Hoping that your stocking won’t be filled with Omicron Variant for Christmas this year. We’re planning to get back to Ontario next week (first Christmas back there in 26 years!) but we’ll see what happens. Stupid plague.

Store hours for the holidays are as follows.

December 24th (Christmas Eve) – 11am – 6pm. Yes 11 am!
December 25th (Christmas Day) – Closed. Sorry.

December 31st (New Year’s Eve) – 12 – 6. Party.
January 1st (First day of 2022!) – 12 – 8pm.

Plan accordingly. Reservations are now being accepted. Don’t miss out! And play safe.

Oh, and we have our very special Christmas episode of the podcast up and ready to fill your stockings and other things with joy and mirth. Check it out!

New Releases!

Every Last One of Them – Hey it’s another Richard Dreyfuss crime action film! What’s even happening anymore?

The Gardner – Another action film where the unsuspecting guy – cook, butler, plumber, bird-watcher – is actually a former special ops grey seal or something and must use his special skills to save some folks for some reason.

Infinite – Sci-fi number that finds Marky-Mark having hallucinations that are actually visions of past lives and stuff. What’s a Marky-mark to do?

The Many Saints of New York – Tony Soprano as a kid. It’ll be great!

No Time to Die – James Bond must be a busy fella because he has No Time to Die!

Raging Fire – Awesome looking police martial arts thriller with the always great Donnie Yen!

Werewolves Within – Comedy horror mystery with werewolves. Pretty fun ride. Isn’t this also a U2 song? Werewolves Within Werewolves Without You?

Coming Soon!

French Dispatch
Keep an Eye Out
The Djinn
The East
First Date
Get Crazy
Gomorrah S2
Love it was Not
Raiders of Atlantis
Wife of a Spy

Don’t forget to pop in and grab some of our great swag – T-Shirts, mugs, Ghibli socks, masks, other things (online or in-store) – for your loved ones or your family this holiday season. This year shopping local is more important then ever. Amazon does not need your $$$. Keep it in your community.

If I do make it out of town next week, there won’t be a newsletter.

Have a safe and happy holiday my lovelies!

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