Black Dog Video Newsletter Sept. 5-11 “Back to School Edition!”


The kids are back in school (and there was much rejoicing!), the air is thick with smoke and the New Releases are a bit thin – must be the first week of September! I’m not too sure why but this particular week has traditionally been slow for new stuff. But don’t fret! There’s piles of great titles on the way! Might be a good time to brush up on some fine older fare?

New Releases!


All Eyez on Me – Nice-looking bio-pic (if bio-pics are your thang) about rapper icon fella Tupac Shakur. Not starring a hologram but an actual human! I assume the movie explains why “Eyez” is spelling with a Z?


Broadchurch Season 3 – Cool beans! A fine, if not a bit grim from what I’ve been told, new season of this most excellent show!


The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks – Oprah (Winfrey) stars in this bio-pic (for those who enjoy bio-pics) about an African-American woman who unwittingly became a pioneer in the medical field when her cells were used to create the first immortal cell line in the 1950s. The future, today!


The Last Face – A couple of good-looking, well meaning folks – Charlize and Javier – work and romance together in Africa while trying to do some good. Directed by Sean Penn.


Silicon Vally Season 4 – A fine season 4 for this fine, funny show. Check out the Daniel Clowes box art!


Veep Season 6 – A fine season 6 for this fine, funny show! If only Daniel Clowes did the box art!

Coming Soon!

Ash v Evil Dead S2
David Lynch: The Art of Life
The Mummy
This is Us S1
Megan Leavey
It Comes at Night
City of Tiny Lights
The Dinner
The Other Side
Tale of Love and Darkness
Neither Heaven Nor Earth

In these hot and dreary times, one must take solace and coolness when one can find it. Might we recommend some films that might help lower the temperature for you? Check these frosty titles out!

Cold Prey
The Ice Storm
Let the Right One In
The Thing
Fargo (TV series as well!)
The Gold Rush
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
The Shining

I hope these chill you down. If you need more, current, suggestions please click this here button.

Talk at you next week!
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