Black Dog Video Newsletter Oct 15-21 “Celebrate Good Times, Come On Edition!”


Well it’s that time of the year again – October! And, of course, that means the biggest, most important celebration of the year – Independent Video Store Day! That’s right, this Saturday pop into Black Dog Video to salute all that is wonderful and woolly about these dwindling movie havens. We’ll have a draw for a fabulous gift box, rental and sale deals plus lots of mirth and joy! Feel free to shower us with gifts and praise! Hope to see you there!

New Releases!


Bodied – Much ballyhooed rap battle/comedy/drama/possibly kung-fu flick that is all the rage at the moment.


Crawl – We haven’t had a good “giant alligator eats a bunch of actors” movie since, well Alligator (starring the late great Robert Forster). Directed by the fella that made High Tension and Piranha! Crawl, don’t walk, to get this one!


Dogman – New crime film, about a gentle dog groomer who’s pulled into the violent juicy crime underbelly. From the fella who made Gomorrah.


Framing John Delorean – Doc about that criminal/genius who invented the Back to the Future car.


The Haunting of Hill House – Top notch re-telling of the famous novel and movie but in terrifying mini-series form (Director’s Cut no less!). So good!


Light of My Life – Casey Affleck puts on the three pointed hat as writer/director/star of this post-apocalyptic drama as he and his 11 year-old daughter do what they must in order to survive in a world gone mad.


Marianne and Leonard: Words of Love – Lovely doc about Leonard Cohen and his muse from Norway, Marianne Ihlen.


Red Joan – Lady Dench stars in this thriller about real-life KGB spy, Red Joan (hence the title).


Stuber – Middling comedy that finds an Uber driver (finally someone made an Uber movie!) who gets recruited by a large detective for a night of shenanigans.


Tone- Deaf – This one looks like fun! Robert (Liquid Terminator) Patrick is an unhinged conservative widower who rents out a house to an unsuspecting liberal millennial woman. Hammers may be involved.

Coming Soon!

Lion King
Shetland Season 5
David Crosby: Remember My Name.
Barry Lyndon – Blu Ray
Suspiria – Blu Ray

And since it’s Shocktober, the scariest month around, here’s a couple of related items:

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Hope to see all your lovely faces out and about this Saturday!

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