Black Dog Video Newsletter July 23 – 29 “Fresh and Tasty Dates Edition!”


Dates! Get it?

We’ve got a couple of important dates for you to jot down in your calendars or day-timer or forearm…

September 17th – Our next big DVD sale! It will be a the Cambie location at 9am until 11am. We’ll be offering over a thousand DVDs and Blu rays for sale. All kinds of cool stuff – classics, noir, horror, sci-fi, cult, war, box sets and much more. Details to follow.

September 1st – Late night comedy at Black Dog Commercial. Dylan Rhymer hosts an evening of funny business! Details can be found here.

October 15th – International Independent Video Store Day! – A celebration of all things video store. Prizes, draws and free hugs! More details to come.

August 27th – Street party dealie on Cambie! See the poster at the bottom of this page for deets.

New Releases!


Ash vs The Evil Dead – Fun and gory and awesome TV series starring Bruce Campbell (Boy Howdy!) as Ash who, for some reason, is still fighting those evil dead creatures. Good times.


Camille Claudel 1915 – Juliette Binoche is Camille Claudel who’s confined to an asylum in the winter of 1915. Much French drama, I presume, ensues.


The Huntsman: Winter’s War – Don’t really know (or care to be honest) what this one is about. Something to do with a handsome fella and beautiful woman who try to keep their love affair secret from an evil witch or something. You decide!


Maggie’s Plan – Nice romantic comedy/drama that finds Greta Gerwig having an affair with Ethan Hawke, destroying his marriage (go figure) in the process. She then gets bored with him and devises a plan – Maggie’s Plan! – to give him back to his ex-wife. Hijinks and funny business, I presume, ensue.


The Nice Guys – Shane Black’s (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) latest flick finds Canada’s favourite baby goose, Ryan Gosling, along with Russell Crowe as a couple of mismatched private eyes who are on the case of the apparent suicide of a porn actress in 1970’s LA. I’m sold!


Ratchet and Clank – Some cute animals and robots join forces to save the world or galaxy or something in this nice animated kid’s fare.


The Walking Dead Season 6 – More zombies, mores dining, more over-acting, more frustrating characters who just won’t get eaten! Dinner is served!


Weiner – Excellent doc about Anthony Weiner, the congressman with the unfortunate last name, who liked to send dick-pics to all of those people who really didn’t want to see such a thing. They say it’s the Spinal Tap of political docs. Sign me up (just not for the pictures).

Coming Soon!

A Perfect Day
Blunt Talk Season 1
The Jungle Book
Me Before You
The Night Manager Season 1
Shameless Season 6

Recently Viewed and Recommended!

O.J. Made in America
The Invitation
The Lobster
Green Room
Sing Street

Have a safe and wonderful week my lovelies! Here’s the poster I was yammering on about…

Sizzler Poster 2016

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