Black Dog Video Newsletter for Week Ending March 12th

Well what do you know, Black Dog (Cambie location) turns sweet 16 today! Holy hotdogs, we’re sixteen years old! And like that unruly teenager who’s been plaguing your life, we’re still here and are not going away. It’s been quite the ride over the last sixteen years, lots of highs and plenty of lows. We’ve had some amazing staff come and go and some great customers do the same. That has been the best part of the business (that and still being around after all this time) – the people. We’ve made some great friends – staff and patrons alike and continue to do so. There’s been some struggles – the fire of ’04 which almost did us in, the ugly dirt bus hole which devastated the street for well over a year (still pissed about how all that came about) and the decimation of the local video stores last year which almost sunk us as well. But we survived all of that and are stronger and better than ever. I have to thank all of the great people who’ve worked for me over the years and all of the great customers who’ve supported us. Cheers to you all. To show our appreciation, starting today at the Cambie location you can come in and rent any of our old title comedies and get one for free! In addition, if you have accrued any late charges (you know who you are!) bring in a donation to the food bank – again please no expired clams, anteater snouts, or deviled anal tissue in jelly – and we’ll wipe out your outstanding late charges. This fabulous offer runs until this Sunday the 15th. The 2 for 1 offer is not good to those of you renting on Wednesday and taking advantage of the great 5 films for $8.00 deal. Enjoy!

New Releases for Tuesday March 6th

Animals United – German animated fare (it’s been dubbed into English so don’t fret) about some animals living in Africa who discover the humans (evil humans of course) have built a damn for their leisure enjoyment that has cut off the poor animal’s water supply. So I imagine that the animals somehow take action to rectify the situation. I’m hoping for a Day of the Animals type scenario but since this is a kids film I imagine that the bloodshed will be kept to a minimum.

Footloose – Remake of the tasty Kevin bacon number from years past. A city boy with penchant for rock and roll (yes that evil rock ‘n roll!) and dancing moves to a small town where, for some reason, these activities have been outlawed. Can his rebellious spirit overcome the conservative obstacles in his way and will he win the heart of the local gal who’s sweet on him? The answer lies on DVD and Blu Ray.

Game of Thrones Season 1 – Finally! The long awaited debut of this great show on the DVD and the Blu Ray. Soap opera set in this great fantasy medieval universe has it all – knights, kings, queens, evil doers, eunuchs, zombie like creatures, dragons, castles, politics, blood and guts, rampant nudity and sex, incest, jousting and all kinds of other fun stuff. Highly recommended for those of you are into these kinds of things.

I Melt with You – A bunch of friends – Thomas Jane, Rob Lowe and Jeremy Piven – meet for their annual reunion. Things start to go off the rails as some sort of traumatic thing from their past rears it ugly head. Much Mamet-like drama, I presume, ensues.

Immortals – Very pretty to look at – lots of nice lighting, slow motion carnage and crunchy abs dominate this mediocre tale of gods and titans and mortals battling it our for some sort of magic bow. Some great inspired gore and violence can’t really make up for poor acting, a lifeless script and some boring passages. Worth a look for the cinematography, especially under the influence of whatever may influence you . Also on the Blu Ray and available in Blu Ray 3-D!

Jack and Jill – What can I say about Adam Sandler that hasn’t already been said? Please stop making these lame comedies. Please sir, I implore you. Do the world a favour and retire. Or kill yourself.

Like Crazy – British college student falls for an American student, only to be separated from him when she’s banned from the U.S. after overstaying her visa. Long distance drama and heartbreak, I presume, ensues.

MI-5: Volume 10 – More spy shenanigans from across the pond. Great series.

Reykjavik to Rotterdam – Very good caper film finds a a security guard tempted to return to his smuggling ways. Hmmm I wonder if he returns to his smuggling ways or just sits in his office for two hours? Recently remade as a film called Contraband starring Marky-Mark. Also on the Blu Ray.

Senna – Amazing documentary about the famed Brazilian race-car driver. I wonder if he drove his car while wearing a speedo?

The Skin I Live In – Pedro Almodovar’s latest flick finds Antonio Bandaras as a brilliant, but creepy, plastic surgeon who creates a type of synthetic skin that withstands any kind of damage. His guinea pig: a mysterious and volatile woman who holds the key to his obsession. Sounds cool and weird and unsettling. High on my list of films to watch in this fine week of releases. Also on the DVD.

Transformers: Prime – Season 1 – Computer animated series based on the, well, Transformers. Can’t be any worse than those dreadful films.

Coming Next Week

Three Musketeers
Young Adult
My Week with Marilyn
Dish and the Spoon
Bag of Bones
Adventures of Tintin
Shades of Ray
The Swell Season
Thorne: Scaredy Cat
Stuck Between Stations
The Descendants
Happy Feet 2
The Killing

Recently Viewed and Recommended

Game of Thrones S 1
The Skin I Live In
Boardwalk Empire
Our Day will Come

That’s it for this week folks. Kids are out of school for a most of the week (go teachers!) so why not drop in, grab a flick for the kids and some rum for yourself and have a great week!

Black Dog Video

Black Dog Video

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  1. Brent Schneider
    Brent Schneider says:

    Ah Darren,
    Happy Birthday my man (and crew)!
    Sad to be one of those customers and friends to have gone.
    Just wanted to tell you that I haven’t missed a newsletter. Funny
    stuff on some, sometimes, not-so-funnystuff, combined with spot
    on reviews and valid warnings. Gusisms are good for a hard laugh. You
    are to film as the sommelier to wine, my friend.
    Piracy will end.


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