Black Dog Video Newsletter September 20-26th “Rainy Day Sales Edition #12 & 35!”


Oh my God, It’s full of movies!”

It was nice to see so many folks brave the rain and sleet and locusts early Saturday morning and make it out to our Dawn of The Crazy DVD Sale event over on Cambie Street. I trust that many found some lovely gems in movie form to take home and cherish. We still have quite a few left and will be selling them off over the coming months at the stores. But that’s not all! This Sunday at the Wise Hall Flea we may have a table with hundreds of amazing DVDs for sale for only $5 a pop! Details about if we can pull it off or not at the time of this pressing are not available. Check the website or facebook for updates.

Also there won’t be a newsletter next week as I am out of town. I’m taking my son to LA for a Minecraft convention! Should be weird and tiring. The words and pictures will resume the following week.

New Releases


Free State of Jones – Good ole boy Matt McConaughey is a Confederate soldier who changes his mind about the war and goes to Mississippi and starts a revolt against a nasty local bad guy. Based on real events!


Hockney – Nice and lovely and nice doc about famed painter David Hockney. Based on real events! Check it out if you’re into art and stuff.


The Measure of a Man – Excellent French film about a nice older French gentleman who finds himself unemployed in France. Sounds terrifying.


Neighbors 2 – Seth Rogan and Rose Byrne have their hands full when a noisy sorority moves in next door. Man, these two have the worst luck. What’s next for them, a bunch of Nazi skinheads? Mormons? Trump Supporters? I’m not too proud to admit that I quite liked the first one so I may have to check this out. Yes, I’m a sad man.


Neon Bull – Odd sounding flick from Brazil (which I am assured is quite excellent – the film – not Brazil, although I hear Brazil is also very excellent) about a rodeo guy who’s job it is to bring down bulls by the tail for some reason. But what he really wants to do is become a glitzy fashion designer. And so the tale begins…


Raiders! The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made! – Doc about these nerdy guys who made a shot-by-shot remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark back in the 80’s. The only shot they didn’t get was the famed airplane fight scene. Years later they reunite to try to pull it off. Interesting side note – I saw their original flick a number of years ago at the Park Theatre and had beers with these guys afterwards. Interesting nerds they were (and probably still are).


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Closet – They still make these movies?


What Happened Miss Simone? – Excellent doc about the late great Nina Simone. Quite a life she lived, I have to say. Pretty amazing. Great footage of her in concert and out of concert as well.

Coming Soon!

Central Intelligence
Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
Neon Demon
Seventh Fire
The Shallows
Tales of Halloween

Recently Viewed and Recommended!

Kill Zone 2
What Happened Miss Simone?
Captain America: Civil War
Hardcore Harry
Popstar – Never Stop Never Stopping
The People vs OJ Simpson

That’s it for this folks. If you want a few more recommendations, click here. I should also mention we just added some fresh Criterions to the New Release wall at Commercial. Check these lovelies out…


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