Black Dog Video Newsletter September 15th to 21st “The Future is the Past Edition!”


Giant floating head has something to say!

Giant floating head wants to inform you that the Black Dog website is undergoing a revamping. We’ve endeavoured to make it look nicer, more user friendly and include a blog written by myself and (hopefully) others. It will feature reviews, trailers, what’s going on at the stores, recipes and tips on grooming your dog. Probably. I’m also hoping to put together a podcast. Still working out the details on this. You can check it out here. But on a sour note – if you’re looking to find our catalogue on the website it’s not there and in all likelihood never will be. We’ve tried a couple times in the past to upload it and failed miserably. Our apologies. But you can always contact us via emails or use the telephone communication device. Hope to hear from you or better yet, see you in the stores!

New Releases


Cinderella – Lady Rose from Downton Abbey is forced to live with Cate Blanchett and her cruel daughters who makes life hell for her until a prince arrives to stoke her flames and kindle her rebellion. You know the story. Directed by Kenneth Branagh for some reason.


The D Train – Comedy with Jack Black and James Marsden and a high school reunion. I never went to my high school reunion. I’m not even sure if they even had one. It would be interesting to see some of the old school peeps and see who’s still alive, how much hair they have left and compare waistlines.


Empire Season 1 – Very good show (from what I’ve heard) about a music mogul who’s dying and must decide which of his family members to turn the business over to. My suggestion to keep things simple is to just have one child. That’s what I did and someday he’ll inherit my vast video store empire and rule the world!


Furious 7 – The latest, and possibly the best – at least the most lucrative – entry into the series adds more bald men to the cast – Vin Diesel, The Rock, Jason Statham, Tyrese Gibson – plus a bonus Kurt Russell to keep the ludicrous action humming along. It’s also Paul Walker’s last film. I bet you’ll cry.


Happy Valley – Tough police sergeant in Yorkshire has her hands full when a kidnapping goes awry and spirals violently out of control. Heard very good things about this British TV shoe. Sorry the box at the store is all in French. Don’t know what happened with that.


Iris – Great doc about fashion icon Iris Apfel (no, I never heard of her either but then again, I don’t know much about fashion or it’s icons) from the legendary filmmaker Albert Maysles (Grey Gardens). At Cambie, soon to Commercial.


The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst – Excellent and chilling doc about reclusive real estate magnet (different than icon) Robert Durst and what role he played in a series of unsolved crimes. High on my list of things to watch.


The Overnight – An attractive couple, new to town, set up a play-date for their kid with another attractive couple. They spend an evening together and things get sexy and possibly wife-swappy (why is there never any husband swap?) and hilarious comedy, I presume, ensues. I’ve been on many a play-date with my kid with the other kids parents and I’m almost positive that I’ve never swapped any wives. Oh Hollywood!


Sennentuntschi: Curse of the Alps – A Swiss horror film (when was the last time those words were put together?) about some lonely shepherds who decide to make a female companion out of straw and cloth to keep them company. Beats sheep, I guess. Of course, she comes to life and fulfills their desires but also, of course, she also exacts her revenge. Looks pretty cool if you ask me. Ask me! Commercial store only.

Coming Next Week

Jenny’s Wedding
Pitch Perfect 2

Recently Viewed and Recommended

Jinx: Life and Deaths of Robert Durst
What We Do in the Shadows
Mad Max :Fury Road
Ex Machina
It Follows
Inherent Vice
White God
The Knick Season 1

Have a great week folks! Eat well, sleep well, drink well, check out the blog and remember, keep watching.

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