Black Dog Video Newsletter Oct. 24 – 30 “Shocktoberfest Edition!”


Just wanted to give a nice shout-out to everyone who came by on Saturday to celebrate International Independent Video Store Day with us. We felt all warm and gooey inside, like a cinnamon bun, to see so much love and support from so many of you wonderful people. Makes us think that we’re doing an OK job! Kudos.

And of course it’s almost Halloween! Our favourite time of the year. There’s some Halloween shenanigans transpiring on Cambie Street this Saturday and on Commercial Drive on the 31st. We’ll be handing out candy to all the kids and there are other planned festivities to enjoy. More info can be found at the bottom of this missive.

New Releases!


Aferim! – Another gem from the new wave of Romanian cinema! This fine flick centres on a cop in early 19th century Romania who’s hired by a nobleman to track down an escaped Gypsy slave who had an affair with his wife. Something tells me it doesn’t end up well for the Gypsy slave. But maybe it does! I dunno! I haven’t seen it! Yet!


The B-Side – The great Errol Morris is back with this nice documentary about the life and times of photographer, Elsa Dorfman.


Chuck – Fine bio-pic that has Liev Schrieber playing heavyweight boxing fella, Chuck Wepner. Also stars Elizabeth Moss and Naomi Watts, so it has that going for it.


The Dark Tower – Muddled adaptation of Steve King’s Dark Tower series. Like, how do you distill a bunch of novels into one hour and a half movie? Even if you have the lovely and talented Idris Elba and Matt McConaughey in it?


Glory – Not to be undone by Romania’s fine cinematic output, neighbouring Bulgaria steps up to the plate and hits a home run with this tale of a railway worker who finds millions of dollars on the tracks and decides to hand it into the cops. That, it seems, was his first mistake.


Lady Macbeth – Sexy and violent tale of a woman forced into a grim marriage with a cold dead fish twice her age. She revolts by having a passionate affair with a younger dude. Things, it seems, don’t work out well for some. Heard great things about this little ditty.


The Leftovers Season 3 – The 3rd and last season of this excellent show. What happened to all those people that disappeared?


The Lure – Hasn’t the genre of “Polish flesh-eating mermaid musicals” been done to death already? Sheesh.


Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me – Lovely Criterion re-release of this much maligned (it’s actually pretty cool) David Lynch prequel to the fine TV show known as Twin Peaks. Nice timing as the new TV series hits the home video in early December!


War for the Planet of the Apes – The last movie in the recent trilogy of talking ape movies. Find out how the world became over-run with smart, talking primates! Pretty good movie but my only complaint is that there’s too much apes talking about boring things and not enough Woody Harrelson as the bad guy. And I felt bad for those horses who had to carry around gorillas and orangutans on their backs. Poor horses. Still worth a gander.


The Wilde Wedding – Great cast – Glenn Close, Malkovich, Captain Picard, and Minne Driver attempt to breathe life into this tale of a retired film star about to get married for the fourth time. Why bother?


The Wizard of Lies – Bob DeNiro plays that scumbag sleaze-ball Bernie Madoff and the ponzi scheme he created that ripped off his clients to the tune of billions of dollars. Also stars Michelle Pfeiffer and has Barry Levinson behind the wheel.

Coming Soon!

Annabelle: Creation
Cars 3
Your Name
Ingrid Goes West
Limehouse Golem
Poldark S3
The Crown S1
Westworld Season 1

In honour of this sweet scary month, may I present to you a hauntingly fine list of what we feel are the best horror movies ever made?

Here’s some more deets on what’s going down in the various hoods for Halloween. Hope to see you out and about!


Talk next week!

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