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My poor car. I lease a Matrix (boring, yes I know) which I’m told that for some reason is better than buying a car for the business. Anyhoo, while I can’t say it’s the car’s fault, I’ve had such a bad run of luck with it in the 2 and 1/2 years that I’ve had it. I have two lovely yellow scrapes on either side of the car after someone (they shall remain nameless) hit a couple of parking pillars. This causes the front passenger door to make an unGawdly scronky sound whenever it’s opened. Add to that the damage to the roof and hood that a recent hailstorm caused – I must have about a hundred small dents littering the thing. Also a while back some wayward hobo broke into the car, smoked a cigarette, stained the back seat with I don’t want to know what and proceeded to scratch up my glove box. Then a couple days ago another ne’er-do-well (might be the same fellow, probably not) broke into the car again and stole my rearview mirror! I’m thinking that the car co-op or some similar program might be the way to go when my lease is up. Anyone out there know a good body repair person?

New Releases for Tuesday August 2nd

Children’s Hospital Season 1 and 2 – I haven’t seen this TV show but from what I hear Rob Corddry from The Daily Show has created a pretty funny little number that parodies medical dramas. Nothing funnier than sick children, that’s what I always say!

Conqueror – Russian film based on the novel by Nikolai Gogol about Cossacks fighting in the Ukraine against Poland. Good old Cossacks, always fighting. Gotta give ’em a hand for that!

Eastbound and Down Season 2 – Couldn’t really get into Season 1 of this show, although it did have it’s moments. Maybe it’s just the guy, Danny McBride, that I don’t favour. Don’t really know. Might give Season 2 a try as I hear it’s even better than the first. We’ll see.

Ironclad – Another sword and blood epic finds a bunch of Knights Templar defending a castle against Paul Giamatti and some bad hair. Seems to be lots of these type of things floating around on the DVDs lately. I’m a fan, might give this one a spin. Also on the Blu Rays.

Jackboots on Whitehall – All puppets all the time! This number presents a satirical alternative history of World War II where the Nazis seize London. Think Team America but with English and German accents.

Last Night – Two insanely good looking married people are tempted by more insanely good looking people in this tale of trust and infidelity. I must say if I was being tempted by Eva Mendes, well… Also on the Blu Ray so you can see just how darn attractive everyone is!

Quarantine 2 – Nice timing. Rec 2 (where the first Quarantine was based on the first Rec) just hit the DVD shelves. This one changes things up a bit by having the disease (or whatever caused the first outbreak of zombies) get loose on an airliner. Chaos and horror, I presume, ensues.

Rio – Animated kids thing about talking birds and stuff in Brazil.

Soul Surfer – True story (lame title) of a teenage surfer girl who lost an arm to a mean old nasty shark while surfing. This inspiring tale follows her and her families attempt to overcome the tragedy and get her back on board. She has way more cajones than I do that’s for sure, the chances of getting attacked by a shark a second time must be pretty slim. (But don’t tell that to the park ranger guy who’s been hit by lightning 5 times!)

Stake Land – Not terrible, pretty OK vampire apocalypse film finds a guy called Mister and his young protege battling the nasty bloodsuckers as they try to make their way across a ravaged and desolate US to “New Eden” or “Canada” as it’s called in the film. Some good ideas, some left undone, pretty good vamps, but I have to say the main guy is not much of an actor. Sure dude, it’s your idea and you had a hand in writing it, but seriously, hire an actor, you don’t need to try and act all tough like. And when was the last time you saw Kelly McGillis?

United States of Tara S 3 – More Taras are back to entertain you.

We Are Who We Are – This one sounds pretty cool – a Mexican family of fine young cannibals try to keep the clan afloat and the freezer full after dad kicks the bucket.

Coming Next Week

Your Highness
Petits Mouchoirs
Mars Needs Moms

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Yo, Internets, what up?

The Missing Link has been found! Who knew it was to come in the form of a mushroom? [youtube][/youtube]

What price fame? Here’s nutty article detailing some of the insane things one must agree to when signing on to be a cast member of MTV’s The Real World. Creepy.,59864/

I’ve always thought that we are too overprotected when it comes to warning signs and labels. Maybe I was wrong.

Don’t make Dan Savage mad. Smarten up Santorum, ya knob…

That’s if for this week, folks. Have a great sunny seven days, keep watching and please, leave my car alone.

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