Wargames! Episode 57!

The gang takes a break from the news to discuss the 80’S cold war thriller WARGAMES…and drink. Digressions include posters that are better than the movie and smoking on airplanes. Pairing picks- DYLAN: Miracle Mile,  ALEX: DefCon 4,  DARREN: Threads.  Recorded at Black Dog Video, 1470 Commercial Dr. Vancouver


The Black Dog Newsletter: Who Needs The Beach Edition!

While a lot of folks headed for sunnier climes for the March Break, we went to exotic frozen Ontario! To be honest it was lovely. But we’re back to business, baby! First thing on the agenda – new podcast episode has been unharnessed! Listen in as us louts have a beer and discuss the cold war 80’s classic Wargames! Seems appropriate for these unsettling times.

New Releases!


Dexter: New Blood – Everyone’s favourite serial killer of serial killers is back. I hear he takes on a murderous Sasquatch in this season!

The Flight Attendant – Hard partying flight attendant wakes up with a dead guy in her bead. We’ve all been there.

Hive – A woman, whose husband has been missing for seven years after the war in Kosovo, starts a business, which is much frowned upon, with other widows. Contains bees.

Nightmare Alley – Guillermo del Toro’s take on the strange, cool original noir (also available at Black Dog) about a grfiter working in a carnival. Nominated for a basket full of awards.

On the 3rd Day – Neat looking horror/drama from Argentina about a woman looking for her missing son after a mysterious car crash.

Red Ghost: Nazi Hunter – WWII action drama about a mysterious Russian sniper who picks off some nasty Nazis. May or may not contain ghosts.

Red Rocket – The latest from Sean Baker (Florida Project) is a strange, sometimes uncomfortable, tale of a sleazy former porn star fallen on hard times who returns to his sad little hometown. Quite liked this one, myself.

Coming Soon!

Death on the Nile
Scream (2022)
Handmaid’s Tale Season 4
Sing 2
Parallel Mothers
Last Looks
Spider-Man: No Way Home

There may be a major announcement in next week’s newsletter. Stay tuned.

Everyone be good to everyone out there. Peace.

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The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Spoken Words Edition!

Words are best when spoken and then received into your ear canal. I think that’s how it works. That brings me to this – a new podcast episode has just been unleashed into this unsuspecting world! Listen in here (hear) as we have a few beers and chat about the classic science fiction film, Forbidden Planet!

New Releases

The Boy Behind the Door – A couple of nice boys are kidnapped by some not-so-nice folks in this cool-looking little horror number.

Coming 2 America – Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall are back (did they ever go away?) in this sequel that was 34 years in the making. Better be good.

Dalgleish Series 1 – Sweet-looking British crime series. You know what to do.

All Creatures Great and Small Season 2 – Season 2 of this charming British series about animals and the nice folks who love them.

The Nowhere Inn – Neat looking documentary/drama/comedy/horror number sees musician St. Vincent hiring other musician (and actor) Carrie Brownstein to make a doc about her. Things don’t go as planned.

Pilot: Battle for Survival – Russian pilot (WWII – don’t worry) is shot down and must battle things to survive.

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City – Resident Evil origin story. Not too sure what the raccoon content is.

Silent Night – Nice looking comedy/drama thing about a lovely dinner party just as the earth is about to be destroyed. Fitting.

West Side Story – Senior Spielbergo directs this much ballyhooed (7 Oscar noms) remake of the wonderful Robert Wise original.

Older titles snaking their way on the shelves!

Dark Water (Japanese) – Blu Ray and DVD
Dead and Buried – Blu Ray
Black Christmas – Blu Ray

Coming Soon!

Dexter: New Blood
The Flight Attendant Series 1
Nightmare Alley
Red Rocket
Beatles Get Back

That’s it for this week, folks. There may or may not be a newsletter next week as I’m going on a little vacation. But it might be boring. If that’s the case, I may do up an edition. Or I may not.

Be good to everyone out there. Except Putin.

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The Black Dog Video Newsletter: No Newsletter Last Week Edition!

So there wasn’t a newsletter last week as we didn’t receive any films but I got a bunch in this week so there will be a newsletter this week. And here it is!

New Releases!


Belfast – Kid grows up in Belfast in the 1960s in black and white in this Oscar nominated film.

Boat People – Award-winning documentary follows a Japanese photojournalist who revisits Vietnam after the Liberation. Criterion release.

Bootlegger – Lots of drama in an Indigenous community in Quebec. May or may not contain bootlegging. Gets good reviews!

France – Celebrity journalist in France gets in a car accident. Drama, I presume, ensues. From director Bruno Dumont.

Manhunt Series 2: The Night Stalker – Excellent crime series creeps into Season 2: The Night Stalker. Sadly, no Darren McGavin to be found.

Matrix Resurrections – Need some more Matrix in your lives? Now’s your chance! Watch for falling folks!

Mogul Mowgli – The always good Riz Ahmed (also donning the pen for this one) is a rapping guy on the verge of stardom when he’s struck with an affliction of sorts. Sounds a bit like Sound of Metal (also excellent!)

Night Raiders – Canadian Indigenous sci-fi thriller about a mom who joins an underground band of vigilantes to rescue her daughter. Looks cool.

The Scary of Sixty-First – What’s the dark secret that this new apartment harbours? Weird title. Comedy and horror collide! Looks cool. Blu Ray only.

Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy – Award-winning Japanese romance drama has three women having dramatic lives and such.

A Writer’s Odyssey – A man is hired to kill an author but finds the world of the novel intersecting with reality. Sounds like my life. Looks cool.

Older Titles Fresh on the Shelves!

Highball (early Noah Baumbach)
Blue is the Warmest Colour – Criterion Blu Ray
Jules et Jim – Criterion Blu Ray
Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant – Criterion Blu Ray
Dead and Buried – Blu Ray
Black Christmas – Blu Ray
The AntiChrist – From the director of Shadows in an Empty Room

Coming Soon!

The Boy Behind the Door
Coming 2 America
Daigliesh Season 1
All Creatures Great and Small Season 2
The Nowhere Inn
Pilot: A Battle for Survival
Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City
Silent Night
West Side Story

That’s it for this week, folks! We recorded a podcast episode last night and it should be up in the next couple of days (right, Dylan?). Everyone be good to everyone out there. And remember, keep watching.

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The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Remembering Nostalgia Edition!

I see lots of social media posts lamenting the demise of Blockbuster. I guess that some folks are looking back through rose/grey coloured glasses as Blockbuster was always a terrible store. What they should be missing is all the great mom and pop shops that have disappeared. Our response to this is our brand new T-Shirt! On sale in the shop and online. Small batch so get them while you can.

New Releases!

The 355 – Lots of fabulous ladies (Chastain, Cruz, Fan) take on the spy and espionage genre in this action romp.

The Eternals – Directed (for some reason) by the woman who made Nomadland, this Marvel film is actually pretty good!

House of Gucci – You have to say this with a stereotypical Italian accent. Fun, trashy affair with Gaga, Pacino, Driver, Irons and Leto camping it up as they tell the tale of the rise of Gucci (Italian accent again).

The King’s Man – Prequel to the other Kingsman’s movies. Gimme some of that tasty Ralph Fiennes, please!

The Superdeep – Monster chiller horror number from Russia answers the question, “What’s at the bottom of that deep, deep hole”? (Sorry not the dirty movie you were hoping for! – Sorry for that quip)

Old titles Just In!

The Alley Cats
The Image
The Lickerish Quartet
Flesh For Frankenstein
Black Moon
Black Moon Rising

Coming Soon!

The Beatles: Get Back (recalled due to sound problems)
Nightmare Alley
Matrix Resurrections
Coming 2 America
Red Rocket

Sorry we haven’t put out a podcast in the last little bit. We’re having some scheduling issues now that our producer/sound guy has an actual job! Thanks, Gregg!

It’s a long weekend! Pop in a grab something wonderful. Ta-at till then.

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Closed Saturday February 12th!


Just a friendly reminder – @BlackDogVideo will be closed (not open) tomorrow (Saturday the 12th) for a film shoot. We’re open today from noon until 8pm so come on by to stock up for the weekend! Rent today, return on Monday!

The Black Dog Newsletter: Making Plans for Black Dog Edition!

We’ll be closed this Saturday (Feb 12th) as a film crew will be taking over the shop to shoot a commercial or something. So plan accordingly. New Releases rented on Friday aren’t due back until Monday. You know what to do.

Oh, and we have one more top picks list from the staff. Staying true to form, here’s Dylan sliding in late with all the films he saw in 2021.

New Releases!


C’mon C’mon – The Joker (Joaquin Phoenix) takes his nephew on a lovely road trip in this lovely road trip of a film.

The Drowning – Did that lady’s son really drown all those years ago or is that him walking around doin’ stuff?

Encanto – Oscar nominated animated Disney fare about a Colombian kid who doesn’t have any magical powers.

Finding Alice – The wonderfully named Keely Hawes’ husband falls down the stairs and dies in the fabulous new home he designed. Secrets are revealed!

Ghosts – The wonderfully named Lolly Adefope moves into a haunted house occupied by hilarious ghosts.

Howl From Beyond the Fog – This looks tres cool! Back in the day in Japan, a blind girl and a monster team up to take on greedy land developers! Wish that would happen in Vancouver.

The Last Son – Strange sounding western finds a fella attempting to end his evil family’s ways by killing off his sons. Bit extreme if you ask me. Hello, therapy!

Monday – Sexy sex movie tries to answer the question (if it’s really a question) what happens after a weekend fling? Stars the one-armed guy from the Marvel movies.

Summer of Soul – Excellent, Oscar nominated doc about the cool festival that took place in Harlem in 1969. Our most requested title of 2021! We’ll have some in stock for sale next week as well.

Coming Soon!

The Eternals
House of Gucci
The King’s Man
The 355
The Superdeep
The Beatles: Get Back
The Scary of Sixty-First

Remember, we have lots of swag – Ghibli socks and shirts, masks, Black Dog T-shirts, mugs and tons of films (just got a bunch of great titles – lots of Criterion plus others going on the shelf tomorrow) for those on your Valentine’s Day , National Pork Rind Day or National Cabbage Day lists!

That’s it for this week folks! Stay safe, don’t honk your horn and keep watching!

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The Black Dog Newsletter: Whistle Pig Edition!

When my kid was 5 years old, he came home from school and proclaimed, “It’s not Groundhog Day, Dad! It’s Whistle Pig Day!” So that’s what we’ve been calling it for the past 11 years (still don’t know what it means). One other thing that made me laugh regarding Groundhog Day is someone said, “Interesting that people will take weather reports from a groundhog (whistle pig) but they won’t take medical advice from a doctor”. What an age we live in!

New Releases!

Clifford The Big Red Dog – Giant menacing dog terrorizes neighborhood. At least I think that’s what happens.

Dick Johnson is Dead – Interesting (acclaimed!) doc about a daughter helping her dad prepare for his death.

The Dry – Investigating guy, Eric Bana, returns to his hometown after the death of a friend (who killed himself and his family). Then he starts poking around. This looks pretty good!

King Richard – Will Smith is the dad of Venus and Serena Williams in this highly touted (Oscar bait) drama.

MLK/FBI – Fine, maddening doc about the FBI and their surveillance and harassment of MLK.

Small Engine Repair – Comedy drama thriller with Jon Bernthal about 3 friends helping out a woman (maybe fixing her car?) who they all adore. Gets high marks on the internets!

Old Titles New to the Shop

Andrei Rublov – Criterion Blu Ray

Arrebato – Blu ray – This looks tres cool!

Coming Soon!

Black Moon
C’mon C’mon
The Drowning
Finding Alice S1
The Last Son
Summer of Soul

We just got a new supply of the best selling Totoro socks back in stock. Also expect to see a cool Totoro T-Shirt and well as a new Black Dog shirt (hopefully soon!).

Reminder that the shop will be closed on Saturday February 12th for a commercial film shoot.

That’s it for this week, kids. Don’t forget about us. Sales. Rentals. Memberships.

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#55 SOYLENT GREEN (1973)

Our first podcast of 2022 we drink and discuss the 2022-set dystopian classic SOYLENT GREEN… and drink. Digressions include Betty White,  accidental cannibalism,  and random acts of movie theatre violence. Not safe for work. 1470 Commercial Drive, Vancouver. www.blackdogvideo.ca