Black Dog Video Newsletter July 19 – 25 “Night of the Crazy DVD Sale Edition!”


Its gonna be awesome!

So we’re just 2 1/2 weeks away from the biggest DVD sale the universe has ever seen! Thousands of DVDs will be available for purchase during a fun, “Midnight Madness” type of event on August 5th at the Commercial Black Dog. Click here for more details! And for more up-to-date information on what’s happening or to leave a friendly comment check out the Facebook event page here.

One other note – there won’t be a newsletter next week as I’m going, sigh, camping for a few days. We’ll be back the following week strong, cleaned and revitalized!

New Releases

(again, Purolator being swamped and not able to deal with it, has not delivered our films yet. They have no estimated time of arrival but, fingers crossed, hopefully sometime today. This is so very frustrating for us. Apologies)


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Batman and Superman fight each other for some reason in this long, sloggy mess of a movie. You know you’re in trouble when Ben Affleck is the best ting about your film.


Born to be Blue – Ethan Hawke is Chet Baker in this well-received bio-pic detailing the famous jazz-man’s life in the 60s..


Elvis v Nixon: Dawn of Justice – Michael Shannon is Elvis and Kevin Spacey is Nixon in this well-received bio-pic about the famous two-some who met back in the 70s for some reason. The result was the most requested photograph from the American National Archives ever. Oh, America, you’re so cute.


Kill Zone 2 – The amazing Tony Jaa steps into the Kill Zone too as he tries to take down a crime boss using his very persuasive fists of fury.


Magicians Season 1 – Cool-looking TV show about some students who are recruited by a special magical school. Kinda like Harry Potter but more for bigger kids. I read the books and quite enjoyed them. Hoping for good things.


Miles Ahead – Don Cheadle is Miles Davis in the well-received bio-pic of the famous jazz-man and his cool daddy-o times.


Sleeping Giant – Great-looking Canadian film about 3 teens spending their summer at a cottage on Lake Superior. Much comedy, drama and life lessons, I presume, ensue. Heard very good things about this one.


Tricked – A dudes 50th birthday party doesn’t go quite as expected as he finds that his business partners are plotting against him and his pregnant mistress shows up. Awkward! From the great Paul Verhoeven (Starship Troopers, 4th Man)

Coming Soon (hopefully)!

The Lobster
ESPN Films: 30 for 30: OJ Made in America
Barbershop 3: The Next Cut
Dark Stranger
I am Wrath
Sing Street

Recently Viewed and Recommended!

10 Cloverfield Lane
Only Yesterday
Green Room
Everybody Wants Some
The Wave
Boy and the World
Janis: Little Girl Blue
The Witch

I hope that everyone has a great week and again, sorry for the delay in getting you these hot new releases. It’s not as it if it isn’t hard enough running a video store in 2016, but this definitely does not help. Cheers.

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