Black Dog Video Newsletter May 2 – 8 “Only 4 More Sleeps Edition!”


Yes you read that right, only four more sleeps (depending on if you actually sleep or not) until our mega-monster-madness sale! This Sunday, May 6th at 10am over yonder at the Cambie Store (please don’t show up at Commercial) we’ll fling open our doors and let you have at the thousands of DVDs and Blu Rays (think Criterions people!) we’ve gathered. Prices start at $5! You pay in cash and we’ll cover the tax! And if you can, BYOB – bring your own bag. Should be epic! Take a peek at the bottom of this missive for a sweet sampling of what will be up for sale.

New Releases!


A Child in Time – Swell looking BBC dealy with Benny Cumberpatch and Kelly McDonald as parents (he’s a famous author) whose 4 year-old sprog goes missing while shopping for food stuffs.


Blue Planet II – More amazing underwater photography of fishes and assorted things that live in the sea. Enjoy it while you can before humans ruin everything down there as well.


My Friend Dahmer – Ever wonder what Jeffery Dahmer was like as a teenager, you know, before all the cannibalism and what-not? Here’s your chance. (On Blu Ray at the moment – DVDs are on the way)


Peter Rabbit – A talking rabbit and his pals try to sneak into the farmer’s garden to do what rabbits do. No, not that! They want to eat all the carrots!


The Teacher – Comedy/drama from Czech Republic about a mean and nasty teacher with strong Communist ties who arrives at a school to be mean and nasty in 1983.


Thelma – A repressed and religious (kind of go hand in hand, no?) girl from the Norwegian countryside goes to the big city to go to school and falls for a female classmate. But as her feelings grow, so do her telekinetic powers! I’m on board with this one.


Violent Life – A French radical returns to Corsica for a friend’s funeral. Will it be his undoing? I don’t know! I haven’t seen the film.


Winchester – Ho-hum ghost story finds Dame Helen Mirren as eccentric firearms heiress, Sarah Winchester, who believes her huge mansion is haunted by all the folks killed by her family’s guns. That would be a lot of ghosts. Like, a lot.

Coming Soon!

Fifty Shades Freed
Rick and Morty Season 3
Thanks You for Your Service
Black Panther
Unforgotten Season 2

As promised here’s a splash of deliciousness that can be yours come this Sunday! Hope to see you there! (Well and in the stores renting some fine films before then as well)


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