Black Dog Video Newsletter June 27 – July 3 “Canada Yay Edition!”


Oh, Canada, you turn 150 this Saturday! You don’ look a day over 130, you scamp, you. To do our patriotic duty we’ll be offering a free Canadian catalogue title when you rent any movie at either location! Lots of great Canadian films will be available for your enjoyment! Hope to see you waving your flag high and mighty and proud.

Here’s another review from local scribe, Axel Matfin. This week he takes a gander at The Bodyguard!

New Releases!


Belko Experiement – A corporation in Bogota, in an attempt in team building, locks 80 Americans in a high rise and makes them kill or be killed. I tried that when we first opened the store, 21 years ago, in an effort to bring us all closer together. Didn’t work out very well. Written by James Gunn of Guardians of the Galaxy and Slither fame.


Bitter Harvest – Jerk, Stalin, imposes what was known as Holodomor – the systematic starving of millions of folks in the Ukraine in the 1930s. It’s up to Yuri to save his sweet love, Natalka, from an unfortunate and grim fate.


King Charles III – One of those “what-if” scenarios in which the Queen dies and Charles ascends the throne. Drama, chaos, riots in the street and a tank in front of Buckingham Palace, I presume, ensue.


Mr. Gaga – Swell doc about renowned dance fellow, Ohad Naharin, and the all the dancing and all the life stuff he is famous for.


Neruda – Detective hunts down famed poet, Pablo Neruda, who became a fugitive in Chile back in the day for joining the Communist Party. Stars the very handsome Gael Garcia Bernal and is directed by the fella who made Tony Manero, Jackie and The Club.


Two is a Family – Party dude, Samuel, has a sprog dropped off at his place by his mom claiming that it’s his kid. She takes off and leaves the two of them alone. Drama, comedy and many life lessons, I presume, ensue.

Coming Soon!

The Blackcoat’s Daughter
The Zookeeper’s Wife
Song to Song
The Void
Fateful Findings
Fate of the Furious
Lost City of Z
Their Finest

Lots of nice stuff to recommend for your viewing pleasure. Just click here and open a world of wonders.

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