Black Dog Video Newsletter June 7 – 13 “Haut Deals Edition!”


“We’re all gonna die and I haven’t seen Kramer vs Kramer yet!”

Who doesn’t like a good deal? Maybe Satan? No he probably enjoys a good deal…for your soul! Anyway, we’ve slightly adjusted the lovely deals at the stores. As follows…

Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday – Rent 2 and get a 3rd for FREE!
Monday – 2 for 1 – anything in the store
Wednesday – Rent 5 old titles for $10! Good times.

Also it’s Italian Days over on the Drive this Sunday. You’ve been warned.

Lots of great stuff this week so let’s get to it, shall we?

New Releases


13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi – Actiony dramatization of the attack on the US compound in Libya back in the day. It’s directed by Michael Bay so expect lots of slow motion flag waving and close ups of scantily clad women washing motorcycles.


Anomalisa – From the brilliant mind of Charlie Kaufman (Being John Malkovich) comes this amazing film all done up like with stop motion animation. It’s about a guy hoping to escape the mundane existence he finds himself trapped in. Or something like that. Look for this on many best of the year lists.


The Boy and the Beast – Awesome looking anime from the director of the great Wolf Children finds an orphaned street urchin falling in with some magical beasts.


Buzzard – Excellent little indie comedy/drama finds an angry young man lashing out at the system that wants to bring him down. And he has a special magical “power glove!”. Heard great things about this one.


Hail Caesar! – Another gem from the Coen Brothers finds a Josh Brolin as a Hollywood fixer in the 1950’s who has to try to find a missing George Clooney. Hilarity, I presume, ensues.


Jauja – Odd sounding western weird-o trip finds Viggo Mortensen traveling with his daughter from Denmark to “an unknown desert that exists in a realm beyond the confines of civilization”. Ok then.


Kroll Show Season 3 – More laughs coming at your face!


Reality – Another stab at absurdity courtesy of Quentin Duplieux (Wrong, Rubber) finds a film director who’s given 48 hours to find an Oscar worthy “groan” in order to get backing for his new film. And there ya go. I loved Rubber and Wrong so this seems right up my alley. It’s a dark and twisted alley.


Touched with Fire – Two bio-polar mental patients meet in a facility and begin a nice and not-so nice romance.


Vinyl Season 1 – Cool as beans TV show about a music producer in the rockin’ 1970’s.


The Wonders – Very nice looking film about a family of Italian beekeepers whose lives are interrupted by a reality show. Again with the Italian beekeepers!


Zootopia – Most excellent animated adventure comedy finds a rookie bunny cop teaming up with a smooth-talking con-artist fox to unravel a mysterious conspiracy. Good for kids. Good for adults. Good for everyone in between.

Coming Soon!

10 Cloverfield Lane
45 Years
Ballers S1
Eddie the Eagle
Hello, My Name is Doris
Legend of Barney Thompson
London Has Fallen
X-Files: The Event Series

Recently Viewed and Recommended

Hail Caesar!
The Witch
The Wonders
The Boy and The Beast
The Heavy Water War

For more fabulous recommendations go here.

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