Black Dog Video Newsletter May 2 – 8 “Sweet Sweet Swag Edition!”

Swiggity-sweet Swag!

Swiggity-sweet Swag!

So we’ve finally made good on our threat to bring in alternative products (alternative to movies that is) for sale at the stores. Look for such interesting and cool items as Dawn of the Dead mugs and playing cards, Clockwork Orange lunch-boxes, Ouija playing cards, Sasquatch T-shirts, Audrey Hepburn mugs with more fabulous stuff to come! I just have to build some shelves to display all this quality merch on and we’ll be laughing! Laughing!

New Releases


The Comedian – Funny man Robert DeNiro (?!) looks back on his life as an aging insult comic. For a movie titled The Comedian there sure seems to be a short supply of actual comedians in it.


A Dog’s Purpose – To fetch the newspapers? To pee on your pillow? To eat your shoes? To tear out the mail-delivery person’s throat? I assume that the purpose for the dog in this nice family film is none of those.


Divorce Season 1 – New HBO show finds Thomas Hayden Church and his terrible moustache getting divorced from Sarah Jessica Parker and her enormous horse-shaped head. Not too sure if there’s anyone else in this funny show with 3 names but at least you have these two. Still hoping that Lou Diamond Philips makes an appearance.


Fifty Shades Darker – Did we need another creepy sequel to that other movie? I guess we did. Shot here in sexy Vancouver town so it has that going for it.


Gold – Mat McConaughey and some terrible hair stars as a gold digger fella in search of gold up in them darn hills of Indonesia. Loosely based on true things.


I Am Not Your Negro – Excellent doc about writer James Baldwin and the story of modern race relations in the good ole US of A.


The Love Witch – Awesome psychedelic-tinged, 60’s flavoured cult item about a modern day witch who uses witchcraft (what else would she use, she’s a witch!) to make men fall in love with her. But do her spells work too well? Are there unforeseen consequences involved with such witchery? Watch and find out!


Ninth Floor – Fine doc from local filmmaking hero, Mina Shum, chronicles the occupation of the ninth floor (title!) of Sir George Williams University in Montreal after the reported mishandling of racist accusations by the school’s administration back in the day. Check it out!


Orange is the New Black Season 4 – The ladies in orange are back for more behind prison walls hijinks.


Paterson – Latest flick from Jim Jarmuch flick finds a guy named Paterson driving a bus and writing poetry in a town called Paterson. Heavy. And funny. And thoughtful. And other stuff.


Rings – Another movie about that cursed video tape (!) that if you watch it, you die within 7 days. I guess that’s why everyone switched to DVD.


Tunnel – Thriller from South Korea about a fella on his way home from work (this commute is gonna kill me!) who gets trapped when the poorly constructed tunnel he’s driving through collapses on him. Bummer.

Coming Soon!

Into the Forest
Despite the Falling Snow
The Space Between Us
Shepherds and Butchers

We have a ton of great things to recommend for your viewing pleasure. All you have to do is click here for New Releases we like and here for a world of everything else!

That’s it for this week folks. Hope to see your lovely faces in the stores soon.

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