Black Dog Video Newsletter September 13 – 19 “Once More with Feeling Edition!”


Ahhhh, DVDs!

This Saturday at the famed Cambie store (please don’t anyone go to the Commercial location although I expect that at least one person will show up there) at 9am till 11am, comes our sequel to Night of the Crazy DVD Sale that we held a few weeks back. There will be tons of very nice DVDs up for sale with prices ranging from $2 on up to $1 billion! If you’re a collector or just love movies drop on by as there will be many rare, out-of-print, box sets, war, documentaries, sci-fi, horror plus a whole lot more that will be up for grabs. You pay in cash and we’ll cover the tax! Doors open at 9am!

New Releases!


Captain America: Civil War – Pretty good, if overly long (why are all these damn movies like 11 hours long?!), Marvel action dealy that finds Captain America and a bunch of his buddies squaring off against the Iron Mans and a bunch of his pals for some reason. Ant-Man and Spider-Man highlight a fun brawl at the (suspiciously security-free) airport.


The Conjuring 2 – Some more scares get conjured up (ahem) in this sequel to a film called The Conjuring. This time it takes place in scary old England!


King Jack – Jack has problems with a shitty bully. Then his aunt falls ill and he has to look after his pipsqueak cousin. Makes for a tough summer in this well-received coming-of-age drama.


Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping– Funny guy Andrew Samberg entertains in this laugh-getter about a former boy-band boy who’s having a tough time staying relevant in today’s pop music landscape. Expect to be laughing while watching this.

Coming Soon!

Neon Bull
Measure of a Man
Free State of Jones
Last King
The Man Who Knew Infinity
Neighbours 2
Raiders! The Story of the Greatest Film Never Made
A Bigger Splash
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Recently Viewed and Recommended!

Kill Zone 2
Hardcore Henry
Green Room
The Witch
Captain America – Civil War
OJ – Made in America
The People vs OJ Simpson

For a few more recommendations click on this here button! For more recent favourites scroll to the bottom of that page.

That’s it for this week, my lovelies. Hope to see you all cash in fist this Saturday morning!

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