Black Dog Video Newsletter May 28 – June 4 “Dinosaur Days Edition!”


We’re not ones to take to the political stump here at Black Dog laboratories but I just have to chime in on how disappointed we all are with our pathetic government’s dreadful decision regarding the Kinder Morgan pipeline fiasco. How in any way shape or form can this be a good idea? How about taking some of those squillions of dollars and get some proper drinking water to the first nations areas that desperately need it? Or investing it in alternative forms of energy? I could go on about where to spend this dough and not relegate Canada to the wrong side of history as being leaders in dinosaur energy. Ack.! Makes me so mad. Know what doesn’t make me mad? Movies! We have lots! And talking about movies! We have a podcast! Check it out here. There should be a new episode up by the weekend and the plan is to release a new one every two weeks or so. Stay tuned…

New Releases


Annihilation – Pretty cool sci-fi mind-bender from the fella that brought Ex Machina into your living rooms. Natalie Portman leads a band of tough women into “The Shimmer” to find out what happens in there and what happened to the folks that went on in before. Mix together a little bit of 2001, Stalker, The Thing, Invasion of the Body Snatchers Alien, The Fountain and probably a few more to get a nice sci-fi stew that’s one of the more interesting and cool films of the year.


Death Wish – Just what the world needs right now – Bruce Willis going on a vengeance rampage. Thanks, Eli Roth.


Django – Nice-looking bio-pic about Django Reinhardt (no Tarantino involvement here) and his flight from German occupied Paris in 1943. (Should be here by the end of the week)


Delirium – Haunted house movie about a guy who thinks his house is haunted. (Should be here by the end of the week)


Every Day – Odd sounding teen-thing about a shy girl who falls for someone who transforms into someone different every day. Not too sure if it’s based on a true story or not. I’ll err on the side of caution and say that it is. (Should be here by the end of the week)


Gringo – Charlize Theron, David Oyelolo and some others romp around in this action comedy about a fella caught up in some nasty stuff he’d rather not be caught up in. (Should be here by the end of the week)


Harmonium – Excellent tense little dramatic affair about a guy who invites an old acquaintance into his family and gives him a job. Of course, things start to unravel after a while. Much acclaimed this film is.


Miss Kiet’s Children – Excellent doc about a very nice teacher of refugees in Holland. Lovely. (Should be here by the end of the week)


On the Beach at Night Alone – Terrific little drama about a woman wandering the beach at night alone (see title) pondering her affair with a married man.


The Other Side of Hope – The latest from the great Aki Kaurismaki finds a poker-playing restaurateur befriending some refugees in Finland. I expect great things.


The Road Movie – Nutty film from Russia complied of motorists dash cams as they record the insanity on the roads of crazy Russia. I could watch this stuff for days. (Should be here by the end of the week)


Thoroughbreds – Most excellent dark comedy about former teenage friends, who have grown apart, who rekindle their unlikely friendship with darkly funny results. Think if Heathers hooked up with American Psycho and had a weird terrible baby. (Should be here by the end of the week)


Wrinkle in Time – Colourful special-effects laden adaptation of the kids book about some kids going through space and time to find their dad or something like that.

Coming Soon!

Death of Stalin
Tomb Raider
Sherlock Gnomes
Love, Simon
The Strangers: Prey at Night

Speaking of podcasts, our buddies over at Filmed in Canada have a swell one going on. I was a guest on a recent episode and it was a lot of fun. Check it out here.

That’s it for this week, folks. Have a great week, stay out of the sun, stay hydrated, pet a nice dog and remember, keep watching (and listening).

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