Black Dog Video Newsletter July 10 – 16 “Free Movie Just for You Edition!”


Check out this cool looking new local film premiering at the Rio this week (Thursday the 12th). Want to go? We have some free tickets to give away! The first of you fine folks who replies to this newsletter or to our Facebook page and says, “Yes, please” to the tickets will be on the guest list (max 2 per winner). Get those fingers all limbered up.

New Releases!


Escape Plan 2: Hades – Sly Stallone teams up with Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy to break into a fancy prison to find his friend.


The Expanse Season 3 – This fine sci-fi show just gets better and better.


Isle of Dogs – Another home-run stop-motion extravaganza from Wes Anderson finds a boy in search of his dog (who’s been sent to an island for bad puppies) in Japan (at Cambie right this minute and hopefully soon to Commercial).


Rampage – The Rock has to fight a giant monkey, a giant crocodile and a giant flying penguin (or something, maybe a badger?) for some reason in this fun take on the popular video game. Is there anything the Rock can’t do?


Sneaky Pete: Season 1 – Fine television program that finds an ex-con, on the run from a nasty piece of criminal business, assuming the identity of his former prison cell mate. I can get behind this.


Super Troopers 2 – Don’t know much about the Super Troopers except that the hi-jinks in this comedy spills across the border into Canada. Expect many maple syrup, RCMP, beaver and nice people jokes. (at Cambie right this minute and hopefully soon to Commercial)


Truth or Dare – Meh looking horror film about some attractive young people playing a game of truth or dare that turns deadly when someone – or something (Ahhh!) – starts bumping them off.


The Tunnel Season 3 – Season 3 of the Tunnel. French and English cops get together to solve cross-border crimes. Good stuff.


Unsane – Nice-looking little mind-bender from great “retired” director Steven Soderburgh finds a troubled woman (Claire Foy) being committed to a mental hospital. Are her delusions in her head or are they something more?


You Were Never Really Here – This is probably my most anticipated film so far this year. A broken army vet, Joaquin Phoenix, with hammer in hand, takes on the nasty job of tracking down a missing girl. From fine director Lynne Ramsay.

Coming Soon!

Ready Player One
Future World
Lean on Pete
Atlanta Season 1
I Feel Pretty

That’s it for this week, folks. Enjoy these warm summer days. Enjoy these warm summer movies. (If you need some suggestions on what to rent, click here)

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