Black Sunday.

Today is the day! (May 22nd) AKA the Crazy-Ass sale at Black Dog Video. Very sad to see our wonderful collection go but happy knowing they are going to good homes.
Here’s what you need to know…

– All catalogue films will be on sale. No New Releases. No TV series (I will not get to price them in time). No Collectibles.

– Doors open at noon and close at 6pm (that’s about all we can take) The sale will run until the end of June. As will rentals – New releases and what we have left.

– You pay CASH (preferred) we’ll pay the tax

– Masks are encouraged to keep everyone safe(ish)

– Because it’s a small shop we’re only letting in a certain number of folks at a time (probably around 15). Please keep your shopping short and sweet. Make a list of things you’d like. There are a number of films that are rented out. They will be available to purchase upon their return.

– Please bring your own bags.

– There will not be any deals so please don’t ask

– Please be patient and kind as it’s going to be a trying time for us all. You may not get everything that you want. You can scream into the void after you leave the shop.

It’s going to be a sad/crazy day.

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