Black Dog Video Newsletter July 18-24 “Stink Flower Edition!”


So after you’re finished lining up for hours to see a giant flower that smells like a garbage corpse, don’t forget to pop into the Dog to get some fine entertainment to wash out the memory of that highlight of your summer. We have lots of amazing things that don’t require line-ups or an assault on your olfactory senses. (That said I wish I had gone to see the thing)

New Releases


Chappaquiddick – Drama about that ill fated and mysterious car ride that Ted Kennedy took back in 1969 that ended up in a swamp and a with dead passenger. What happened? Was there a cover-up? Was it the Kennedy curse? Watch and find out! (at Commercial, soon to Cambie)


Future World – Mad Max knock off finds James Franco driving around looking for a mythical cure for his ailing mother in the wasteland that is our future.


I Am a Hero – Strange things begin to happen to a guy when, on his way home from work, he witnesses a fatal car crash but then the victim gets up and walks away! Ai Carumba! This one looks pretty cool!


I Feel Pretty – Amy Schumer falls down and when she awakes she believes she’s the most beautiful woman ever to walk the planet. Comedy hi-jinks and life lessons galore, I presume, ensue.


Keeping Faith – A small-town pregnant lawyer in Wales investigates the mysterious disappearance of her husband in this fine looking British TV production.


Like Me – Crazy, violent, fun-looking satire that follows a psychopathic young woman as she documents her killing spree on the social medias – you know, the Facebooks, the Twitters, the Depp Web (and the Deep Web), the Bamboozles, the Shimmy-Shams, the Reddits, and so forth… (at Commercial, soon to Cambie)


Loch Ness – Another fine British TV series finds a rookie detective trying to find a killer in the famed region of wherever Loch Ness is. And no, Nessie is not a suspect.


Ready Player One – Senior Speilbergo directs this fun actiony sci-fi thing where, in a Future where everyone is obsessed with 80’s pop culture for some reason, the world sets out to find an Easter Egg (bonus thing) in a game after it’s designer dies. Good fun romp, if not a little too long. Why can’t filmmakers just end their films instead of drawing it out? Come on, Steve!

NOTICE! – Isle of Dogs and Super Troopers 2 are both now available at all Black Dog locations!

Coming Soon!

Lean on Pete
Ismael’s Ghosts
Final Portrait

If you’re interested in checking out some of our (mine) favourite movies of the this and other years, check out my letterboxd page here! And also the Black Dog recommends pager here!

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