Black Dog Video Newsletter “The End is Nigh Edition!”


So tomorrow (Saturday at the Commercial shop – noon until 3pm) will be our last pop-up for a while. Sunday at Cambie is cancelled. I’ve been getting slightly wigged-out as of late what with all this plague bugaboo and what not and there’s still too many folks not adhering to our rules of conduct. I don’t want to be that guy that gets it and spreads it around, especially to my family. So we’re taking a break. That and I had 5 folks place orders and then not show up at Cambie yesterday, which was a bummer. So, as usual, place your orders here – – and I’ll do my best to have them ready for you. Specify DVD or Blu Ray. Pay in advance if you can – e-transfer works to address above. I hate to do this as I want all of you fine people to get your films and we do need the business but it is what it is. See you tomorrow (briefly please) and then…stay tuned…

A Small Smattering of Releases!


Clemency – The great Alfre Woodard is an executioner who has to fight all the demons (emotional and psychological, not devily demons – sad face) that comes along with her job of killing people.


Riot Girls – It’s 1995 and some weird (ahem) virus has killed all the adults! Two girl gangs must battle it out for survival and things!


Storm Boy – Jeffery Rush is a retired business fella who starts to have visions of the time when he was a boy and he rescued a wounded pelican, who he named Mr. Percival. Good enough name I suppose. I probably would have gone with Dracula or Ted or something.


This Changes Everything – Documentary that dives into Hollywood’s notorious history of gender disparity. (for some reason it’s directed by a dude! WTF?)

Coming Soon!

Just Mercy
Righteous Gemstones Season 1
Bad Boys for Life
The Gentlemen
Like a Boss
The Turning
Ip Man 4: Keep on IPing

A lot of folks have been asking if our catalogue is online. Sadly that answer is still no. We’ve tried several times but failed miserably on all occasions. I’m hoping to redo the website soon and actually have our films there but that will take some doing (and I don’t have a clue how to do it). But for now we have plenty of recommendations!

And be sure to follow along with our Father and Son (and sometimes Wife) Film Appreciation Class!

Stay safe all! And thanks for the support during these difficult times. I’m hoping that we can survive this mess and get back to bringing you all we can in the future! Cheers! (and keep banging those pots!)

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