Black Dog Video Newsletter October 11 – 17 “Celebrate Good Times Edition!”


This Saturday at your favourite Black Dog Video!

This Saturday is the big day, folks! The 6th annual International Independent Video Store Day! Drop in and help us celebrate all that is wonderful about the last remaining video stores. We’ll be doing raffles for a nice shiny new Blu Ray player, a mystery grab bag full of wonders and maybe a little special somethin’ somethin’. Also bring in a donation for the food bank (please be generous as they are in desperate need of food things) and we’ll absolve you of your outstanding late charges! There will be movie rental and sale deals and maybe even some balloons! Hope to see you there.

And in case you need some Halloween scary movie picks, follow along here and check out what we have to say. We’re doing a cool recommendation a day leading up to the 31st when we’ll publish our 100 Best Horror Films of All-Time List. Nice!

New Releases


11.22.63 – High School teacher James Franco (!) travels back in time to try to prevent the assassination of JFK in this Stephen King/JJ Abrams production. Heard quite good things about this despite everything I just said.


Adventure Time Season 6 – Adventure time, come on grab a friend…


Fresh off the Boat – If you’ve seen Vice TV’s Huang’s World (it’s pretty cool) you might want to check out this TV adaptation of how Eddie and his family got to America and what they did once they arrived.


Genius – Nice looking period drama with Colin Firth as Max Perkins who helped to “discover” some authors you may have heard of – Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Wolfe. I heard that they have the best words.


Ghostbusters – Remake of the beloved (by some, not me) tale of a bunch of science nerds battling ghosts in New York City. Good for some laughs, I presume.


Harmontown – Nifty doc that follows comedian Dan Harmon as he tours around with his excellent podcast after he was fired from the TV show, Community.


The Infiltrator – Good-looking thriller that has Breaking Bad working his way (infiltrating one might say) into Pablo Escobar’s money and drugs operation.


Lake Mungo – Well-received horror mystery from down under (Australia) about a girl who accidentally drowns and then, maybe, comes back to do some serious haunting. Mungo – only in Australia! Just in time for Halloween!


Legend of Tarzan – Alex Skarsgard and his crunchy abs be chilling in London when he gets a call back to the jungle form his ape pals to look into the shady dealings of a mining operation. Lots of monkey mayhem, I presume, ensues.


Preacher Season 1 – Sweet-looking TV series about a cursed Preacher (I think he’s somehow cursed – I can’t quite remember after reading the graphic novel so long ago) who goes around fighting bad guys and looking for God or something. Good stuff.


Spaceman – Docudrama about Bill “Spaceman” Lee who was a crazy MLB pitcher back in the day. Just in time for the World Series!


Swiss Army Man – The flatuent corpse of Harry Potter washes up on an island who’s only inhabitant is Paul Dano. They become fast friends and have many humorous adventures. It’s Weekend at Bernie’s updated for our times!


The Wailing – Excellent (from what I’ve been told) Korean occult/horror/mystery/thriller about a mysterious disease that is effecting a small community somewhere in Korea. Very high on my list to check out.


Wiener Dog – A sort of sequel to Welcome to the Dollhouse finds a grown-up Dawn Wiener (Greta Gerwig) as one of the oddball folks who come into contact with a nice little wiener dog. Love Todd Solonz!

Coming Soon!

Approaching the Unknown
Alice Through the Looking Glass
Cafe Society
Doctor Thorne
Independence Day 2: Resurgence
Night of…

Recently Viewed and Recommended!

Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Neon Demon
Scheider vs Bax
Wiener Dog
The Wailing
Preacher Season 1
Adventure Time Season 6

That’s it for this week folks. Hope to see all of your lovely faces Saturday and be sure to tell everyone you know and even some that you don’t to come on out!

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