Black Dog Video Newsletter November 29 – December 4th “Buy Buy! Sell Sell! Edition!”


Indeed we do!

As some of you may already know we buy DVDs! If you want to de-clutterify and help us out in the process, bring in your fancy collection of DVDs and we’ll give you either store credit – $1 per disk – or cold hot cash – .50 per unit. We’re pretty picky about what we take, please no 40 Year-old Virgins or Sex and the City 2, and they have to be in good shape. We’re also open to donations if you please. Very open. If you catch my drift.

We’re also hiring over at the Cambie location (with possible shifts at Commercial) so drop off a resume at Cambie and we’ll see what’s what.

New Releases!


Absolutely Fabulous Movie – Movie version of the hit TV show finds the boozy ladies hiding out in France after knocking Kate Moss into the River Thames for some reason. Heard this flick was middling at best. Maybe they should just leave well-enough alone? Just maybe.


The BFG – New Senior Speilbergo flick finds a Big Fucking Giant (I think that’s what the title stands for) being shunned by other giants because he doesn’t eat children. Too boney is my guess.


Don’t Breathe – Well-reviewed horror number from the guy that brought you that pretty darn good Evil Dead remake a few years ago about some fools who think it’s going to be easy to home invade that blind guy. Then things happen!


Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalam – Oscar nominated drama from Israel finds a woman trying to divorce her dick of a husband. He refuses. To make matters worse, divorce cannot be granted without the husband’s permission, for some reason.


Hell of High Water – Excellent crime drama about a pair of brothers who go to lengthy extremes to prevent the bank from foreclosing on the family farm. I wonder if those extremes include clown college? Probably not by the way they carry those guns and heavy bags of something (dicks? Probably cash). Expect to see this on many best of the year lists.


The Intervention – Four nice-looking couples go away for the weekend only to learn that it’s an intervention for one of the lucky pairs! Much drama, a little comedy and some high tensions, I presume, ensue. Make a good double bill with The Invitation.


The Living and the Dead – Cool-looking haunted farmhouse TV series from across the pond! A lovely young couple inherits a farm in the middle of nowhere that’s plagued by supernatural doings. Might want to read the small print on your inheritances.


The Mechanic: Resurrection – Jason Statham either plays a car mechanic dealing with car problems or a suave assassin for hire that’s pulled back in for “one last job”. Not too sure as I haven’t seen it.


Ordinary World – Judging by the cover art this flick looks to be about the singer guy from Green Day who goes around bludgeoning babies with his guitar. I’m hoping that is what it’s about but I fear it may be a drama/comedy about a former punk rock guy (who doesn’t club any babies) going through a mid-life crisis.


Pete’s Dragon – Live action remake (hello Jungle Book!) about a guy named Pete (played by some kid with the unfortunate name of Oakes Fegely) who’s best friend is a dragon. Probably not the flesh-eating, town- scorching type of dragon ala Game of Thrones. Just a guess.

Coming Soon!

Complete Unknown
Don’t Think Twice
I Am Bolt
In Order of Disappearance
Jason Bourne
Phantasm: Ravager
Secret Life of Pets
De Palma
James White
My Golden Days

– note – that Beatles: Eight Days a Week DVD was recalled for some reason but should be here within the next week or so.

Recently Viewed and Recommended!

Hell or High Water
Don’t Breathe
Kubo and the Two Strings
Game of Thrones Season 6
Sausage Party
Captain Fantastic
Night of
Wiener Dog
The Wailing
Swiss Army Man
Preacher Season 1

That’s it for this week folks! Stay warm, stay dry, keep watching!

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