Black Dog Video Newsletter May 10 – 16 “So Thirsty Edition!”


“You know nothing, John Snow”

You like to drink water? Cold delicious water? We can help. We’re selling off our water cooler at the Cambie store! Now you can drink water like a pro or hover around it at home (or office, or camper van or in your zeppelin) and talk about who died in last night’s episode of Game of Thrones. It’s only $40 and it’ll go fast. A guy named Steve has been lurking around asking about it so you might want to move on it.

New Releases!


Creative Control – Cool-looking mind-bending sci-fi drama (shot in lovely black and white) about a guy in the near-future of Brooklyn (wonder if it’s still littered with hipsters and their beards?) who uses a new type of technology – something called Augmented Reality – to carry on an affair with his friend’s girlfriend. Sort of. That’s all the description there is so there ya go.


Deadpool – Despite starring Ryan Reynolds, this flick is a blast! A dying guy undergoes some shady treatment at the hands of a mean unfeeling psycho only to be transformed into Deadpool who can’t be killed or maimed (he’ll even grow things back!). He then proceeds to track down and eliminate the guy who made him a monster. Lots of winking at the camera, and the superhero genre in general – maybe a little too much for me – and tons of great violence and sexy bits make this one of the best of the Marvel films (even if there’s some shoddy CGI). And not for the kiddies which is a nice change of pace.


The Fall S2 – Scully is back in this intense, gripping detective show hunting down some bad men. If you loved Season 1, and I know that you did, you’ll fall for season 2. Get it? Fall for? Heh-heh.


Mustang – Oscar-nominated Turkish film about 5 sisters who are imprisoned in their own home for fear of them being promiscuous and such with the neighbouring boys. Sounds like a Turkish Virgin Suicides. Turvirgin Suicides? Heard it’s a pretty great film.


Orange is the New Black S3 – Oh those inmate scamps are back for more hijinks and showers and comedy and drama.


The Program – Drama about an Irish journalist who suspects that douchy American bike rider, Lance Armstrong, is using banned substances to win all those Tour de Franceses. It seems he was right. From great director Stephen Frears (High Fidelity, The Grifters, The Hit) so it has that going for it.


Synchronicity – Cool-looking mind-bending sci-fi thriller about a guy who builds a time machine (I’m still working on mine out back in the garage) to go back in time to reveal the truth about his creation and the woman who’s trying to steal it. If I could go back in time I’d go back to my university years and accept that dinner invitation from Lisa S.. Or kill Hitler. Not too sure.


War & Peace – Pretty good (from what I hear) adaptation of the famous Russian novel by Tolstoy about the Russian revolution and the Russian lives it affected.


Where to Invade Next – Michael Moore’s latest doc finds him “invading” various countries to see what they have to offer the US for their next invasion. I hear it’s pretty darn funny.

Coming Soon!

The Heavy Water War
Eisenstein in Guatamala
Janis: Little Girl Blue
10,000 Saints
Dirty Grandpa
The Witch

Recently Viewed and Recommended

Hard to Be a God (not for all tastes for sure)
World of Kanako
Where to Invade Next
Orange is the New Black S3
Son of Saul
The Club
The Revenant

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See you all next week. Same time (sort of). Same intranets.

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