications ensue.

Vidal Sassoon: The Movie – Documentary about the famous barber. Supposed to be quite entertaining.

X-Men: First Class – I saw but 2 films in the theatre this summer (shocking, I know) this and Thor. I thought Thor sucked royal donkey balls but I loved this film – easily the best of the X-Men films. Origin films usually aren’t that good but this one rocks fairly hard. Great cast (maybe with the exception of January Jones – that lady cannot act to save her life), fine action and just a good time at the movies. Also on the Blu Ray. (Releases on September 9th – Friday)

Old stuff just in…

Creepshow 2 (yeah!)
The first 3 Scream films (at Commercial, soon arriving at Cambie)

Coming Next Week

The People vs George Lucas
Rescue Me Season 6 and 7
Forks Over Knives
Meek’s Cut-Off
The Trip
Bill Cunningham: New York
BKO: Bangkok Knockout
Glee S2 V2
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 6
Viva Riva!
Take Me Home Tonight

Recently Viewed and Recommended

X-Men: First Class
In a Better World
Venus Noire
Louie Season 1
Winter in Wartime
The Lincoln Lawyer
Jane Eyre

Behold! Internets!

I’m sure you’re getting a little tired of how much I’ve been touting Louie. Well don’t listen to me, check out this cool little article (mostly talking about the second season) touting how great this shoe is…

And for a good laugh, there’s always Tim and Eric! [youtube][/youtube]

Here’s an article from last week’s Westender about the plight of the Rio theatre and their attempts to obtain a liquor license. I cannot understand why it is against the law to serve alcohol in a movie theatre in Vancouver?! Like, what is the reasoning behind this? I love having a few pops while watching a film. Like, come on, time to grow up.

Here’s a fun little editing mash-up of Coen Brothers films and the films of QT (Tarantino). Warning: this may make you want to run out and watch these films again…

That’s it for this week, kids. Enjoy the sun while we can. Eat some BBQ. Enjoy a nice bottle of wine with loved ones or friends. Watch some fine home entertainment.

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Mum, wine (where do I rank?)

Tami: You know what my most favorite thing in the world is, right Gus?
Gus: Yeah, me!
Tami: And what’s my other most favorite thing?
Gus: Your wine glass.