Black Dog Video Newsletter June 13 – 20 “If You Like Us Edition!”

We’re half-way through the year known as 2017 and Black Dog is still kicking up dust, making a fuss. It’s not easy these days, as you are all well aware, for us to keep on keeping on. Rent is going up, taxes are stupid in this town and folks are less interested, it seems, in what we have to offer. We don’t want to go anywhere and I’m sure the vast majority of you feel the same way. We’ve tried our darnedest to keep things running but it’s a tough road to hoe (that’s a saying, right?). I don’t want to bore you with the same old song and dance but if you like us…read more

There’s not much new this week but we have many lovely films and TV shows on the way to satisfy your every (movie) desire! We’re also going to start featuring customer reviews! Good friend of the store, Axel Matfin, chimes in with the first of, what we hope, will be an ongoing affair. Read more…

New Releases


Aftermath – Former Governator, Ah-nold Schwarzenegger, tells us what life will be like once all the math has been taught and learned by everyone…what’s that? That’s not what this is about? My apologies…An large man seeks some revenge on the air traffic controller responsible for a plane crash that killed his family. Supposedly based on actual, non-math related, events!

Coming Soon!

Fateful Findings
Vikings Season 4 Part 2
Sense of an Ending
The Assignment
Table 19
Bitter Harvest
Journey to the West 2

We have lots of wonderful things for sale in the stores at the moment including: Brand spanking new Black Dog Video Hoodies and T-Shirts, Totoro Hoodies, Studio Ghibli socks, Clockwork Orange Lunch Boxes and playing cards, other stuff and tons of great DVDs and Blu Rays for you to buy and cherish for years to come!

Here’s a nice link to many quality movie suggestions if you need some help for the future! Enjoy.

Sorry for all the words in this edition but desperate times…Hope to see all of your lovely faces in the stores soon!

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