Black Dog Video Newsletter September 12-18 “It’s a Date Edition!”


Some dates to jot down in your calendar, your magic phone, in the clouds, the dark web or wherever you keep your dates ~ Sept 18th and 19th – The Cambie store will be closed from noon till 5pm as a film crew is taking over the space. If anyone want to be an extra, contact Ben at . Also, October 20th is International Independent Video Store Day! Not too sure yet what we’re going to do for it yet but it’ll be something nice and spicy.

New Releases!


Handmaid’s Tale Season 2– The second depressing season of this excellent show. A scary show for these scary times. We’ve only one copy with more on the way so please be patient and don’t freak out.


Jurassic World: Too Many Dinosaurs! – These movies aren’t particularly good but I do love dinosaurs and I do enjoy watching them eat people so I’ll give this one a spin.


Looking Glass– Nicolas Cage buys a motel where strange things are a happenin!


The Miniaturist – British drama finds a woman living in 17th century Amsterdam who has a fella make her miniatures of things she likes but soon they start to foreshadow events in her life. Sounds eerie!


Rolling Stone: Stories from the Edge – Very interesting looking doc about the famed magazine and all it’s rock and roll glory and such. It’s a two-parter as it’s almost 5 hours long. I’m game! You?


Siberia – Canoe Reeves travels to Siberia to look for his business partner. But of course, things don’t go as planned. Or do they? Probably not.


Silicon Valley Season 5 – Season 5 of Silicon Valley.


Stranger Things Season 2 – More spooky going’s on in this fun throwback monster horror chiller.


Superfly – Remake of the fab 70’s Blacksploitation classic set in modern times with a modern rap music sound-track!


Trolled – Trolls are hot right now, for some reason, so here’s another animated thing to keep your kids occupied while you do other, say, more adult stuff.

Coming Soon!

Bleeding Steel
Fahrenheit 451
Looming Tower
American Horror Story: Cult
Americans Season 6
Star Wars: A Solo Story
Izzy Gets the F*%k Across Town

One more thing before I let you get back to your real lives – we should have a new podcast up soon! Dylan is hard at work in the Black Dog Basement putting it together. Wish him good tidings!

And if you need some recommendations on what to watch, well here ya go!

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