The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Day Late and Several Dollars Short Edition!

We were hoping to have the new amazing website launched today but the forces that be have stymied our best efforts. We’re shooting for early next week so stay tuned!

As a wee bit of sneak peek, here’s the new mugs we’ve been bragging about. Available now in-store. We’ve also received more of those nice comfy Studio Ghibli socks to ensconce your feet!

New Releases!

Apocalypse ’45 – It’s the end of WWII as we know it. Or thought we did. All new (well not really new but new to us!) footage of the end of this nasty business.

Beasts of No Nation – Heavy, excellent drama about a child soldier doing all that nasty child soldier business somewhere in Africa. Criterion DVD.

Berlin Alexanderplatz – New re-imagining of the classic series that tells the tale a refugee fellow from Africa who falls under the dangerous spell of a drug dealer in Berlin.

The Empty Man – Cool-looking (if not long) horror number about a an ex-cop fellow who, while looking for a missing girl, happens across a group of weirdos who are trying to summon an evil spirit. Heard good things about this one!

Great White – Bunch of folks are trapped in (on?) a raft while some hungry sharks look for their next meal. I like sharks.

My Wonderful Wanda – Wanda works looking after an older couple and becomes embroiled in their family’s drama, comedy and pregnancy. From Switzerland!

Slalom – French drama about a 15 year-old skiing phenom and her intense, maybe even abusive, coach. Gets high marks on the internets.

Willow – Three stories about motherhood span decades and centuries. Gets high marks on the internets. From Macedonia!

Coming Soon!

Black Widow
Ghost Story
It’s Only The End of the World
Lady of the Manor
Fried Barry
The Hidden Life of Trees

We should have a fabulous new episode of the Black Dog Video After Dark podcast up in the next day or so. Listen in as us louts chatter on about Sleepaway Camp!

That’s it for this week folks! Stay safe, get vaccinated, wear a mask, don’t eat horse goo. Peace.

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The Black Dog Newsletter: Back to School Edition

Seems summer is winding down (finally) and the sprogs will be trotting off back to school (for better or for worse, time will tell). To celebrate getting the kids out of the house, may we offer you a little movie deal? All of our $5 sale films will be 2 for 1! Friday to Monday! We have tons in stock to fill your back to school stockings!

We’re just over a week away from our big launch of the new and improved website! You’ll be able to purchase films, merch (including 2 new T-Shirt and Mug designs) and exclusive memberships! So many things to tell you about! Stay tuned!

New Releases!

Finding You – Irish Y/A romance about a violinist and the rock star boy she falls for.

Habit – Party girl goes on the lam in LA masquerading as a nun. Let the hi-jinks ensue.

The Gateway – Crime drama with a cool cast about a social worker working overtime to protect the daughter of a woman who’s bad boy partner gets released from the slammer. You got all that?

The Go-Go Boys: The Inside Story of Cannon Films – Sweet-looking doc about those guys from the 80’s – Golan and Globus –who made tons of crazy movies that us oldsters grew up on.

A Good Woman is Hard to Find – Woman tires to find out who murdered her husband in this gritty thriller. Hope my wife does the same for me when I get murdered.

In the Heights – Sing sing sing, dance dance dance…romance (probably). From the team that brought Hamilton into your lives.

Riders of Justice – Mad Mads Mikkelsen (love us some Mads!) is a mad guy out to find out if the train crash that killed his wife was an accident in this strange action/revenge/comedy hybrid.

Old Titles Gracing the Shelves!

Little Darlings
Love Rites

A huge Werner Herzog Blu Ray set that includes:

Even Dwarfs Started Small
Land of Silence and Darkness
Fata Morgana
Aguirre, The Wrath of God
The Enigma of Kasper Hauser
Heart of Glass
Nosferatu the Vampyre
Ballad of the Little Soldier
Where the Green Ants Dream
Cobra Verde
Lessons of Darkness
Little Dieter Needs to Fly
My Best Friend

Coming Soon!

Apocalypse ‘45
Beasts of No Nation
Berlin Alexanderplatz
Gang/Three Men to Kill
Great White
My Wonderful Wanda
Rawhead Rex
What’s so Bad About Feeling Good?

That’s it for this week, folks! Stay safe! Mask up! Get all the vaccinations you can! Don’t take any horse de-worming suppositories!


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#49 BARFLY (1987)

To all my friends! The gang drinks and discusses the Mickey Rourke / Faye Dunaway boozy classic BARFLY… and drink. They compare the various times they were bounced from bars and reminisce about classic Vancouver watering holes and classic dives. Recorded at Black Dog Video 1470 Commercial Drive, Vancouver.



ALEX, DARREN & DYLAN sat and watched all ten original Friday the 13th movies in a single day to raise money for the Food Bank. After they recovered they drink and discuss the iconic, unstoppable horror franchise, especially part 8 that was filmed right here in Vancouver! Recorded in Black Dog Video 1470 Commercial Drive, Vancouver. 

The Black Dog Video Newsletter: The Future is (Almost) Now Edition!


Black Dog Video is excited to announce that we will be boldly stepping into the future with the launch of our new E-Commerce site! It’s still in the works but come early September we will have a cool, fancy website where you can buy all kinds of neat things – new shirts, mugs, lots of films (new and used) plus whatever else we can think of! We will also be offering memberships to those in and out of town who want to continue to support us! It’s going to rule! Many more details to come!

New Releases!


Luca – Not too sure if Luca lives on the second floor or not but this latest Pixar offering – about a boy who befriends a sea monster – looks nice.


Lucky – Drama, fantasy and horror are the ingredients in this movie stew that finds a woman being terrorized by a threatening figure every night.


Séance – Six friends at an elite all-girls boarding school do what folks should never do in horror movies – summon the dead! Always ends badly.


Those Who Wish Me Dead – A witness to a murder is pursued by assassins and a forest fire and has only Angelina Jolie to save him.

Older Titles Fresh on the Shelves!

No Blade of Grass
Cat’s Meow
Vampyres – Blu Ray

Coming Soon!

After the End
Are You Afraid of the Dark? Curse of the Shadows
Batman: Long Halloween Part II
The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard
The Misfits
Riders of Justice
Truffle Hunters
The Water Man

That’s it for this week, folks! Stay safe, stay hydrated, stay hungry, stay vaccinated!

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The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Cancel Culture Edition!


For those of you who based you summer around our upcoming Friday the 13th Charity Movie Marathon, for those of you who cancelled their wedding plans, funeral plans, family reunions, baby-making and birthing plans to tune into this event, I have terrible news! We’ve had to postpone it due to scheduling conflicts (lame). We will take up the charge closer to Halloween. Write that down! Do it now.

New Releases!


Enforcement (aka Shorta) – Tough action/drama from Denmark finds a couple of cops in the wrong neighbourhood at the wrong time. Coppers gotta cop. Pretty solid thriller.


Here Today – Comedy writer Billy Crystal and street singer Tiffany Haddish become friends.


La Piscine – Alain Delon and Romy Schneider are a sexy couple enjoying sexy times by the pool in 1969. Problems ensue when her ex-lover and his nubile young daughter show up. Ruh-Roh! Criterion release.


Rose Plays Julie – A young woman seeks out her original birth-mother. Complications ensue (of course they do) in this drama/thriller.


Son of the South – In 1961 Alabama a grandson of a KKK monster must decide what side of history to be on. Drama ensues.


Son of the White Mare – Famed psychedelic Hungarian animated fare about sons of a horse goddess who travel to the underworld to rescue some princesses. No relation to Son of the South. Blu Ray only.


True Mothers – A woman with an adopted child is contacted by the birth mother with varying results. Sounds like a theme this week. Japan’s entry in the Oscars.


The Twentieth Century – Wacked-out Canadian film that follows the rise of a young (some say crazy) Mackenzie King as he vies to lead the Dominion of Canada.


Working Girls – Famed film by Lizzie Borden about the goings-on in an upscale NY brothel. Criterion release.

Coming Soon!

Those Who Wish Me Dead

New episode of Black Dog Video After Dark drops today! Tune in as your podcast heroes take a run at The Terminator! It’s a pretty fun listen guaranteed to make you laugh and think and laugh some more (no actual guarantee).

That’s it for this week, folks. Stay strong. Stay safe. Stay hydrated. Stay vaccinated!

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