Black Dog Video Newsletter September 19-25 “Times are a Changin’ Edition!”


So big changes are going down over at the Cambie location! This week will see the departure of both Becky and Mike as they’ll be moving on to bigger and better things! We will be welcoming Avash and Naomi into the Black Dog family. Make them feel welcome and at home please.

New Releases!


The Bad Batch – From the woman who made the fine vampire flick, Girl Who Walks Home Alone at Night, comes this almost really good tale of Arlen, a young woman banished to the wastelands of a future Texas inhabited by cannibals and Keanu Reeves. The first act is outstanding but then it falls apart a bit near the end.


The Big Sick – Excellent comedy/drama finds a Pakistani guy falling for a white grad student. Culture clashes, a mysterious illness and some tough parents liven up the proceedings.


Bluebeard – A dude begins to suspect that his landlord and son are actually serial killers in this fine looking thriller from South Korea. Never trust your landlord.


I, Daniel Blake – A guy who recently suffered a heart attack must fight the bureaucratic forces that be to get the help that he needs in this latest heavy-duty drama from Ken Loach. Dylan over at Commercial says it’s the best film of 2017 so far! A bold statement.


It Comes at Night – As an unnatural threat looms outside, a couple of families struggle to maintain a sense of civility inside their desolate house. Or something like that. Heard very good things about this little shocker.


Mune – French animated family fare finds a faun named Mune being put in charge of the moon’s well being. Some other things happen as well.


The Other Side – Fascinating, maybe even somewhat disturbing to some, documentary about some gun and drug obsessed misfits who live on the fringes of Louisiana society. RJ over at Cambie says it’s outstanding and that you should put this one on your list.


Wonder Woman – Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman in this actiony-type adventure! I’ve heard that this is actually quite good.

Coming Soon!

47 Metres Down
The Devil’s Candy
Pirates of the Caribbean
Book of Henry
Ghost Story
American Horror Story S 6
Cult of Chucky

Lots of great recommendations for your viewing pleasure can be found with a click of a button!

Have a great week! Rent some great films!

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